Are you looking for the best apps of the month? Are you looking for the apps that have been embedded with one of the most advanced eye catchy features? Here is the well updated and researched article for you that will blow off your mind and I must say that you can hardly let it disembark from your brain by viewing at its Prodigy features. So, let’s flow into the world of glory and the wonderful world of apps that will not allow you to swivel your eyes by looking at its advanced features.

top 10 apps android

So, have a look.

  1. UC NEWS: – Sitting down the blue sky in the motherly arms of the nature enjoying the blossom of the flowers, tuneful sound of the colorful birds and above all the newspaper encrypted with all the latest happenings across the globe. This might be a dream for anyone reading the newspaper in such a motherly environment. But imagine your newspaper boy is out to his native and your daily newspaper has been withheld. That particular situation you can’t even think of in your dream and spotting it in the very daylight will be like a heart stopping situation for you. So, here is this app that will drive you into the world of the news far away from the noise of the overgrowing world.


Download here UC NEWS

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2. AWESUMMLY: – Getting up from your soft comfortable bed and making yourself ready for your chore we apply all our efforts to make us on the path. But after getting ready we always look for the newspaper that will let us know what happens in the political world of the politics and sometimes the overrated and the exaggerated writings in it insist us to leave our best companion, the newspaper. Sometimes the pressure of the work also let us forget about it and so here is this Prodigy app that will drive away all your tensions and worries that you were previously facing. The app is one of the most trusted short news that has been the image of the combined efforts of the three students whose hard work and determination transform the world of news.


Read short News directly from their official website

Download here AWESUMMLY Short news

3. GRUBHUB: – Looking for the best food delivery app? Here, is the one for you that will make you dive into the delicious and the spicy world of food. If you are feeling hungry any time, anywhere just set your location on the map and the very next moment the delivery boy will be waiting outside your door with your box full of food where you can enjoy it under the pale moonlight with a good company. So, download this awesome app and swim into the sea of mouth watery food.


Download here GRUBHUB

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4. AMAZON KINDLE: – The one which wears hats of stories, all types of information related to our daily lives, the land of the wars, the great description of the never forgettable leader and above all our best companion that will always show us light even in the darkest of the paths. Well, I am talking about the books which have all these bunches of Prodigy features. This app contains all types of books you may search for starting from the occult world of the detectives to the books taking us to an excursion. What the most advanced feature of this app is that you can read your favorite books online and can also save it to read in your leisure time. The app is a must downloaded one if you are a book addict.

kindle app kindle

Download here AMAZON KINDLE

5. ANY.DO: – Keeping in mind the complete record of your work is extremely difficult and so here is this app that will sort out all your problems with just a single click on the icon. The app can have a set of works which you have to do in the future which you can easily save into your device. Now even if you forget about all your chores just sync to your device and have a look at the stuff which you have to do. Download this awesome app and feel the difference.


Download here ANY.DO

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6. INSTUBE VIDEO APP: – Are you looking for a video app? Are you looking for an app where you can play your ultra high definition video? Well, this app cares about it and allow you to have a smooth playback along with the support to all types of video formats. Along with the offense of these unique features, it also allows you to go through online streaming along with the support to multi-code decoding and multiple subtitle tracks. The features of this app will hardly allow you to stop down your fingers without scrolling down through it.


Download here Music downloader

You can also download music and videos from their official Instube website.

7. EXPENSEBIT: – Though earning is a tough job but budgeting is the most important and crucial thing that every individual must think of. When the times of budgeting comes we are always found looking for a money manager that can manage all our monthly expenses and keep that thing in mind the developer came up with this mind blowing app whose appreciation bridge is too long that even heart touching words would be not enough for you. The app keeps a complete track of what we are doing and what we have to do in the future. Apart from managing your monthly expenses, it has also been used for booking online tickets and bill payments.


Download here  EXPENSEBIT

8. Sarahah: – The app has recently attracted a large number of user with its eye catchy features enabling the user to develop constructive anonymous feedback. Once you have signed in you can share your ID’s with your friends and then the message will be received in a simpler manner.

Sarahah app Sarahah

Download here Sarahah

9. Solitaire: -This lovely app takes you to the world of new and the exciting challenges that will let you have a better game play. You are assigned to complete the challenges to move on to the further heart stealing levels.

Solitaire app Solitaire

free solitaire on google play store
iTunes solitaire

10. WEATHER: – Are you looking for the weather app that will update you with the latest happenings in the fluffy world of clouds? Here is one for you which will update you with the latest happenings in the surroundings with the automatic update in the temperature.

weather app WEATHER

Download here WEATHER