1.35 million road users lose their lives on the road globally, according to WHO, with drunk driving being in the front row of this mess. Others have to live with non-fatal injuries as well as the trauma of the car accident for the rest of their lives. But what happens to those drunk drivers who manage to get home safe?

Certainly, being able to get home safe might give some people more confidence to drive while drunk in the future. Other than risking getting involved in an accident, you might lose a lot more if you were to be arrested.

The Long Term Effects of DUI Charges

Here is how a DUI charge will affect your future once you get arrested:

You Might Lose Your Driving Privilege

The law has a low tolerance for drunk drivers, and the chances of losing your driving privilege are quite high. While the length of time you will have your driving license suspended might vary with each state, aspects like the context and other factors will apply. In some rare cases, you can easily have your license suspended for life, which is mainly applied to multiple-time offenders.

There is a lot you can do to improve your chances of getting your license back such as installing an Ignition interlock in Hayward. In some cases, the device will need you to use it under a restricted license – you might only be legally permitted to drive while heading to necessary things like a doctor’s appointment or even work. In fact, it is a norm in some states to have previous DUI offenders use ignition interlock devices on their vehicles.

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Insurance Will Be More Expensive

Insurance companies prefer covering drivers who are less risky behind the wheel. This is how they ensure that they make more profits by avoiding coverage for accident-prone drivers. As such, once an insurance company notices that you have a DUI charge, the chances are that they will increase your insurance prices, with some even denying you coverage.

While you might think that lying about the charges during the application process might be wise, think again. If they stumble upon the charges through a background check, this increases the chances of being denied coverage. Sadly, you will have to accept the consequences of driving without insurance.

A Criminal Record Might Make Life Tougher

In some states, drunk driving might appear on your criminal record. Although some states treat it as a demeanor, others will treat it as a felony depending on the number of times you were caught driving drunk. The latter will typically stay on your record for a lifetime while a demeanor will disappear after a period of sobriety.

drunk driving

On the flip side, a criminal record might make it tough for you to land a job, especially in states that allow employers to deny employment to people with a criminal record. Of course, a lot will go into this decision including the length of time that has passed after the incidence and the type of job. For instance, no freight shipping company might want a person with a DUI record on their payroll.

You Will Need Rehab

Some courts come to the conclusion that a person with DUI charges needs some rehab. You might need to go through a drug counseling program or even attend alcohol anonymous meetings. This can easily eat into your day to day schedule. However, this is a good thing that is meant to bring you back on track depending on whether you have a drinking problem or not.

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Getting involved in an accident is the worst case scenario of drunk driving. What’s great about preventing the situations above is that it only takes a single phone call or text to call a taxi or have a friend drive you home. Keep your car keys away when drinking to avoid the above scenarios.