Want to travel the world, but don’t know how to finance your travels? No worries! Gone are the days where you have to commute to a job you didn’t really enjoy, from which you weren’t really earning that much money anyway… 

The best jobs for making money while you travel

Thanks in large part to the internet, there are many jobs out there that allow you to sustain a life full of travels and discoveries. Read on to discover the most profitable jobs you can do while traveling.

1# Share your travel experiences and useful info with others – Become a Travel Blogger

Do you have a passion for travel? Do you like to share your travels and experiences abroad on social networks? Do you have experience in content writing, or do you have SEO knowledge? Are you creative? 

Creating a blog dedicated to travel could allow you to earn money while discovering the most beautiful corners of the globe.

2# Discover breathtaking landscapes while capturing and sharing the moment – Become a Photographer

Are you passionate about photography? Do you like capturing an action, emotion or landscape with the right take? Why not do it while visiting new countries at the same time? 

If you have an eye for detail, and you’re willing to take your time to capture the perfect moment, then photography just might be the job for you. 

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3# Promote other people’s products/services online wherever you are – Become an affiliate marketer

Do you have the courage to go for what you want and get it? Are you a natural problem solver, someone who can confidently make fast decisions? Do you have good communication, online marketing, and selling skills? Yes? Then you just might have what it takes to be an affiliate marketer.

While you can find affiliate programs in most industries, there are some that are more profitable than others, such as fashion or finance and trading. Affiliate marketing is definitely a great way to earn passive income and travel the world.

4# Get paid to teach English abroad – Become an English teacher

Do you like to share your knowledge with others? Do you know how to explain things in a simple and easy manner? Are you patient and creative? Can you adapt to new environments quickly? 

If you have an English teaching diploma, then you can start looking for a job to become an English teacher abroad. This is a great way to discover your chosen country in-depth while getting paid.

5# Discover idyllic places – Become a crew member on a cruise ship

Do you like human contact? Are you patient and energetic? Are you a team player? Do you have a positive personality, with excellent communication skills? 

If seasickness isn’t an issue for you, think about becoming a cruise employee (destination specialist, beauty care staff, entertainment, etc.). Working for a cruise liner will allow you to discover unique human experiences, plus see unrivaled landscapes that you may not be able to see for yourself, such as the Arctic, or Greenland.

6# Make money by evaluating a hotel or sightseeing tour – Become a Travel Tester

Do you have good organizational skills? Do you have a critical mind? Are you detail-oriented? A good observer? Do you like to evaluate products and services? 

Maybe you’d enjoy impersonating a typical customer and test travel offers on behalf of specialized agencies, all while traveling around the world and discovering new destinations. 

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7# Cover international events from all over the world – Become a Journalist/Reporter

Are you curious? Do you have a nose for news? Are you passionate? Tenacious? Impartial? Do you speak more than one language? Do you have good communication and presentation skills? Interested in geopolitical and cultural issues?

Become a journalist/reporter to cover what you are most passionate about political, cultural, musical, financial, economic or social events.