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The First Steps for New Sellers on Amazon

There is always talk of “selling on Amazon” among Internet-savvy marketers and web vendors. The platform offers everyone the opportunity to offer products via it. 

Differentiate a Seller and a Vendor

There is a clear difference between these terms within the platform. Sellers sell their products within the website. They list, price, and market their products on their own. As a salesperson in the Seller program, all you should do is create an account, list the products, and start selling online. Salespeople have to take care of customer contact, logistics, and returns themselves (unless the FBA service is used). The Vendor Program, on the other hand, is aimed at product manufacturers. As a vendor, you have no customer contact, do not set any final prices, and do not have to take care of logistics. 

In the rest of the text, only the trading rules for sellers will be explained.


Organic/PPC Selling in Keywords

The ability of salespeople to use the website to successfully sell their products depends, among other things, on the knowledge of how to get organic sales on amazon and see them, as well as on PPC sales.

Organic products are those that naturally appear within platform search results because they are determined by the A9 algorithm to be the most relevant to the customer’s search query. And organic sales result from these product listings. PPC campaigns influence organic sales. The campaigns are based on the pay-per-click principle. 


Get to Know the Ins and Outs

If you want to get started on the website, you should familiarize yourself with the marketplace’s search algorithm, the so-called A9 algorithm. The various measures that are part of marketplace SEO are based on this algorithm too.


Product Selection

The selection of the products a salesperson wants to sell on the platform is one of the most important decisions. Above all, the quality of the product is important. Only if it meets the expectations of customers and the target group, their satisfaction is then also reflected on the seller and product ratings. Furthermore, this also means fewer returns and negative reviews, which ultimately implies better seller performance and more income on the platform.


Sales Strategy

A solid selling strategy is necessary to make money within this marketplace. The company has clear selling guidelines and summarizes all the essentials in its Seller Central. To be successful as a business owner, you also need positive seller and item reviews. Selling at a loss, in the beginning, can help you to increase initial sales. All this is necessary to establish yourself as a reliable and trustworthy merchant.


On Your Own or with a Platform

In case you are already familiar with this marketplace and have entered the data and listed all the products, you can start selling in a matter of hours. For beginners, the easiest option is to initially use the platform to sell and take care of everything else yourself. This means that if a customer has ordered via this platform, the seller packs goods him/herself and takes them to the delivery service.

The second option is to make use of FBA, which stands for Fulfillment by Amazon. This involves the seller handing over the entire sales process to the company. Among other things, this process implies warehousing, packaging, and shipping items to the end customer. The main advantage of this is that the platform can usually ship cheaper, it is much more effective, and the merchant can concentrate on other areas. However, this is only worthwhile if a certain turnover is generated by the business as the marketplace also charges for the storage of the items.

This marketplace offers undreamt-of possibilities for sellers. To fully exploit them, some effort and expense are necessary.

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