The rule of the universe is simple — your wish is the universe’s command. Have you tried waking up one morning continually thinking that you’ll be late for work? So, no matter how early you took a bath, ate your breakfast, and rode the bus, you still arrived late for work. Or have you tried baking in your deck oven constantly thinking that you’ll burn the bread, and finally found out that no matter how careful you were, you burnt the bread? 

The Laws of Attraction and How It Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

The law of attraction can break or make people’s lives and dreams. Each person has a genie in his hand, and whatever he thinks and says, that genie will give it to him. This explains why your worst thoughts and fears end up becoming real. You nurture and cultivate those thoughts that eventually, you ended up acting towards such thoughts. It is like gravitating towards your most predominant thoughts and words. So, if you want to change your negative outputs or turn your miseries around, all you have to do is to change your thoughts. 


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Positive self-talk breeds positive outcomes

The first thing you need to change is your thoughts. If you always find yourself thinking about the worst, maybe it is time to give positive events a chance. Instead of telling yourself “you are worthless” or “you can’t do it,” why not start telling yourself that “you are enough,” and that “you are more than capable of great things”?

Apply this within the next 21 days, and soon you’ll realize that positive thinking will become a reflex. You no longer have to force yourself to believe because you naturally think it’s true. The first few days will be a struggle, but keep pushing forward. You’ll soon find yourself thinking that you’ll arrive early at work or that delicious and well-baked bread will come out of your deck oven. 

Invest aggressively on yourself

If you are getting the hang of thinking and cultivating positive thoughts, this positivity will also translate into actions. If you believe that you are worthy, you will even start to invest aggressively in yourself. Instead of letting yourself go, your positive mindset will radiate and will be shown in how you take care of yourself. And if the thoughts coincide with your actions, you will start to see radical changes in your life and achieve success. 

Because you like what you see and you feel good about yourself, you also feel good in cultivating relationships and achieving your goals. And just like that, you start to make significant changes in your life.



Wake-up and be ready to fight a new day

No matter how positive and how empowered you’ll be, there will be times that you will succumb to negative thoughts. Problems, deaths, betrayals, and all other challenges of day to day life can wear you down. Accept the fact that you will not always get that promotion. Failure, hurt, anger, and other negative emotions are perfectly normal. Life is not a bed of roses, after all. 

You have to accept these realities, too. It would be best if you also were prepared to fight a different battle every day. The more important thing is that you know how to reclaim and safeguard your positive thoughts every time you fall. 

The law of the universe is simple. Then again, the ever-changing lives of men made the principle of staying positive every single time hard to achieve. Your goal here is to keep your guard your thoughts and get back on your feet each time you succumb to negativity.