The best way to take a company public is by creating a website. An online company can boost sales of a product, increase reach and increase revenue exponentially. One must understand that web designing is more than just creating a website. A web designer is also responsible for promoting the website on various sites online via social media marketing.

Web designing is way more than just hiring a web designer who is skilled in creating a fancy website. There are top web designing companies across the world. Whilst choosing a top web design company from Singapore, India, USA, or any country whatsoever, there are factors to be discussed; some of which are discussed below:


Web designers must be considered as your business partners in the sense that they should be equally serious about your business. They must understand your passion, effort and vision you have in mind regarding the company. One must ask the right questions before hiring a web designer. The different fields one can focus on are-


It is vital to question the kind of experience the web designer has. Whether it is pure HTML or just the basics in HTML; there are a lot of tools that can help create websites these days, but the web designer must be a pro at HTML and CSS. You also need to ask their experience in e-commerce.


An experienced web designer might have created a collection of his best work. Ask for links to the websites that have been designed. Assess the sites if that is the kind of design you are after. Understand if the design meets the minimum requirements you have from the web designer.


Ask for client references. Get in touch with the clients and ask them if they were happy with working with that particular web designer. As to whether all their requirements were met and in what ways did the designer exceed their expectations. Ask if there were any technical glitches they witnessed. Ask them how much they paid and was it worth spending on the designer. Also, confirm from the client the responsiveness of the designer towards the problems a website had to face.


The best option is to set a price for the project in advance. If the web designer gives out vague answers on opinions and budget, then it is better to terminate services from them instantly. On the other hand, if the designer or the web designing firm gives a professional approach to the construction of the site, then it is better to opt for services from them.


Website creation and web design are two different aspects. While some companies may boast of doing both, they may fail to deliver according to your expectations. Website creation is a technical procedure while designing may not be. A web designer must be strong technically and visually in order to create a presentable website with an intuitive design.


A well-built website might take up to a few weeks – depending on requirements, but some companies and designers will do it in a short span of time. It becomes imperative to choose a web designing who can help set a website sooner, as it would help in pushing the brand to the public. 


Most web designers and web designing companies tend to pick cheap web hosting companies. Designers should know the first names of their favorite web design firms, and if they don’t, this could be suspicious. A reputable web designer or firm must know who to call when they run into hiccups.

Since it takes less than 10 seconds for a user to create an impression of a firm, the landing page must be attractive. The time taken to load the home page, the landing page, and the layout are the factors that appease the user. It will make them less than 5 seconds to leave and bounce to an alternate page or website. More emphasis should be given to landing page as users seldom visit the “About page”.


Most website owners face the dilemma of not knowing what to do once their website is launched. There are many methods to make the best use of a website. It is important to put quality content to make sure your website ranks higher. 

A website becomes stagnant if there are no visitors. A website needs to get a lot of traffic from multiple online sources and social media sites. A web designing company will have a fair idea of the amount of traffic the website that can be obtained from different sources. These numbers need to be proved from time to time.


The number of entrepreneurs working for small startups and companies is far more significant than large corporates. A business must stand out from its competitors with a unique selling point(USP). Apart from just creating a website, the business must have a company logo and follow popular practices like affiliate marketing.


The best way to market a business is by “word of mouth.” Word of mouth is the best way to market a company, as there is a 71% tendency for a person to recommend your services either to a friend or someone from the family.

Most companies have dedicated pages on their website for testimonials. It is advisable to refer the comments made on the services before narrowing down your choice of obtaining services the web designer.


Modern-day companies, restaurants, shops, clothing brands, sports accessories have all started the trend of making their website. Setting up a website assists in increasing sales. I can, therefore, conclude by saying that every company needs a website more than it needs a new employee if it has to be recognized globally.