Even the most beautiful smile looks incomplete with missing teeth. Good and healthy teeth perform many functions apart from just making you look good. They assist in chewing food properly which ensures proper health. Missing or crooked teeth not only make it difficult for you to chew the right food but also may interfere in your speaking.

Therefore if you are missing a tooth, you should consider the procedure of dental implants. The process can be long, taking about 4-to-12 months, but you will be fully satisfied when you see the final results. But you should consult a dentist first before signing up for the procedure. Some dentists have an attractive dental office design that helps in making the process less arduous.

The Ultimate Guide to Dental Implants: Choose Implants over Dentures


The dentist can better guide you through the whole process.

Why should you choose dental implants over dentures? Some benefits are listed below:

Durable and Stable

Dental implants are longer-lasting than dentures. Their biggest advantage over dentures is that they behave like a natural tooth. They are infused into your jawbone. This eliminates any chance of skidding while chewing.

Dentures usually move when a person is chewing something. In some cases, they even come out of the mouth. Implants, on the other hand, are quite stable and do not slide out the mouth. This makes them more durable. To increase the durability, you should take proper care of the implants. By doing so, you can enjoy all your favorite cuisines without worry.

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Maintain tooth roots

As dental implants are infused into the jawbone, they stimulate and keep the blood flowing in the tooth roots. There are certain cells present in the jawbone which require some stimulation from the roots of teeth. But dentures cannot provide such simulation. They are a separate oral appliance and have no connection to the cells beneath. Therefore, in this case, the jawbone starts to decay. The process is called jawbone deterioration. There are many aftereffects to this disease. The decay may even lead to facial collapse.

Quality appearance

Due to the natural resemblance, implants look way more natural and appealing than dentures. They resemble your other natural teeth. It is quite difficult for someone to differentiate between natural teeth and implants due to the perfect resemblance.

However, you can easily differentiate the dentures from natural teeth.

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Better and refined speech

The tendency to speak is quite affected by the dentures in the early days. Because dentures act as a new oral appliance, you’ll have to make some effort to speak like before. The cheeks, lips, and tongue require some time to adjust.

In the case of dental implants, there isn’t much struggle to do that. Because of the exact resemblance, you speak freely without any lisping.

The bottom line is that healthy teeth guarantee a healthy life. You must take serious care of your oral health. Make appointments with your dentist after every 2 months. They will help you in maintaining your oral health. Brush your teeth twice each day. Because at the end of the day, you are what you eat and you eat through your mouth.