Success through YouTube!

From the past ten years, a considerable amount of prominence has been given to the Internet, a boom in the market for many online websites, like Google owned, YouTube! Which started as a basic platform for uploading home videos to the Internet, YouTube has seen the biggest surge in new content, which can cover anything from cat videos to game walk through to skits.But one of the most important factors that have contributed to the increase is a simple fact that content creators can get paid.

What Are The Things Required To Become A Successful Youtuber

So, it begins the question, how does one succeed in their journey to be a YouTube Celebrity?


Step 1. Choosing your theme

As one who watches a tremendous amount of videos, one can easily notice that there is a video for everything.

With this fact, the first step to your success is finding out what you wish to cover in terms of content.

This boils down to your interests overall. There are channels for pranks, gaming, skits and shorts, animated videos and even just for pets. Many of those who join are leaning towards the vlogging (video blogging) side as it can cover quite a bit of time as you record your whole day and upload it online.


One of the best parts of vlogging is that each day is a new day and you are essentially just showing the world how you live.


Finding your own theme to your channel will definitely centralize your audience. Providing the content, they wish to see, and you wish to produce.

Your audience will come to see a basic one root for what you work on. It is wise to diversify from time to time, but not stray from the path you choose.


Step 2. Giving life to your channel!

It’s no secret that it takes the time to amass views and subscribers, so the best thing you can do in the beginning is to give them at least 8-10 videos to watch on your channel!

From then on, you can take things slow. Upload on a regular basis and keep the creativity and content flowing through! A stagnant channel does not attract viewers easily!

Channel updates from time to time, and trying new ideas is also advised! Let your creativity explode!

Step 3. Share and advertise!

A channel, which uploads videos on YouTube, may not get the attention it deserves. Keeping this in mind, share it with your friends on Facebook, tweet it out, and even talk about it on online forums!


The more you talk about it, the more viewers will be curious and watch your content!

Keep in mind not to overdo it, or spam places, which would just lead to annoyance.

Step 4. Enhance !

With each time you upload a video, the quality and production should really improve. Learn from your mistakes, see what people like the best, and be in tune with your audience!

If you can manage to give more and more value to your work, the more value others will have for it to, and it will definitely lead to a bigger audience.

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Step 5.  Interact !

One of the main things you will definitely want to do is interact. Interact not only with your newfound audience, but also with other creators who have work similar to yours. Expand your reach, and you can even collaborate with other celebrities to acquire larger audiences.
Your audience will definitely have reviews and feedback for your videos, and it is good to heed what they say too!

To become a star, not only should you have your own individuality on what you do and how you do it, but also you should learn to grow with your community.

Step 6. Watch and Learn.

Creating content of your own is a great thing to do, but one of the major ways you will actually succeed is if you learn how to be better and keep up with the competition.

Watching others videos, and comparing them to your own, seeing how they would go about a situation when it comes to the overall production of their videos will greatly give you an understanding of where you can be better too.

Step 7. Stand Out.

With the amount of competition for views and the sheer volume of content uploaded per minute, it’s amazing to know that you CAN make it big on this platform.

To do things differently, to be yourself, and to experiment really do help!

People find it easier to connect with others if they are open. So, open up to your audience, and stand in the limelight. Make them anticipate your every video and let it be the best you can do!


Step 8. Believe.

It is not easy to come up on a platform that already has many creators and producers. But knowing this, do not be discouraged because, with belief, you will succeed.

To motivate yourself immensely, and keep up the hard work while you may not see the immediate results.

With each new subscriber, your channel grows and becomes more popular. Your goal is to succeed. To succeed, you need to be motivated and better yourself constantly.

Times may be down, but the hardest challenge to face is not giving up.

Improvise when you can, but always do your best.

Success may not be about how many subscribers you have, how many minutes of watch time your viewers accumulate, but it’s also about having fun in the process.
Remember, you are doing this for you first.

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Step 9. Revenue !

Well, given a large enough audience, and time, you will have the option of monotonizing your videos!
This allows you to generate revenue from ads viewed from your videos.
With what you make, you can create better and more quality videos!

Overall, making viral videos do not create your success on YouTube. You have to build your foundation first and slow down in the beginning. Build yourself on the platform, and your audience will grow with you.

Your main objective should not be about making money or having the largest of the audience, but it should be about having fun with what you do

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Frequently Asked Questions:-

  1. How much youtuber makes money per thousand views?

Well, that depends on the click on the ads and on their niche’s cost per click. Basically, YouTubers earn 2$-5$ per thousand views. Note, sometimes it may be low or high due to different ads type and CPC.

2. Which software people are using for capturing a desktop screen.

a. Needless to say, if you want to capture a screencast you’ll need the right desktop recording software,  It’ll make it easy for you to set up and record your

b. You can also download Camtasia Cam recorder for recording your desktop screen.

3. Can you dependent on youtube earnings?

Answer is yes, If you’re a great youtuber like PewDiePie