Foot pain can be extremely disruptive and frustrating. Your feet support your body in order to stand, walk or run, however, if one of your feet hurts badly you may be unable to do daily chores and come to depend on others. 

Before we proceed, it is important to inform you that hammertoe results when immense pressure is placed on the joints of the toes by the muscles or tendons and consequently the pressure forces the toe to curl downward. However, the treatment of hammertoe is debatable as some people opt for non-surgical treatments to cure hammer toe while others are in the favour of surgical treatments. In order to guide you towards the right path and alleviate your pain as early as possible, we are sharing this article to enlighten you regarding the right treatment for hammertoe. Therefore, read the article carefully and find out whether it is right to opt for surgical treatment or non-surgical treatment:


Treatment of hammertoe

Hammertoe is a pain that gets worse with the passage of time if not cured quickly. Some people experience flexible hammertoe and therefore they opt for non-surgical methods including physical therapies, footpads, and corrective devices. However, while treating it with non-surgical methods they do not consider that these methods only address the pain or symptoms. The misalignment of joints in the foot still exists and it can give rise to pain anytime again. 


While people who experience rigid hammertoe, which implies that they are unable to move their foot due to pain, have to opt for a surgical method to cure their pain. But the question is that is it the right option to choose in order to cure hammertoe? In order to find the answer, keep on reading 

the article. 

Which treatment is the right treatment? 

According to the expert opinions at Northwest Surgery Center, the surgical method is the right method to treat your hammertoe. They have given reasons to substantiate their claim and here they are: 


Hammertoe surgery aligns the joints in the foot and releases the pressure built on them by muscles or tendons. The surgery treats the root cause of the problem rather than curing the pain or symptom as the therapies or footpads do. 


Pain demands quick relief and you deserve not to wait for months to get the results. The surgery can work wonders in 90 minutes to two hours only and afterward the individual may walk out of the operation room himself. 

No Post-surgery measurements

After the surgery, it takes less than 2 days to fill the minimal scars or minute tissue damage. The individual need not deal with any post-surgery measurements however one may carry out daily chores without depending on any other individual. 

Final verdict

It is a wise decision to cure your hammertoe through surgical treatment. You can get rid of excessive pain under the observation of professionals.