So you’ve embarked on some dating online and met a new partner and your mundane life is suddenly given a jolt of excitement again. You can’t wait to see their name coming up on your phone screen, and you are craving physical action. Again. And again. Surely nothing can go wrong during these early stages, those renowned first flushes of love when you’re all over each other? Actually, things most certainly can unravel in a new relationship. Here are some key points to keep in mind: the do’s and don’ts of any new relationship.

The Dos and Dont's of a new relationship

Do keep your friend circle intact

While it is perfectly understandable to wish to spend a lot of time with a new partner, it is important not to do so at the expense of your existing friends. After all, there is no that your new relationship is going to equate with a longlasting one. It might last weeks or months but there is also every likelihood it could fizzle out. It would be too bad if you had burnt all your bridges and abandoned your friends by that point. Whose shoulder are you going to cry on if things do go south? Friends are all-important for a variety of reasons, especially if you have know them for a considerable time. Ideally, you should be able to find time for your new lover as well as your existing friendship circle.


Don’t be blinded by romance

It is very easy to get caught up in the excitement of any new relationship at the expense of being practical about it. Often you can’t see the wood for the trees when there are any issues. If there are character treats concerning your new partner which you are prepared to gloss over, you should rely on counsel from others who are close to you. They might be able to offer a far more objective opinion of this person’s shortcomings. They won’t be telling you anything out of malice; only because they care about you.

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Don’t act on the rebound

For some people, the prospect of being left high and dry when one relationship finishes seem to be too traumatic to even contemplate. Having to amend their Facebook status to single again seems to be anathema. But it is important not to rush into anything where something as crucial as emotions are concerned. Any partnership you enter into ‘on the rebound’ is never going to have much chance of longevity because you are clearly settling for second best.

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with spending some time to re-evaluate your priorities in life after a longstanding partnership has come to its conclusion. Snapping up the first available person who comes your way is to get involved with someone for all the wrong reasons. Your own self-esteem will be affected. People who do tend to act on the rebound often come across as needy and desperate. These are hardly character traits that will attract you to someone who is serious about getting to know you.

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Don’t bottle up emotions

While it might be tempting to always try smoothing over any friction in a new relationship, honesty is always the far better policy. Never be afraid to show your true colours and reveal what you are really feeling inside.

Let out those emotions that you’ve been keeping for all this while, as it relieves the anxiety and pressure that is stuffed within you. Appreciate the fact that emotions exist and express the pain you are suffering, take up the responsibility of overcoming from this phase. Try out simple things that help you overcome emotions attached to relationships, the following tricks might work out:

  • Analyze what the past experience you had with the person taught you
  • creating an environment that reflects your current reality might also help
  • express what you’ve been dealing with the relationship by writing it in a letter. The choice is up to you whether you want to send it or not.