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The Ins and Outs of Cardinal Signs

We may all know of zodiac signs and perhaps even have a few favorites of our own. While it is clear that each sun sign has varying personality traits, strengths, and weaknesses, there are certain modalities too. When you examine the seasons one is born in, these can also affect their sense of stability, moods, and ultimately, performance.


For instance, certain zodiac signs fall under fixed signs. Others are considered mutable, meaning they can easily adapt to new situations and needs. Knowing such facts helps you while dating Virgo women for instance. Fixed zodiac signs are harder to manipulate or influence into new things.

Cardinal Signs

These zodiac signs bring in new seasons and are seen as transitions. Cardinal signs exude a certain amount of exuberance; they are also creative and pacesetters. When folks who fall under Cardinal signs are in leadership positions, they can be particularly brilliant. However, when there is an impending need for performance, they can be deemed exceptionally stubborn. So which months do Cardinal signs lie?

The word Cardinal per se refers to bringing something into being. It also means a form of the hinge if you will. This means that the signs like Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn are your first example of Cardinal signs.

Those falling under these categories are trailblazers. Unlike signs like Pisces, or even Sagittarius, Cardinal signs tend to take action and initiative to heart. Here are a few other things to note about individuals with particular Cardinal signs.


For starters, a person with these modalities will have trouble sitting around watching movies. If indeed this happens, they will fall under the multitasking group of folks. It means a movie-watching night might include a laptop at hand to clear emails or fold clothes in the background while listening to the movie. Also, they are less likely to be bothered by one downfall. If something doesn’t work out, they will seek an alternative or solution immediately.


They can be fiery and persistent in making things work. A romantic relationship among individuals with these signs will not be easily shaken. Most individuals will strive to make things work, even if their counterparts cannot be bothered. They are also better at fixing almost anything, including stuff that would make mutable signs pack up and leave.

On that note, people with these streaks tend to be extremely competitive. They will begin a project and have to see it through. If things aren’t working out, they would rather see it to the end regardless of the outcome. It means failure is not an option until there is no other choice.

Thus, it is worth noting that these signs are responsible for the beginning of new seasons. For instance, Aries is responsible for bringing in the spring season, while Cancer is responsible for fun and games in the summer. And of course, Capricorn is responsible for introducing wintertime. Thus, as your birthdate and month fall under these months so does your modality. This influences personalities in several ways, but mostly, it is an interesting aspect of how one behaves and ultimately, their relationships with others.

Bottom Line

This might seem all too complex but learning a few things about why you behave in a certain way is important. If not for any specific purposes, it remains interesting to understand why dating one sign over another seems daunting. It might also offer insight into your obsessiveness with work and relationships, or lack of it entirely. 


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