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Top Rated Superhero Names You Must Know In 2021

Have you ever wanted a name for your superhero comic book or perhaps wanted to be a superhero. Superheroes are not just for fame or cool looks; instead, you need to take on several responsibilities like rescuing people at the right moment and doing good deeds.

One of the primary things you should keep in mind is not revealing your real identity. To maintain this you need, you need to come with cool superhero names, a suitable costume, and a fearless alter ego. 

superhero names

If you see the history, every comic book or movie is graced by the unique character distinguished from the mortal with an impressive name. 

Combined with these three, you get mystery and suspense wrapped around your finger. Let’s dive into understanding the basics of picking out the right superhero name! In this article, not only will you find new ideas for superhero names but also some of the greatest superhero names of all time! Villains Included.

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How to Pick a Good Superhero Name?

If you are ready to start a national journey on discovering a new name for your protagonist, you need to brainstorm the following. According to the character, having a perfect idea makes it newsworthy, so make sure not to choose a lame one.

cool superhero names

1. A Name That Resonates Coolness

A cool-sounding name can uphold your character and bring reputation to your book. So, choose a name that is cool and has a nice flow to it. Make sure the words you use to bring a powerful impact to make a common man turn back.

2. Enhances the Character’s Skillset

Every superhero is endowed with unique abilities; that’s why they are revered as superheroes. Come up with a name that resounds with their unique powers and try to coincide with them.

3. Suits The Costume and Look

If you already have an idea for the wardrobe, it is even more comfortable to come with a superhero name. A name that goes along with the incredible costume is an advantage.


List of Superhero Name Ideas For Guys

superhero name ideas

Vigilance Fireball Apex
Polar Bear Volcanic Ash Titan
Eagle Eye Exodus Onyx
Tornado Blaze Red Hurricane
Metal Man Bullseye Monsoon
Night Watch Tarantula Death Slingshot
Bonfire Captain Victory Steamroller
Turbulence Mastermind Chromium
Captain Freedom Firefly The Rooster
Bionic Jawbreaker Shockwave
Kraken Jackhammer Jade
Turbine Piranha Solar Eclipse
Vague Dark Pearl Echo

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Superhero Names for Girls

cool superhero names

Blackberry Tanzanite Tigress
Poppy Stiletto Mystify
Black Mamba Silver Shadow Sapphire
Dragonfly Iris Bumblebee
Gemstone Tempest Highlight
Alexandrite Shooting Star Lilac
White Pearl Quartz Iridescence
Prism Porcelain Opaque
Foxfire Luminosity Ivory Wing
Mercury Lioness Nebula
Coral Lotis Atomic Blonde
Black Magnolia Waterfall Miss Mantis
Arya Barbara Athena
Artemis Amethyst Andromeda
Chastity Dawn Crimson
Domino Dove Destiny
Indigo Maxima Mystique
Jem Liberty Phoenix
Ivy Isis Pixie
Sable Raven Mist
Silver Nova Medusa
Snow Moon Halo Jubilee
Scarlet Selene Jean
Faith Halo Electra

Some Funny Superhero Names You Must Know

superhero names

McMuscles Twizzler The Bulk
Koala Man Platypus Super Snail
Flash Fry Plucky Duck Big Tuna
Root Canal Fluffy Socks Sardine
Quinoa Nutritious Furry Wonder
Ant Acis Fluoride Influenza
Captain Shenanigan Noodle Man Super Noodle
Math Whisperer Home Boy Anesthesia
Sasquatch Aardvark Twinkle
superhero names cool superhero names

superhero name ideas


List of Best Marvel Superhero Names

superhero name ideas

Spider-Man Iron man
Black Panther Deadpool
Captain America Ant-Man
Jessica Jones Captain Marvel
Guardians of the Galaxy Wolverine
Luke Cage Abyss
A-Bomb Aaron Stack
Absorbing Man Abomination
Adam Destine Adam Warlock
Agents of Atlas Ajak
Agent X Agent Zero
Air Walker Amazoness
Amanda Sefton American Eagle
Amora Amiko
Amun Ancient one
Alvin Maker Alpha Flight
Ant-Man Anthem
Apocalypse Anole
Moon Knight Blade
Killmonger Ultron
Ghost Rider Iron Fist
Hulk Loki
Black Bolt Luke Cage 
Daredevil Spider-Woman
Doctor Strange Silver Surfer
Cyclops Quake
Beast Iceman
The Thing Kitty Pryde
Jean Grey The Invisible Woman
Nick Fury Venom
The Human Torch Martian Manhunter
Storm The Punisher
Professor X Thanos
Thor Magneto
The Mandarin Doctor Doom
The Winter Soldier Star-Lord


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Superhero Names From DC and Incredibles

superhero names

Superman Aquaman Batman
Flash Green Lantern Wonder Woman
Green Arrow Robin Cyborg
Steel Starfire Booster Gold 
Hawkeye Cat Woman Swamp Thing
Supergirl Jonah Hex Shazam
Martian Manhaunter John Constantine Blak Canary
Nightwing Mr. Incredible Elastigirl
Gazerbeam Violet Jack-Jack
Universal Man Splashdown Psychwave
Voyd Stormicide Reflux
Dash Dynaguy Vectress
Screech Tradewind Mirage
Krushauer He-Lectrix Everseer
Macroburst Blazestone Meta-Man
Apogee Thunderhead Gamma Jack
Hypershock Fironic Blitzerman

Marvel SuperHeroes and Their Special Abilities

cool superhero names

Superhero Name


Captain America

Strength, incredible shield, healing ability, martial artists, and expert tactician.

superhero name ideas

He is the first avenger by age as he broke out from a block of ice. His strong bones are capable of breaking wood and steel with a single smash.

Black Panther Vibranium assisted outfit, super senses, speed, martial artist, and magical resistance.

superhero names

King of super-advanced society, he can move at incredible speed and agility. 


Retractable adamantium bone claws, regeneration ability, quick reflexes, and indestructible skeleton.

cool superhero names

As an iconic hero, his strength is enough to destroy steel and other metals. With an animal’s strength and healing power, his power is like no other.


Strength, regeneration, underwater breathing, durability, and invulnerability

superhero name ideas

Hulk is the strongest one among avengers, and once he gains power, he can become an untameable wrecking ball.


Strength, danger sense, precognition, jumping, and leaping

superhero names

Mild-mannered nerd outside and a flexible superhero on the inside, his strength kicks the thugs out of their comfort zone with heightened spider powers.

Captain Marvel Strength, resistance to dangerous toxins, energy absorption, and manipulation.

cool superhero names

As a Kree commander, she gained powers when exposed to Kree technology.

Doctor Strange

Telekinesis, hypnotism, a cloak of levitation that allows him to fly and the ability to jump through different dimensions.

superhero name ideas

As the sorcerer supreme, Doctor Strange is considered the most powerful being in the Universe.

Deadpool Smart-mouth, healing power, immortal, and a trained assassin.

superhero names
Got his powers after undertaking an experimental treatment. He got extreme healing power and an excellent hand to hand combatant.

Iron man Ability to fly, genius, creates powered armor suits.

superhero names
Tony Stark is a genius billionaire backer and considered one the most generous philanthropists.

Thor Strength, weather manipulation, resistance to injury

cool superhero names
The son of Odin has extraordinary powers, and he is the protector of the innocent from the very beginning.

Star-Lord Strength, problem solver, flight via jet boots, space travel.

superhero name ideas

Star-Lord is the captain of the Guardian of the Galaxy. As a son of Alien prince, he becomes a hero ten times more than his father was of the Galaxy. He is part human and part celestial.

The Winter Soldier

Energy blasts, super strength, healing, martial artist, and impeccable speed

superhero names

Best friend of Steve Rogers and a world war II veteran, he undergoes an experiment under Hydra. The bionic arm given to him discharges bolts of electrical energy.

What Do People Think About Superhero Names? According to People Opinion and Internet Research.

Here are the screenshots that you need to take a look at to know the prominence of superhero name ideas.

superhero names

cool superhero names

The Bottom Line

Who doesn’t love superheroes? We are at the time where people are even sympathizing with the great villains. Each superhero’s imagination and power are captivating the hearts of onlookers and making them their life’s great motivation to be good.

These superhero name ideas are perfect for a nickname or a mighty name for your pets. I bet everyone one of your wishes to be a superhero somehow or even created a fantasy world to live the dream. 


Do Let Comment Your Thoughts If you Have Any More Ideas for Superhero Names. We are Happy to Update This Article!

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