Respect is something that you earn over time and not something you impose on other people. Even if you have tons of experience and excellent academic background, you cannot make people think that you are the best leader. They will not bow down to you and follow your commands. Some of them might be tough on you, especially if you are new to your post.
Although it hurts to know that your employees do not respect you as a leader, you cannot let it prevent you from doing a good job. You can still change their minds and make them realize that you deserve respect. These are some tips to help you.

Things to Do When Your Employees Do Not Seem to Respect You
Prove your worth

You need to keep working hard and show to them that you know what you are doing. People do not respect you because you are a great speaker or your command with pride. They will respect you when you prove that you can do the tasks required of you as a leader. For instance, if your team received a project to finish, it is crucial that you succeed on the first task. You will then make people believe that you are a great leader once the project ends on a high note.

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Talk to them

You need to be very honest about how you feel. Talk to your employees individually and ask them if they see you as a leader. You can also ask them about what they think is wrong with how you handle the team. Of course, you need to prepare yourself for their responses. Some of them might be too honest in saying that they dislike you and do not want you to lead them. Do not let these words prevent you from doing well. Use them to challenge yourself.

Be friendly

You might not command respect, but you can forge friendships. It is not only about being respected as a boss but being loved as a person. If you can create lifelong friendships with your team, it will be easy for you to work with them. Some leaders might say that you do not work to create friends, but since you are a leader now, you need to win the hearts of the people you work with; otherwise, it will be a messy work environment that does not accomplish anything.


Always respect others

If you cannot expect your employees to respect you, it does not mean you should do the same. You need to remain respectful to them even if you feel like the feeling is not mutual. You need to keep treating them with dignity.
On your next project, try to shift your strategy and see if it works. For instance, if you are creating an exhibition stand for a trade show, you can use these tips to win over the hearts of your employees and come up with a fantastic output that will help make your booth popular during the trade show.