Snapchat For Business & Marketing

If you asked us for one reason why every business should start using Snapchat as part of the marketing campaign, here is the argument we would go for: it’s the fastest growing network and Snapchat has tons of potential for businesses to attract potential customers. This social network won’t stuff your posts in a busy user’s feed, so you won’t have to bother with precise timing during activity peaks. Your snaps will stay available until your followers open them. After that, they will only be available for 1-10 seconds.

snapchat for business

Before we start explaining how you can use Snapchat for business in 2018, let’s see what this network is all about and why it’s so important for your marketing strategy.

How Snapchat Works

Here is a short explanation about this social network (which comes in the form of a mobile app): it allows you to send pictures and videos, which will vanish few seconds after your follower sees them. In addition, you can create a 24-hour story, presented as a collection of your photos and videos from that day. People also use Snapchat as a messaging app. They add captions to the photos/videos, and they send them to their friends.

Why Does a Business Need Snapchat?

Many marketers and business owners don’t see the point in sharing brief videos or photos that can’t be saved. They get the impression that Snapchat is the perfect network for people who want to share nude photos. There’s much more in this app than what your intuition tells you, though.

Let’s expand on the reasons why every marketing strategy needs to include Snapchat activities:

  • With Snapchat, you will reach out to a great audience, and you’ll increase the level of brand awareness. The World Wildlife Fund, for example, posts videos that increase the awareness for the extinction of species.

snapchat for business

  • You can use the network to offer sneak peeks in new collections, products, and services. The videos will be available for a few seconds after your followers open them so that they will pay attention to them, and they will spread the buzz across other social media platforms.
  • You can post creative photographs and videos that will make your brand unique.
  • In 2015, Snapchat started experimenting with news and advertising. Big brands, such as McDonald’s and Samsung are already using that opportunity.
  • You can provide a look behind the scenes for your followers, so they will know more about the way you do your work.
  • If you target the young audience, then you have to use Snapchat. The stats published by Mashable reveal that 73% of college-age users of the app would open a snap for a brand they knew, and almost 50% of them would open snaps from brands they’d never heard of.

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Guidelines: How to Use Snapchat for Business

Now that you know how much your business can benefit from being present on Snapchat, let’s see how you can develop that presence.

Start an official account

Before you do anything else, you need to download the app from App Store or Google Store. The sign-up process is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is provide a valid email address, choose a password, and set a username. Then, you’ll be asked to share your mobile phone number for verification purposes. Snapchat is a safe app, so you don’t need to be worried about the number being stored or shared with other users. You’ll get a verification code that you’ll need to type in, and then you’ll be free to start using the app.

how to set up snapchat for business

Now, you want to add friends you would like to follow. The first thing you can do is allow the app to add friends from your phonebook. Then, you can manually search for the people or business accounts you want to connect with.

snapchat for brands

You can adjust the settings to update your personal information, choose who can view your stories and send you snaps, and activate bonus features such as power-saving mode, front-facing flash, special text, and filters. Once you do that, you can start snapping. Oh wait; you’re using Snapchat for business, so you can’t really do that yet. You need a strategy, so read on to find out how you can get ready for the network.

Delegate Responsibilities

Needless to say, Snapchat is a time-consuming marketing activity. You will need to post daily snaps if you want to keep your audience interested and attract new people to become your friends. When you have a business or a marketing campaign to manage, you can’t really spend all that time on Snapchat.

To start with, you can delegate your official account to some of your employees and train them how to use it. Since Snapchat will be part of your content marketing campaign, you might need some cool content for specific marketing messages and video scripts. You can hire a writing service to delegate that part of the work.

Create Cool Content

Here are few suggestions of the type of content you can share on Snapchat:

  • Videos that show your products/services in action
  • Brief tutorials that show how your audience can use those products
  • Photos of people using your products
  • Interviews with influencers in the niche
  • Casual talks and photos related to the business you’re into

The Snapchat Takeover

There is a Snapchat takeover trend that’s really popular lately. Think about it: you can connect with influential bloggers and social media users whose interests are related to your business, and you can delegate your account to them for a day. Of course, this activity has to be under strict instructions; you will tell them to stay away from nudity and present your brand in the best light. You should not allow random people to take over your account, okay? Be careful with your choices.

The takeover is a great strategy because it connects you with all followers of the influencers you hire. You might need to pay for their services, but the investment will be really effective. They already have a huge audience, who will watch those snaps and will listen to the advice these influencers give. If you own a website that sells fitness products, for example, you can get an Instagram fitness guru to take over your Snapchat account and announce that activity all over social media.

snapchat for business

Keep It Casual

If we had to think of a single word to describe Snapchat as a social media app, it would have to be casual. The people who see your snaps won’t like harsh advertising. They want to connect with you on a more casual level since they are mostly using the app for fun. Remember: this is a community of mostly young people, whose attention span is not that impressive. That’s not a bad thing; they just want to relax, and that’s what you need to do for them.

It’s okay to get silly sometimes, tell jokes and post funny videos of your employees. Keep this in mind, though: do not post inappropriate content, since you want to maintain the reputation of your business. Do not insult anyone and present your company’s culture in the best way possible.

Respond to Questions

Snapchat is a really easy way to chat with the people you’re connected with. This means that you can use the app as a customer service center. Share the news across all social media platforms: a few representatives of your business will be available for two hours on Snapchat every day so that they will respond to important questions.

This is an excellent way to connect with your audience and how they can trust you. However, you need to warn them you’ll respond only to the important messages since the representatives won’t be able to take care of all chats if things get too busy.

Build a Base of Followers

This will be a great challenge. Snapchat doesn’t involve using hashtags, so you won’t be able to attract people through the same method you use on Twitter and Instagram. One of the best ways to build the base of followers is by sharing info about your activities across other social media platforms. You can also include the information on your blog and website.

It’s Up to You: Use the Potential of Snapchat Marketing!

Although the use of Snapchat for business purposes is a pretty new concept, it’s worthy of exploring. You have the opportunity to be an inventor on the platform that not many businesses use. The audience is out there waiting for you, so don’t waste your time and start exploring Snapchat as part of your marketing activities.