9 Things You Should Know Before Starting Forex Trading

9 Things You Should Know Before Starting Forex Trading

Forex trading is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to make money online. Like many other online investments, you can start making money via forex trading with just a phone or a computer and an internet connection. And the beautiful thing is, you can trade forex from the comfort of your home.

9 Things You Should Know Before Starting Forex Trading

There’s no limit to what you can earn with forex trading if you know what you’re doing. However, every investment has its rules and secrets. So, there are certain things you must know before you start your forex journey if you must become a successful trader. Let’s consider 9 of these very important guidelines for forex trading for beginners.

#1. Understand the Basics 

A good understanding of the basics of forex and how it works helps you make the right decisions. If you don’t have a good grasp of the basics, you’re most likely to make some errors that may seem negligible but may cost you much in the end.

Be sure you understand basic forex terms such as brokers, currency pairs, market trends, order execution, margin, leverage ratio, etc. You can get comprehensive resources in forex for beginners on Youtube and other learning platforms.

One of the most important things you need to understand in forex trading is how to choose a suitable broker. Brokers serve as intermediaries between you and the forex market and give you the platform to execute your trades.

Before you choose a broker, you need to consider important factors such as security, regulations, etc. You can check out this forex broker comparison to assess different brokers and be able to make the right choice.

#2. Invest What You Can Spare

With forex trading, you can easily turn a few dollars into millions of dollars in a matter of minutes if you take good risks. That same way, you can watch your millions of dollars crash down to a few dollars or even nothing at all if the risk backfires.

The forex market is very volatile and so, trade only with the money you can forget if you lose. Never be tempted to use an amount that will affect you badly in case you lose.

#3. Stick to Your Strategy

One of the best ways to make money from forex trading, in the long run, is to develop a trading strategy that works. But it doesn’t end in having a strategy; it takes discipline to stick to your strategy until it yields the expected return.

You need to exercise patience when it seems your strategies are not yielding results. But you also need to be open-minded enough to restrategize if you discover you’ve been doing the wrong thing.

#4. Keep Learning Along the Way

Before you start trading forex, you must understand that you can’t master the whole system at once. Even when you’ve been trading for a long, you need to constantly stay updated with recent knowledge.

There are new assets and trading strategies rolling out almost all the time. If you depend on just what you’ve known, you might soon start losing as the knowledge becomes irrelevant.

#5. Mistakes Are Unavoidable

This particular point is critical and can never be over-emphasized. In forex trading, you must acknowledge that you cannot possibly win all the time. Your predictions might go south sometimes, or the market can just turn around without prior notice.

Carefully learn from your mistakes and move on. Even the best of professional traders make mistakes too.

#6. Greed is Dangerous

Many people make the fatal mistake of taking forex as a “get-rich-quick” scheme. So, they just want to hit big money from one trade, forgetting that the market can swing in the opposite direction at any time.

It is best practice to set your targets and your limits as you trade. Most times, it is better to end your trade on your target profit than to lose everything while trying to scalp more money.

#7. Control Your Emotions

Forex trading is not for the faint-hearted. You have to learn how to manage your trading decisions and actions at the heat of each moment. If you’re hyper excited over a successful trade, chances are that you won’t be coordinated enough to analyze the market properly for your next move. 

Similarly, you might close a trade too early and lose out if you’re always panicking over every little movement against you. Know when to strike and when to hold your peace, and be careful whenever you’re at the heat of the moment.

#8. Keep Track of Every Single Trade

Accountability is important for every business and life in general. Have a good record of your trades to be able to figure out whether you’re on track with your goals or not. Run personal assessments once in a while to track your progress.

#9. Keep in Touch With Other Traders

No one knows it all even in forex trading. No matter how good you are, there might be other areas of forex other people know better than you.

Keeping tabs with a good forex traders’ community makes it easier to obtain help from your fellow traders when you need it. You can also learn new strategies, get updated information per time, and learn from others’ trading experiences.


Laying the right foundation as a beginner in forex trading gives you a good platform to build upon. These guidelines are not only useful in forex trading for beginners; they are also basic principles that will guide you throughout your trading career. Knowledge is power when it is rightly applied, so do well to implement these things to enjoy your forex trading experience. 

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