There are several SEO checker tools to audit, analyze, and monitor your website. With so many platforms and software available for SEO, you have plenty of choices from free to paid options. Just like anything else, working with the right tools allow you to work faster with much higher levels of productivity. Moreover, these types of checkers keep your site healthy, keeping your site up to date with Google and Bing search guidelines. Whether you’re an expert at on-page, technical or off-page SEO, you should take the time to choose the right SEO checker for your business. To save time from sorting through hundreds of tools online, here’s our community’s best SEO checker tools for website auditing and monitoring.

The 6 Best SEO Checker Tools For Website Auditing And Monitoring Effectively

  • Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is an essential website checker tool to begin using on your site. To begin using this program, simply enter a website address and press search. Then, the powerful website checker tool will instantly process a thorough audit of your domain. It will highlight your organic monthly traffic, backlinks, and on-page SEO score. Evaluating these metrics, Ubersuggest can then provide a overall health check of all the pages crawled. To help you correct any problematic areas, you can then divide your website’s health analysis into critical errors, warnings, and recommendations. In addition to optimizing your personal site, you can use Ubersuggest’s domain overview features to reverse engineer your competitors content promotion, SEO, and social media advertising strategy. This way, you can prioritize tackling the errors that have the highest impact on your SEO health.



  • Found SEO Audit Tool

Found’s SEO Audit Tool is widely used website checker tool to analyze and monitor your site performance. Using these powerful tools is one of the latest SEO trends to follow this year. This is a popular, easy-to-use option for marketers looking to identify and solve common errors on their website. Simply enter your website URL or the domain you are looking to analyze, and Found’s powerful tool will provide an instant audit of the site. First, Found will outline critical errors associated with technical or content issues. Found can highlight specific technical issues such as XML sitemaps and domain canonicalization. Simultaneously, it can examine specific content issues regarding keyword placement and metadata. You can even using the site audit function tn analyze the quantity and quality of your external links. Once you have conducted a report, you can easily download it into a PDF. This way, your results can easily be documented and distributed across your organization.

Found SEO Audit Tool

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  • SE Ranking Website Audit

SE Ranking website audit is another tool to utilize for website auditing and monitoring. This tool can easily scan your domain, sub-domain, or even blocked pages against critical SEO parameters. SE Ranking can help you examine crucial domain characteristics regarding your server location, domain expirations, and web archives. At the same time, you can even access key SEO metrics concerning total backlinks, and your overall Alexa ranking. You can even evaluate outline your index status on popular search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Analyzing these factors, SE Ranking can provide you a comprehensive report concerning the status of your various pages. The website checker tool will then outline clear recommendations to fix any problems associated with your site’s health and performance.


SE Ranking Website Audit

  • SEOptimer

SEOptimer is a powerful website checker tool to scan and audit your site’s performance. SEOptimer provides you a simple, comprehensive report highlighting your current SEO position. To help you understand your site health, SEOptimer will rank your SEO, usability, performance, and several other factors on a scale of A+ to F. Ideally, you should strive to obtain a A+ across all of these critical areas. However, since this is not always feasible for businesses consider the many areas you are looking to focus on. Many company owners prioritize success in critical areas like SEO, security, and website speed, as opposed to other components like social media. The platform focuses on identifying critical errors that are limiting the traffic your site receives. After identifying any errors, SEOptimer can then recommend specific SEO steps to improve your overall rankings. If you are interested in a powerful solution to check and audit your website, be sure to learn about SEOptimer.


  • SEO Checker

SEO Checker is an essential tool to analyze, audit, and monitor your business’s website. This powerful, free grading tool is owned and operated by WebFX. The advanced website checker program is essential to correct errors associated with keyword use, image optimization, page and domain authority. SEO Checker can then recommend which fixes to prioritize, based on diffficulty and SEO impact. Simultaneously, SEO Checker can even help you evaluate the usage of anchor text, titles and meta tags. Evaluating the combination of these factors, SEO Checker can help you calculate your overall site-speed. Since a fast website is critical for a first-page ranking site, optimizing your speed whenever possible is integral. The powerful website checker tool provides you the accurate answer, along with advice on how to dramatically accelerate the speed of your site. Improving these factors is critical to do perfect on-page SEO. Based on the results, you can easily identify steps and strategies to improve your current website.

SEO Checker

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  • SEO Site Checkup

SEO Site Checkup is an incredibly popular and widely used tool to audit your site for onsite and technical search engine optimization errors. Site Checkup processes a rapid audit of your site. Throughout examination, it can check for proper tags and metadata, then highlight any errors that arise. To help you visualize the data returned, this advanced program can create comprehensive graphics of warnings, failed inspections, and passed checks. Simultaneously, it will take all these factors into account in order to rank your domain on a scale of one to one-hundred. In order to assist you in making these changes quickly and proactively, SEO Site Checkup additionally provides a series of guides to help you improve your overall score. Before purchasing a website checker tool for your organization, be sure to consider SEO Site Checkup.

SEO Site Checkup

There are several powerful tools to help you audit, check, and monitor your business’s website. Using a powerful tool is a key step to building a great small business website. Frequently scanning your website is critical to improve your site’s health and SEO score. Fortunately, there are an abundance of powerful tools you can begin using to audit your site. As noted, Ubersuggest greatly simplifies the process to identify critical errors and problematic areas associated with the health of your site. Using this powerful platform, you can easily audit your site in just a few seconds. This way, you are never required to waste time and money learning how to use expensive, nonfunctional site audit tools. Consider the programs listed above to learn about the best SEO checker tools for website auditing and monitoring.