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Top Activities & Things to do in Prague. A Tourist’s Guide (2020)

Do you love to travel around the world and see wonderful places? Are you planning to visit the town of Prague sometime soon? If so, we have a list of exciting things that you should do in Prague. Without further delay, let’s dive right in.

Things to do in prague


Walk Across the Charles Bridge 

This bridge was built by King Charles the 4th and it was completed at the beginning of the 15th century. Surprisingly this bridge was named after King Charles only at the beginning of the 19th century.

There are many beautiful statues across this bridge. These are replicas of the original ones (as they were damaged over time). The Vltava River runs under Charles Bridge. It adds to the scenic beauty of the Charles bridge. 

This bridge connects the Old Prague Center to the Mala Strana. This bridge is held by towers, built in the Gothic style architecture. This bridge is 700 years old and took 50 years to build. 

Things to do in prague

This bridge is beautifully lit at night and there are musical performances held there. It costs 110 Krona (around 5 US Dollars) to cross this bridge once. Therefore, it is no wonder that this bridge is nicknamed ‘The Disney Land for grownups’. 

I had watched the Vltava River from the Charles Bridge and it was very calm and beautiful. The water in the river made soothing rippling sounds. If you’re under a lot of stress, it’s a great stress buster.  


See the Infant Jesus of Prague

This church is located in Mala Strana, at the heart of the town of Prague. There is a Roman Catholic statue of Jesus Christ as an infant in this church. 

Best things to do in prague

It is said that many people had their wishes fulfilled by praying to the Infant Jesus here. This church was built in the 16th century and the statue of the Infant Jesus is encased in an ornate, gilded shrine. The statue of the Infant Jesus was brought to Prague from Spain by Princess Polyxena.

I had visited this church once and the atmosphere there was very calm and serene. I felt like staying there for a very long time. The roof and the walls of the church were beautifully crafted and painted. It was a delight to watch.  


Explore the Old Town Square

The Old Town Square in Prague was built around the 10th century A.D. so everything in the Old Town Square is historic. There are many traditional restaurants here. 

Many musicians, puppeteers, and merchants can be found performing here. They will keep you highly entertained. Curiously, the Old Town Square is shaped exactly like a square. 

Most of the buildings in the Old Town Square are built in the Grecko Roman-style architecture or the Gothic style architecture. Surprisingly, this historic town square survived World War 2! 

The Old Town Square in Prague is the most crowded during festive occasions. The most popular beverage sold in this part of Prague is mulled hot wine. It will be very soothing for you during the winter. 

Top things to do in prague

I had had it during the winter of 2012 and it warmed the areas from my chest to my stomach. It was highly soothing and well worth its price.


Watch the Astronomical Clock

The Astronomical Clock is located in the Old Town Square. It is the pride of Prague. This clock was built in the 15th century and is the best-preserved mechanical clock in the world.

It has an orange and sky-blue face, navy-blue arms, and golden Roman numbers (to show the time) painted on it. Corresponding zodiac signs are painted in gold below the numbers. The clock also lets out a pleasant musical note at the end of every hour. This clock is sure to delight any onlooker. 

Things to do in prague

You can also climb to the top of the Old Town Hall Tower, which hosts the Astronomical Clock, for 250 Krona. You can get a spectacular view of Prague from there. I went on top of the Hall Tower once and seeing the numerous buildings built in old-style architectures, I felt like I stepped back in time. The view is breath-taking and truly a delight to watch. 


Witness the old Jewish Ghetto

It is also known as Josefov. It is located between the Old Town and the Vltava River. The construction of the Jewish Ghetto began in the 13th century A.D. when the Jews in Prague were ordered to vacate other parts of the town and settle in the Jewish Ghetto. 

Best things to do in prague

The Jews from other parts of Europe also came and settled in the Jewish Ghetto later on. It is one of the most densely populated parts of Prague. A small cemetery was constructed for the Jews, close to the Jewish Ghetto, during the 14th century A.D., the Jews in Prague ought to bury their dead only there. 

There are a whopping 12,000 graves in just one acre of land. As more people pass away, it becomes necessary to bury one body on top of another. I feel that the mayor of Prague should address this space-constraint problem. After all, “past is past”.


Visit the breath-taking Prague Castle

This is the most popular tourist destination in Prague. It is one of the best things to do in Prague. The Czech rulers administered from this castle and today, it is the official residence of the Czech President. 

The castle is painted in cream color and inside it are many historic artifacts, including the kings’ crowns. The castle is built in the Neoclassical style of architecture. There is a cathedral built beside it in the Victorian style of architecture.   

Top things to do in prague

There is a guided tour to show people the artifacts inside the castle and explain to them the castle’s history. The guided tour takes about 2.5 hours.

There is a peaceful and beautifully landscaped garden built adjacent to the castle. Visitors have to climb many staircases to enter the castle. The Prague castle is the largest ancient castle in the world and has an entry in the Guinness book of world records.

A guard-changing ceremony happens just outside the castle every day at noon. It is a spectacle to watch. The guards look very handsome in their sky-blue uniform and with a rifle in hand. 

When I took a guided tour inside the castle, I was stunned at how beautifully the kings’ crowns were crafted. The view of Prague from inside the castle (through the windows) was also spectacular. The Prague Castle covers a total of 45 hectares. 


See the treasures of St Vitus Cathedral

This cathedral was built in 1929 and was built in the Gothic-style architecture. The tomb of St John of Nepomuk and beautiful art-stained glasses are the main attractions of this cathedral. Photography is allowed inside so don’t forget to take a selfie. 

Things to do in prague


Golden Lane – Playground for Alchemists

This lane is so-called because it is rumored that Alchemists once looked at this street to find a reaction to turn ordinary metals into gold. This rumor is, of course, false as there would have been a lot more gold on earth today had such a reaction been discovered. 

Best things to do in prague

The famous Czech-Jewish writer, Franz Kafka, lived in a house on this street as he enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere it provided. It was conducive to writing novels. The tiles on this street are copper-yellow and grey in color (not gold). 


Admire the Lennon Wall

This wall is so-called because the graffiti of John Lennon was the first to be sprayed on this wall after the artist’s assassination during the 1980s. After that, many other graffitis, including those in protest against the local government were sprayed. 

Top things to do in prague

As a visitor, you are allowed to spray your own graffiti, so spray one if you want to and take a selfie with it. The numerous graffiti on the wall are what make it interesting. Some of the graffiti even contain some of the lyrics from Beatles’ songs. So spray the graffiti that you like and enjoy yourselves. 


Watch a puppet show

The citizens of Prague love a puppet show. There are 20 puppet shops, 30 puppet makers, and a puppet museum in Prague. Puppets were first used in the 12th century in Prague at royal feasts and royal ceremonies. 

Top things to do in prague

No wonder they are so popular in Prague. You can say that they are a part of the culture of the people of Prague. The National Marionette Theatre and Spejbl & Hurvinek Theatre are the best places to watch a puppet show in Prague. They are renowned for their funny performances.

I watched a puppet show at The National Marionette Theatre about ‘A Comedy of Errors’ and I laughed so hard that it hurt.


Take a cruise on the Vltava River

There is no better way to enjoy a river than to take a cruise on it. If you take a cruise on the Vltava River, it will enable you to enjoy its beauty and serenity deeply. You may also get a free lunch or dinner, depending on the time of your cruise. 

Things to do in prague

Taking a cruise on the Vltava river will enable you to escape the hustle and bustle of Prague and also have a look at the town’s historic monuments from different angles. The cruises are competitively priced so money should not be a problem. 

As the Vltava River enables people to navigate to places deep inside the town of Prague, it is affectionately called ‘Prague Venice’. I took a cruise on the Vltava River once and it was very relaxing. I also enjoyed the free lunch they served. 


Walk the backstreets of Mala Strana

This street was built in the 18th century A.D. to commemorate the victory of Catholic clerics and noblemen over their Protestant counterparts. 

Best things to do in prague

There are many shops, pubs, and restaurants on this street which offer a fabulous view of the River Vltava. All the buildings in Mala Strana are built in the Baroque style architecture. It’s like stepping back in time. 

I went to a restaurant in Mala Strana once and I was amazed by the beautiful paintings on its roof and its walls (as is characteristic of the Baroque style architecture). They depicted the story of Lord Jesus Christ. I had a hard time concentrating on my plate. The paintings on the roof and the walls were so eye-catching.


These are the main attractions at Mala Strana

  • Wallenstein Garden
  • Communism Victims’ memorial
  • Petrin Tower
  • Church of Saint Nicholas 
  • Strahov Monastery
  • Kampa Park
  • Franz Kafka Museum


Immerse yourself in the Prague Nightlife

Many of the pubs and bars at Prague play jazz and classical music all the time (until they close). Some of Prague’s most famous jazz musicians play at the pubs and bars in Prague. 

Top things to do in prague

It is a great place to hang out if you are fond of jazz and classical music and also if you are fond of wine. There are many clubs located near the bars and pubs in Prague. When I visited a pub in Prague, I was amazed at what posh cars people come in.


Climb 299 Steps to Petrin Hill

Petrin hill is on the left bank of the Vltava River. It is very beautiful and offers a spectacular view of Prague. There are plenty of benches for people to rest their legs while climbing and flowering trees on Petrin hill. 

If you don’t like climbing steps, you can take a cable car from Lesser Quarter all the way to the top of Petrin Hill. There is a miniature version of the Eiffel tower on top of Petrin Hill. It was built in 1891. The gardens on top of Petrin Hill are beautifully landscaped. 

There is also a church dedicated to Archangel Michael on top of Petrin Hill. Now, this is really unusual. Sometimes, statues of Archangel Michael can be found outside churches and cathedrals but an entire church dedicated to Archangel Michael is really unusual. 

It is the only one of its kind in the world. So pray to Archangel Michael to protect you always and take a selfie with him as it’s a rare opportunity. I have a selfie of me with Archangel Michael and my friends are so jealous of it.  

Petrin hill is 320 meters above sea level and hosts the largest park in Prague. It was formerly a vineyard. There are a total of 5 gardens on top of Petrin Hill but the rose garden is the most popular among tourists. Don’t forget to visit it and take a selfie there.


Visit Karlstejn Castle

This castle was built to house and guard the Crown Jewels of the mighty Roman Empire. It was built by King Charles the fourth. The town of Prague was the capital of the Roman Empire during the 13th and 15th centuries. 

You can get to Karlstejn Castle by train from Prague. The ride takes one hour and costs 99 Krona. You need to climb many steps to get into the castle. You need to pay 442 Krona as an entry fee. 

Things to do in prague

A drink called ‘Honey Mead’ is sold just outside the castle (near the stairs). It’s alcohol (whiskey) mixed with honey. I tasted it and it was great. It tasted like nothing I ever had before. It was very smooth. It was so tasty that I drank four glasses of it. You should definitely try it. 

The crown jewels inside this castle were really spectacular. This castle was completed in 1378. It took seventy years to finish building this castle. There is a Well Tower inside the castle which is 78 meters deep. I found that really awesome. 

I also found it amazing that people put a bucket that far down to fetch water. The bucket used to fetch water from the well is kept right beside it. A model of the castle is kept inside the castle where tour guides explain its history. 

The cupboards where the kings used to store their weapons and royal clothes were also on display. The kings mainly used crossbows and swords as their weapons during battles as well as during hunting. The bed on which the kings and queens slept was also on display. It was truly “king size”. 

There were comfortable benches beside the windows although we were not allowed to sit on them. There were many portraits of the Kings and Queens who ruled the Roman Empire from the castle. They all had gilded and broad frames. 

There is also a museum in the basement of this castle containing the items used to torture prisoners. It had dreadful but interesting artifacts. This is by far the most elaborate tourist site outside of Prague. It is well worth the entry fee and you must definitely visit it. 


See the Spanish Synagogue

A Synagogue is a holy place of worship for the Jews. The Synagogue at Prague was built by Spanish people. It is one of the most beautifully crafted and painted buildings you will ever find in the world. The roof and the walls of the Synagogue are very artistic. 

When I visited it, I felt like staying there forever. The lighting and chandeliers are also very fancy. It is a paradise for art and architecture lovers. 

Best things to do in prague

If you visit it (which you must) you will not be able to take your eyes off the Synagogue’s walls and roof. They are just so colorful and artistic. It is definitely worth a visit. 

A copy of the Torah, the holy book of the Jews, is preserved inside the Synagogue. The Spanish Synagogue is built in Moorish style architecture. 


Check out the local farmers’ markets

The local farmers’ market opens every Saturday. Seasonal vegetables, freshly baked bread and cakes, various types of pickles and preservatives, and various types of sausages are on sale in this market every Saturday. 

I bought some cakes that they sold at this market and I absolutely loved them. They were very delicious. They were soft and melted in my mouth. There is also meat available in case you are a Non-Vegetarian. The local farmers’ market has a lot to offer for vegans, vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. 


Dining out in Prague

The heartening thing about Prague is that there is a growing number of vegetarian restaurants propping up in Prague. So vegetarians (like me) can enjoy the beauty of Prague without worrying about food so much. Here is a list of the most popular dishes in Prague. Most of the restaurants in Prague serve them.  

  • Kulajda – mushroom & potato soup.
  • Zelňačka – sauerkraut soup.
  • Česnečka – garlic ‘hangover’ soup.
  • Tatarák – steak tartare.
  • Chlebíčky – open-faced mini sandwiches.
  • Pražská šunka & Maso – Prague ham & other meats.
  • Smažený sýr – fried cheese.


Eat a Traditional Bohemian Dinner

Beef Steak Tartare, Svickova, Roast Duck, Dill Sauce, Schnitzel with potato salad, Fried Cheese, Goulash, and Carp are the traditional dinner items that Bohemian people have. 


Try Pickled Cheese

This dish is cheese inside an edible rind, dipped in pickle oil. It has a hot and creamy taste and is absolutely delicious. You will not get it anywhere else in the world. You must definitely try it. 

Garlic paste and chili peppers (optional) may also be added to this dish. This dish is served as a starter in restaurants. 



Prague has a lot of offer in terms of architecture, culture, heritage, food, nature, and hospitality. You must visit Prague at least once in your lifetime. The sights, food, and culture there are simply too good to miss. I assure you that it will be an unforgettable experience for you.



1. Which is the nearest tourist spot from Prague?

The medieval city, which is a UNESCO heritage site is a 1.5 hours drive from Prague.

2. Which countries are closest to the Czech Republic?

Austria, Hungary, Poland, Germany.

3. How do I get from the airport to the Prague center?

You can commute using a taxi, bus or subway.

4. Which are the popular taxi services in Prague?

Tick Tack Taxi, AAA Taxi, and Profi Taxi are the popular taxi firms in Prague.

Have you ever visited Prague before? If so, what was your experience there? Which places did you visit? Or, do you plan to visit Prague anytime soon? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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