We all know the drill when it comes to losing weight. It always a familiar story: we pledge to cut down on calories, follow a fitness regime and count every calorie intake. But sooner or later, we end up eating cakes, fried foods and grabbing unhealthy drinks, regretting and realizing the very moment that we are going to have to fight the same battle all over again.Top 10 Things to do to Lose Weight Fast

Unless you have iron willpower, it’s always difficult to lose weight especially when you have to shed few extra pounds quickly for an upcoming event. While squeezing few workouts and avoiding your favorite high-calorie delicacies seem like a right plan to follow, it does take a lot of work.

However, there is a better way. We spoke to few health experts including Dr. Oz about weight loss and learned about the relationship between weight loss and coleus Forskohlii root extract, a natural herb used as a fat burning supplement. Dr. Oz is one of the most popular weight loss health experts who even run a show and help people from around the world to win the fight over fat. According to Dr. Oz, it’s a miracle flower that can do wonders to your body.


Marissa Lippert, RD, the author of the Cheater’s Diet recommends switching your unhealthy food intake with one or two healthy alternatives. This will help you lose weight fast while gradually changing your eating habits.

If you are in a predicament of shedding weight fast, we have compiled a list of few weight loss tips which are gathered from health and nutrition experts to help you get rid of those extra pounds in no time.

  1. Write down whatever you eat

The most important thing when trying to lose weight is to know your calorie intake. We often tend to eat more when we are unaware of the calories we are consuming on a daily basis, causing weight gain. Also, studies have shown that people who keep track of their calories and foods end up eating around 15% less food than those who don’t. When you are keeping a food journal along and write down every food and drink you consume, you are doing yourself a favor. how to lose weight naturally


Another study by the University of North Carolina shows that people consume an extra of 115 calories every weekend usually from fat and alcohol and then try to even out the calorie consumption by cutting down on snacks, condiments, sauces, dressings, and snacks. This makes a huge difference between weight gain and weight loss.

  1. Cut down on empty calories

To get fit and healthy, you need to make every calorie count. Now if you are making every calorie count, you need to be aware of empty calories you’ve been consuming all the while. Foods with empty calories usually have tons of calories with little to no nutrient at all. Packed foods such as cookies, sodas, chips and snacks contain a lot of empty calories. For example, one 5g of butter cookie has 23 calories with zero fiber and 1 gram of sugar. So when you eat 4-5 cookies altogether, you are consuming 92-150 empty calories. Similarly, a glass of orange comprises 110 calories, 23 grams of sugar and zero fiber whereas a raw orange contains 62 calories, 12 grams of sugar and 3 grams of fiber. So when you drink a glass of juice, you are consuming 48 extra calories with no fiber at all. Eating foods that are rich in nutrients give a boost to your energy while making it easier for your digestive system to digest such foods.

  1. Create a calorie deficit

To lose weight, you need to know how many calories you should consume in a day. In simpler words, you need to create a calorie deficit for your diet plan. For example, if you burn 2000 calories every day, you should start consuming 1600 calories by creating a calorie deficit of 400 calories. Similarly, if you burn 2000 calories and consume 2300 calories, you are creating a calorie surplus of 300 calories which is obviously going to result in weight to lose weight fast without exercise

  1. Get a weight loss buddy in your mobile

Today, there are tons of tools and apps available for smartphones. Using these apps and tools can help you keep the weight off, according to a study by Vermont. Another study by scientists at Northwestern University concluded that weight loss efforts supported by mobile apps have proven to be more effective than traditional methods. These apps also keep you motivated throughout the day.

  1. Make walking your daily habit

Stuck at a desk job? Well, don’t let that ruin your health. Take 5 minutes out every two hours and go for a brisk walk. Walking briskly for at least 5 minutes every 2 hours add up to 20 minutes of walk in your daily schedule which often burn around 50-60 additional calories.

  1. Eat breakfast like a king

There is a reason why it is recommended to eat a heavy meal in the morning. 300-350 calories of breakfast with a good mix of carbohydrates and protein not only curb your cravings and hunger but also infuse a large amount of energy in your body, making it ready for the daily to lose weight at home

  1. Bring your lunch to work

Eating lunch at a restaurant is one of the most popular causes of weight gain. However, you can easily get rid of this cause by bringing power-packed lunch to work. Chop some veggies and sauté them with a bit of seasoning for a quick and ready-to-go salad or sandwich. You can also use last night leftovers and make something interesting out of it. The best part of cooking lunch for work is that you get to pick anything you like while keeping your calorie intake in control.

  1. Share your food and calories when dining out

While it’s good to eat 90% of your food at home, this doesn’t always go as planned. Perhaps one of your friends is in a mood to celebrate, so instead of ditching them, go out and share love, food, and calories. Craving for pasta? Order some, but instead of eating the whole bowl yourself, share it with your friends. You are not just sharing food; you are also sharing your calories with them.

  1. Snack on nutrients, not fat

I understand it’s difficult to curb cravings for the first few days of your diet plan. So before you plan on cheating on your weight loss efforts, try switching to healthy alternatives. Keep a box full of nuts like almonds, pistachios or walnuts. Whenever you crave something fatty and unhealthy, grab a handful of nuts.

  1. Reward yourself

how to lose weight naturallyThere is no denying the fact that losing weight is tough, but you can make it fun and interesting by rewarding yourself every so often. Now by rewarding, I do not mean eating unhealthy or more than the required amount, but making yourself happy with things you wanted to a video game, an inexpensive dress or a pair of new sports shoes. You can also reward yourself with a dessert or something you’ve been craving for more than a week. But remember, don’t overdo it. If you are eating something, try to keep it in your daily calorie consumption.

Have any other tip in mind that worked for you? Share it with the world by commenting in the comments below.