Before Using Earbud You Should Know About This

All about ear wax & earbuds

Alert! Step back from the cotton buds. This is quiet dangerous as it wipes off the was further into ear. Ear wax is not a bad thing to be ripped off from the ear. It acts as a sticky shield that protects the eardrums from infections through bacteria and germs.

What is Earwax anyway?

The dead skin cells and oils form the earwax mass. Earwax cleanses the ear and keeps the bacteria away therefore it is quite healthy for the ear.

How to get rid of it?

It’s not necessary to get rid of earwax by using any instruments since it gets ripped off naturally by the act chewing or jaw movement. but still if you want to clean it then rinse the outer ear with luke warm soapy water and cloth. The other of getting it out is to use pharmacy eardrops or baby oil into the ear . this solidifies the wax and sets it out.

Is candling of ear advisable?

It is a big NO when it comes to candling of the ear by lightening the wick. According to doctor Douglas Backous who is a medical director of the Centre for Hearing and Skull Base, he has witnessed ruptures, ear burns and wearing out of the eardrum. So it is not advisable to candle the ear.