Considering becoming self-employed and wondering what the benefits are? Here are four of the biggest ones…

The Biggest Benefits Of Self Employment

Being in control of… when you work

If you speak to self-employed people about the perks of their job, this one will probably come out pretty fast. When you work for somebody else, or a company, they decide when you work. They set your hours. These are usually 9 am to 5 pm or a slight variation of that. But when you become self-employment, work hours become your domain. It could be that it will be beneficial to you to stay within those parameters. Perhaps a big part of your job is communicating with other companies. If so, it only follows that you’ll need to be working when they are working. But if not? If your work can be done anytime, be that first thing in the morning or 3 am? Then you can do it then. If you’re a night owl, fine. If you’re an early bird, that’s great too.


That’s only mentioning work hours, too. Of course, you are also in control of when you take time off. Perhaps you’d rather have Wednesdays and Sundays off. Perhaps you’d rather work extra hours Monday through Thursday, and make yourself a three-day weekend. This is in your hands.


Being in control of… your finances

A huge perk of self-employment is being in charge of your own finances. You decide how much money you earn, and how you earn it. You send off your invoices and tell your clients when you require payment by. If you are setting up your own business in self-employment, you are in charge of the money. You decide how much you need, and how much to borrow, and where from. Whether you need short-term financing options or something longer term, you can keep hold of the reigns and choose how and what and when. This allows you to stay in control of things, and not put them in anybody else’s hands.



Being in control of… where you work

Hate the feeling of corporate offices, hemmed in with lots of other bodies and noises? Become self-employed and you may be able to do your work in a coffee shop, or in your own office, or on a beach! Conversely, maybe you hate feeling isolated, and thrive on company and having people around you. Then make the decision to find a coworking location. Of course, you also have free reign on variety. You can work at your desk one day, in a coffee shop the next. If you’re feeling under the weather, you can work from bed! We wouldn’t recommend doing this regularly, mind…

many benefits of being self employed


Being in control of… the work you take on

Another big benefit of self-employment that we have to mention is the control you have over the work you do. If you have a business idea, you can put it into action and make the idea a reality. If you are a self-employed journalist, you can decide the exact topics that you write about. You can avoid the ones that don’t interest or inspire you. Whatever it is you are doing, you decide what work you will take on.