No one can really tell you how many tools you need to fill your social media toolbox to succeed in this digital marketing era. What’s quite sure is the Internet world has an abundant supply of software that can make an impact or not to your campaigns, projects and even work in general.

A social media starter pack may include the usual things such as a scheduler, organizing content, automated publishing, and analytical reports. But, these are just a few of the essentials that make social media work. There are still many social media tools that can help you achieve your marketing targets and work efficiently at the same time.

The Tools to Optimize Your Social Media Campaigns in 2019 and Beyond

In a forest of common trees, it can be difficult to spot the rare one that can capture your attention. For photo editing alone, Google Play Store can showcase thousands of apps, free or paid, that are convenient to use. With so many options, you can say it’s a problem to search for one or a dozen that serves your purpose. 

This article discusses these hidden treasures that can provide a boost to your social media efforts. 


Hootsuite and Buffer may be well ahead of the competition. Still, there are equally great tools you can try and still reap positive results. One of these not-so-mainstream platforms is the smart posting and monitoring tool called PromoRepublic. 

Aside from the standard package of autopilot publishing and account monitoring, PromoRepublic has packed satisfying features that make you tick. One in the roster is its content bundle, which provides a custom set of editable templates tailored for your goals and crafted by the creative minds of professional designers and the cunning words of copywriters. 

It also houses a library of over a hundred thousand ready-to-use visuals you can optimize for your regular posting. That’s equivalent to hours of multimedia time saved from creating raw designs. Plus, a built-in graphics editor is also in the platform so your team won’t need to use and buy another software or app. 

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What’s really good about social media is not just the reach, the free ads and the branding opportunities it can offer to any business, especially B2C. Also, it becomes a reliable lead generation tool, a cash cow that every company is intensively milking. The presence itself gets businesses closer to their target audience which make the buying process easier and faster. 

OptinMonster knows this Internet marketing power and it has developed a platform that converts website traffic into sales-ready leads. While some would say it is just another lead capture tool, the application does more than just building popups and opt-in forms. Its technology increases sales conversion rates with its behavior automation, page-level targeting and exit intent technology to showcase your products and promos to consumers that do not just fit your target audience but are also in the buying process. 

How can you use it for social media? Easy. OptinMonster has just released its ChatBot element that utilizes Messenger as a marketing channel. Website visitors can choose to include the Messenger opt-in for its popups, lightboxes and landing pages. With this, you can directly send marketing materials to Messenger for the subscribers. This is a better alternative to email opt-ins and Adwords that usually take a low view and response rates. Adwords can be tricky depending on the industry since you pay per click and still get a poor conversion rate. 


Social media has been crowded with fake accounts that might besmirch a brand’s reputation. This is what ZeroFox wants to terminate. The cybersecurity company aims to protect your brand by preventing fraud, hacking, impersonation and offensive content. ZeroFox automatically removes inappropriate content, blocks offenders and takes down social media scammers who blatantly use your business upfront. 


For free designs, photos and videos that are professionally made, the right avenue is Unsplash. Imagine accessing a library of media created by experts for free. That is just a big plus to your social media campaigns, especially that images and videos are basic elements to successful branding.


Are you optimizing Instagram as your main social media branding platform? Then, you need to get in your toolkit. The platform abounds in marketing tools that allow you to monitor competitor profiles, manage campaign results, connect with influencers within your industry, improve profile engagement, and access in-depth, AI-powered analytics showing the right hashtags to use and catchy captions. What’s even great is that all of these are free to use. 

Social media creates your brand’s image. The better you are in managing your accounts, engaging with the audience and publishing rich content, the better the image will be. Let the right tools get you on the right track and eventually to converting more leads.