The world is progressing at a very fast pace. We are seeing a lot of new inventions in the science and technology area. These inventions are helping the humankind to grow, prosper and improve their lifestyle. All the inventions we see today have somehow evolved from past inventions, either in the direct or indirect way. If talking about technology, we are surrounded by different types of tech gadgets around us. We live in a world of Television sets, Computers, Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones, etc. So, today we bring you an exciting list of top 10 new tech gadgets that will surprise you for sure. These inventions can be considered as our entry into future and these are something really what we didn’t imagine in our daily life.  So, what are you waiting for? Check out the below list to know the amazing list of the new tech gadgets.

latest dope 10 technology/gadgets

1) Hover Camera

This is one of a kind of drone. This is a first autonomous Hover Camera, which is easy to fit in pockets as it easily gets folded like a book and it has a very light weight (242g)  which makes it portable and easy to carry almost anywhere. This Hover Camera can take photos and videos from different perspectives. It’s very easy to use and it has “Release and Hover” functionality. It can take 13 MP photos and can shoot 4K videos. It runs on Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 2.3 GHz Quad-core processor and it works without GPS, instead, it uses body recognition, face recognition. It can easily connect to your phone over WiFi, and after you have shot any photo/video, it gets downloaded on your phone. This camera has gone through various Drop Test, Twist Test, etc. It follows you around and it also has 360, spin and orbit mode. You can also do camera angle adjustment.


2) Trickstick

Have you ever seen a stick or magic wand, which on waving can produce an image from thin air? Well, we are sure that you wouldn’t have seen such thing. In simple terms, Trickstick is like a magic wand which produces high res, colourful, detailed images out of thin air. It works over Bluetooth; you can just take up a photo, then you can upload it to the official Android/iOS Trickstick App and then you can edit, crop your photo, etc. After that, you just need to transfer it to Trickstick via Bluetooth. Then, just wave your arms, and it will start producing the image. It can even produce gifs. Even you can use it for creatives purposes like doing live painting or live performances, like storytelling, etc. Isn’t that great?


3) World’s First Smart Tooth Pick Dispenser

Do you worry about germs which you may catch from toothpicks?  We all know the toothpick dispensers available at various public places like restaurants, malls, etc. have germs as someone for sure would have used the toothpick dispenser with dirty hands, maybe after scratching or some other dirty habit. Now, the question arises is, is there any solution to this problem? Yes, you now need not worry about it anymore. You can now buy world’s first smart toothpick dispenser. It’s a great new type of dispenser, which automatically delivers a new, unwrapped toothpick as you take your hand above it. So, now you don’t need to worry about toothpick wrappers or germs.

4) Braava jet™ Robot Mop

Do you want a floor-clearing robot? Do you face health problems, or have you become old, due to which you can’t clean your floors anymore? There are many people like that out there in the world. Well, to tackle this problem, there’s a new tech gadget in the market called Brava Jet Mopping Robot by iRobot. This is a new automatic floor cleaning robot. It uses its sensors and an advanced navigation system to know where it’s doing its work. It works into hard spots, where we can normally not reach, such as bathrooms, toilets, etc. Check out here to know more:

5) WELT: The World’s First Smart Belt

This is an advance belt which cares about your health and presents you with health data. The belt looks normal, but the functions are unique. It counts how many steps you have taken; it counts how much calorie you have burnt while sitting and it also measures your waist size. The belt almost monitors your overeating habits, and you can keep track of all these on the WELT’s mobile application.

6) The World’s First Truly Smart Lamp

The World’s First Truly Intelligent/Smart Lamp by Luke Reborts has got 300 powerful LED’s and using this gadget you can bright any corner of your room. You can take light anywhere you want. It has also got the feature of indirect lightning with various multiple colour options. So, whatever the situation is, it has various colours to suit your mood. It also has got “Paint Your Light” feature. You can paint in your desired direction.  The more you paint, the more bright the light gets.

7) IBand+: ECG Headband that helps you Sleep and Dream!

This new tech gadget helps you have good sleep and dream. This device helps you in lucid dreaming. In this, you become fully aware that you are dreaming and then you can change the dream visuals according to your need. This device has a big process of working and is a bit technical.

8) Sevenhugs Smart Remote: The First Remote For Everything

Yes, this remote does what it says! It’s one of the unique gadgets of 21 century, using which you can control any device, let it be your Television set, Smartphones, Speakers, etc. You just point to the device you want to control, and it will automatically adapt to the device.

9) SMACH Z- The Handheld Gaming PC

Using SMACH Z, you can play various PC games on the go. Yes, SMACH Z is a great powerful handheld PC on which you can play thousands of Steam games. It provides you more than 5 hours of battery life, and it has got so much power that it can run big games also, like Portal 2, DOTS, Left 4 Dead 2, etc. It has got the new type of controls: Haptic touchpad controls. It also allows you to install games from outside. Basically, it does everything that a PC can do for you.

10) Pup: The Connect Pocket Scanner

Pup is the first connected pocket scanner, which is very easy to use and feels very different while using it. It’s lightweight, so can be ported almost anywhere. It has got a great long lasting battery life, so enjoy using it. So, next time when you want to upload your papers using this, just choose your destination, then just press the button, fit it according to your page dimension and your file will be transferred automatically.