Thousands of sports events are held each year globally. They comprise local and international championships, races and tournaments. Many sports fans struggle to remain updated on the latest sports news. You can watch different events at night or during the day. Traditionally, most people spent several hours visiting sports websites and reading sports news in newspapers. However, modern technology has led to the creation of mobile and desktop apps. In this post, we explore the six best apps for sports fans.

The Best Apps for Sports Fans

1.Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sport offers reliable news and highlights to Betway users. You can pick your favorite player or team in the application to receive the latest statistics and scores. Jeff  Passa, Dan Wetzel, and Puck Daddy provide the mobile app with sports news. It is available in Play Store and iTunes.


2.Bleacher Report

The app offers live match highlights. It features personalized streams that update you on the latest team news. However, it is important to choose your favorite teams to get their real-time stats. Bleacher Report allows you to share the highlights on various social media platforms. You can download it at Play Store and iTunes.

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ESPN is a popular Betway app that covers different sports events worldwide. It provides scores and highlights from major leagues such as the NFL and the FIFA World Cup. The application has numerous podcasts which you can subscribe to for the latest league scores. You can watch the events on your desktop or mobile phone. Add it as your favorite app to get updates from specific leagues. It is available in iTunes and Play Store.


4.CBS Sports

The CBS Sports app offers sports info, news, tweets and scores as push notifications. You can use it from anywhere for the latest highlights and news. Also, it allows you to search for similar sports videos. The application has a custom feed with real-time news. It provides live radio streaming from Tierney, Bill Reiter, and Jim Rome.


theScore covers major competitions and leagues. It offers real-time alerts, in-game stats, and scores. The app is easy to navigate and access. It features a personalized feed with a variety of sports content about specific leagues, players and teams. theScore has multimedia content from all over the world. It provides instant sports headlines.

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365Scores has more than 30 million subscribers. It offers the latest news, squads, and results. The app provides game insights, live tables, and lineups for 2,000 leagues. It allows you to choose games and teams you would like to get regular updates about. The app’s buzz feed enables you to follow match storylines and trending stories. It has a TV schedule icon that helps you watch different games on your TV screen while moving. 365Scores is available in iTunes and Play Store.

Sport is a popular form of entertainment. Ardent fans read sports news about their favorite players or teams daily. Most of them anticipate major events such as the Olympics and World Cup. Bookmakers such as Betway offer diverse markets to wager on. Some of the offer a promo code to first-time clients. You can get the latest news from sports apps such as FOX Sports, theScore and LiveScore.