Just done with your studies in the native and have a dream of studying abroad? And now you are close to witnessing it by actually going to. Not all countries have the best of education systems, but when they do then you are pulled by the number of fees you have to pay to get admitted to a college.

You already might have convinced your parents or they might have convinced you to pursue your studies abroad. So I will be telling about the process and the things you have to keep in mind before you leave your country to move abroad for pursuing your studies.

Well in this article I have not concentrated only on studies but also various other reasons which you might consider if you have made your choice to study abroad.


Tips if you are moving abroad to study

Not that studying abroad is not just a cup of tea and also it is not only about paying a hefty amount of fees in a highly reputed college. There should be proper planning and execution; I am sure that this article on how to crack the code of studying abroad will help you.

So let’s get started and hold your excitement till you finish reading this article.


Talk to the people living abroad

As I begin with the first point on the topic, I would be requesting you to first enquire about the people who you know and are already ended up staying there after completing their studies.

tips for studying in abroad

Do not hesitate in taking suggestions and be ready for disappointments as the country you choose to study it might not be a right one according to your whomsoever you might ask be it either your friends or relatives. Their opinions might come in handy to you.

Choose the right course you want to study

Before making your mind on which country choose for abroad studies, make sure that you find the course you are looking for is available in that country or not. Take your career seriously when it comes to choosing the right course, you cannot be changing a course just because you feel that it is not available in the country you wish to live and study in.

things to do before going abroad

Your career depends on which course you choose and not the lifestyle you want to live in. There are countries which will give you the best atmosphere and environment and the kind of lifestyle you need but what about the course you were looking for?

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Know the language

Culturally the countries which offer a lot regarding education differ vastly from India. Well if you are moving to a country like India make sure that you have detailed knowledge about the language is spoken in that particular state. As in India, language varies from state to state. Although English is a language spoken all over the world in some countries you may have to learn the local language. If it is hard for you to understand the language you can always sign up for language classes.

If you feel that the locals are not dwelling and not adjusting to the language you convey, then you might as well try apps that will help you and the locals clear the language barrier. Try Duolingo or Google Translator these apps might help you in getting the job done when it comes to learning a foreign language

things to do before going abroad for study

Well with time you can adjust to the language spoken in that respective country, sometimes you get so used that language that you tend to dream also in the same language.


Well if you want to pursue studies in a foreign country, the first thing you need to do is keep your budget in mind. There might be some places where you get the best education but what if they are not in your budget?

You can always apply for a loan from a bank and allow them to specify the details about the repayment of loans. As and when you have found the country of your choice to study in, make sure that you create a bank account. With a bank account, you can know not only keep your money safe and also have a track of your money.

Double check the documents you carry as you will need a passport, proof of residence and proof that you are a student. Know the currency exchange rate and carry enough amount of money with you until you find an ATM or open bank account.

things to know before study to abroad

If you have a bank account try and carry international debit cards with you which will come in handy to use anywhere in the world and these cards are also easily available at any nationalized bank in India.

Once you have settled in, try to enroll yourself in part-time jobs like you can earn even while you are learning or pursuing the course of your choice. A part-time job might as well help you in clearing your debts of the loan you have taken.

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Going abroad and just studying?

Try to explore the foreign land where you stay, visit sightseeing and learn more about the history of the country.

Some countries provide with International Student Identity card which can help availing traveling charges for cheaper rates. With this card, you can also avail discounts while shopping in centers and malls.

Try and use more of the public transport to your College available in that country like Bus, Tram, and Trains.I would suggest you to initially hire cabs or use local transports, avoid purchasing a new vehicle as it would be a burden and affect your financial conditions and sometimes in the early dos you might not be used to the directions.

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So it is a new beginning in your life, and you are all set to live all by yourself. As the country you find is of your choice now, try finding a place which can suit your basic need like electricity, water and also try to find a room which is close by the area you are studying.

The rent agreements vary from country to country, and some require you fro signing up for waiting lists.

tips to do before going abroad for study

If you are facing problems in finding a suitable room try to opt for hostels which your university or college provides. This might help you in saving some cash whereas hostel gives you food and also you might end making friends with your roommates.

When hunting for rooms try to get in contact only with the verified landlords and stay away from those fake ads and click bait sites those are merely just scams.


Have detailed research on the plans that the country you are studying offers which will provide you the suitable network along with some exceptional roaming offers. Remember that Countries other than India require you to sign a contract which usually is based on the social security number and postal address.

But you can always buy everything buy a prepaid card with a temporary number. Stay connected with family and friends while you are studying abroad for video chat such as Google Hangout or Skype. A video might be a better option considering your parents will have a better knowledge about your health.

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Understanding the Culture

Make sure that you do a detailed analysis of the culture where you are about to study.

The culture varies from country to country although understanding a bit of language spoken in that particular country help a little knowledge about the culture will save you in a lot of ways.

problem you face when you study abroad

Understanding the foreign culture should also be given the same importance as we give to languages and the course that country has to offer.

Get the Docs right

Many countries require a student visa. Almost all the countries you choose for studies require a visa. Apply for a Visa well in advance after getting to know the dates and the country you want to study.

Make sure that the visa will cover your entire study abroad duration. Ask for the documents that are required to be submitted, some documents vary from country to country and then you are all set to apply for Visa.



Get yourself insured as it is worth an investment. Make sure that you do not have any sickness or have any serious medical issues.

checklist before going abroad for study

If you currently have health insurance, verify whether it includes coverage for overseas care. If it does not then opt for another insurance that specifies health insurance abroad.

Be ready for loneliness

Start accepting that you are all along and nobody you know is around you start accepting it and move on. Make new friends and learn about their customs and religions.

Try and engage yourself in activities that will keep you busy and never have a chance of missing your family and friends who are way back in your country just left. In short be ready to beat homesickness.

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I hope this article has given you the better understanding on what it takes to study abroad. As it is said studying abroad is not someone’s cup of tea.So plan wisely before selecting a country.

So which country are you studying in or are planning to study?

Mention the country in the comments section below and let’s see whether how many are studying in the same place.