A significant reason you opted for contact lenses is so that chunky glasses don’t interfere with your fierce beauty. But, did you know that makeup with contacts is trickier than makeup with glasses?

What kind of products should you use? Can you wear fake lashes? Should you put contacts in before applying makeup or after? Your everyday questions are about to answer once and for all.

Contact Lenses or Makeup: Which comes first?

Always wear your contact lenses first.

Wash your hands thoroughly with soap before inserting your lenses in your eyes. This is an important step to prevent your lenses from getting contaminated. If you have a full face of makeup and then try wearing your contacts, chances are you end up getting some of your makeup onto your lenses which can result in some pretty serious irritation.

Does this rule apply only when you’re wearing eye-makeup?

No. Even if you’re not doing eye makeup, it is still a good idea to wear your lenses first.

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What kind of lenses should you wear?

If you wear makeup on a daily basis, it is highly recommended to purchase disposable ones that last you one day or 2 weeks.  You could prefer the Hidrocor variant to ensure your eyes look extremely natural. Unlike other Solotica lenses, no one can tell you’re wearing lenses with the Hidrocor variant. This is due to the fact that the Hidrocor version doesn’t have a limbal ring around the eye and is considered the best lenses for makeup.

Wearing disposable Hidrocor lenses will ensure that your eyes do not get irritated with regular makeup use.

Do you need some special kind of makeup?

Yes and No.

You can continue using your original makeup brands as long as you are extremely careful not to get it into your eye but there are some products that you have to completely rethink.

Hypoallergenic makeup

It is best if you seek out some hypoallergenic brands that will not irritate your lenses.  Choosing the wrong brand can even damage your contacts or lead to some nasty eye infections. Trust reputed brands like Solotica lenses.

Eye Shadow

It is best to avoid powder eye shadows and reach for cream eye shadow instead since it is less likely to get into your eye. The flipside, however, is that if it does somehow make it into your eye, they will irritate your eyes more than powder based eyeshadows. Choose water-based creams instead of oil-based. Oil-based shadows can smudge on your face and make their way onto your lenses.

If you are still loyal to your powder eye shadows, make sure you keep your eyes completely closed during application. Also, remember to brush off the excess powder.

Another workaround is to opt for pressed powder eyeshadows that are less likely to fly around and irritate your eyes. No matter which type of eyeshadow you end up choosing, make sure to apply a primer first so that your eyeshadow doesn’t smudge into your eyes.   


It is not recommended to apply eyeliner between your lashes and your eye. You can only safely apply eyeliner on the portion that is away from your eyes. Stay away from your water line completely.

Also, don’t wear a pencil eyeliner. Applying pressure on your eyes can be a huge risk especially when you are wearing lenses. A gel or liquid eyeliner takes more practice to get right but is worth it.


The right type of mascara to wear with your contact lenses is one that doesn’t flake. Mascaras that add volume by using natural fibers should be avoided completely to prevent it from coming off and going into your eyes.

Foundation, Concealer, and Blush

Again use a cream-based foundation, concealer or blush or pressed powder so that it doesn’t fly right into your eyes. Ensure you use soft brushes to apply your makeup instead of your fingers that might come in contact with your eyes.


Can I apply makeup on the go?


Never apply makeup when you’re in a rush or are traveling because the risk of you infecting your eyes are doubled. Take your time when you apply makeup with contacts.

The safest way to remove makeup

Use wipes specifically designed for the eyes to remove your eye makeup. Then carefully wash your hands and remove your lenses making sure you don’t get anything on them. Then you can clean the rest of your face with your normal makeup remover.

Do I need to replace my makeup?

You may have to replace your eye makeup every 3 months especially the mascara. This is essential because over time bacteria builds up in the product which can cause a serious infection if it makes its way into your eyes. Remember to never share your makeup with someone else.

Follow these simple steps to keep your makeup game on point and in case you feel like your eyes may have gotten infected, seek medical attention immediately.