Top 12 causes for fatigue

Sometimes we  feel tired and kind of lazy even after having plenty of sleep. We usually believe that tiredness is due to inadequate sleep or rest, yet even after taking enough rest and  sleep the feeling of tiredness doesn’t vanish. We generally take this matter very easy but its not always that easy thing to just let go off. Therefore we need to broaden our minds and analyse the other reasons for this heavy and ill feeling. According to studies it is found that women get more exhausted than men.

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Tiredness is often a common complaint that people frequently seek advice from doctor.


The top 12 causes for fatigue are listed below :-

#1 Inadequate sleep:

This sounds quite simple but it is a matter of concern. Adequate sleep is very important for our body to function normally. A sound sleep is a must to everyone, especially to the youngsters of today. A sound sleep means a proper sleep without any disturbance for few continuous hours.

According to the studies, babies require 16 hours of ample sleep and teenagers require it about 9 hours a day. But some people need as less as 5 hours or as much as 10 hours of sleep a day. In general, it is said that the older you become, the less sleep you need.

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#2 Too little intake of food:

Commencing your day with doughnuts or any snack is not a healthy option. One must always begin the day with a healthy and nutritious food. Not eating enough or leaving your stomach empty during eat hours or consumption of junk and unhealthy food can also be one of the main reasons for sluggishness, as these do not boost up our body and more worst is that they even bring down over energy level as a result of unstable blood sugar level. Therefore we must always eat healthy and adequate food in order to remain fit and active.

#3 Anemia:

Anemia is the fall in count of red blood cells. Red blood cells carry oxygen and when their count goes down their oxygen carrying capacity gets reduced. This leads to improper and inadequate supply of oxygen to the cells and tissue organs,thus gradually decrementing their functioning and resulting in tiredness. Anaemia can  be easily diagnosed by simple blood test. According to research it is said that it usually affects post-menopause women and about one in 20 men. It can be even more happening in womans having periods with heavy flow.

The treatment is based on the cause. People are advised to have iron rich food supplements as deficiency of iron in RBC’s is one of the chief cause for Anemia. Hence it is advisable to eat iron rich foods such as green leafy vegetables, lean meat, shellfish and iron-fortified cereals.

#4 Under active thyroid:

Thyroid is a small gland whose function is to convert the fuel into energy at greater speeds. It is located in the neck region. when this organ functions slow its no doubt that the rate of metabolism fall down resulting in feeling low and it also adds on weight. This condition of slowing down of the thyroid mechanism is called hypothyroidism. According to studies it is found that hypothyroidism is commonly seen more in women than in men. it can be diagnosed by simple test of blood. Synthetic hormones can be helpful in bringing up the Thyroid level back to its normal activity.

#5 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS):

CFS is a condition in which the fatigue tends to continue for long time. Tiredness lasting for about 6 months influencing your daily activities then this state of tiredness is called CFS. Person in this state will become incapable to manage routine activities. There is no exact solution for this cause but people having CFS are advised to change their everyday habitual activities, adapt better sleeping habits and calm exercise.

#6 Sleep Apnoea:

Sleep Apnoea is condition in which breath stops briefly frequently during night while sleeping. Some people think that just by a small eye-shut they obtain sufficient sleep,but this is absolutely wrong.In fact this thought grab away their sound sleep without their knowledge. And due to this one would feel exhausted even after having 8 hours of sleep.

Consumption of alcohol and smoking make it go more bad. This condition is usually found in middle-aged people. This problem can be solved by reducing weight, stop smoking and  to keep away from alcohol.

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#7 Urinary tract Infection (UTI):

Urinary tract infection results in burning pain and need to urinate. But the infection will not always show this symptoms. The other obvious symptoms can also be tiredness. On visiting doctor, he would prescribe for antibiotics to cure UTI. During this course, the tiredness should also fade away.

#8 Food Fanaticism:

Food fanaticism is nothing but having food intolerance. After having certain food items if the tiredness reaches to worst of its conditions then it clearly depicts that you have intolerance towards that particular food.

If one is affected by Coeliac disease, gluten – the food substance present in foods like breads, cakes and cereals if consumed, reacts adversely. Thus tiredness is a chief symptom for Coeliac disease. So one must know which edibles are suitable for their health.

#9 Diabetes:

Diabetes leads to increase in blood sugar levels. instead of the sugar being supplied to the cells ,remains in the blood itself thus cuts down the energy levels resulting in extreme tiredness. If you have persistent fatigue then consult a doctor and take a blood test for sugar. There are many ways of treating this like changing lifestyle, injecting insulin, therapy and other suitable medications.

#10 Heart disease:

If you get tired easily just by cleaning house or climbing stairs or uphill,the this can be early signs of heart disease. It signals that your heart is not doing its job up to the mark. Notice this condition, seek an advice from doctor. medication and other therapeutic treatments can keep the heart disease in control.

#11 Depression:

Depression not results in physical symptoms like headache, loss of appetite. Fatigue is also a chief impact of being under depression.If your tiredness prolongs for more than a week then seek a medical advice. This is indirectly related to inadequate sleep, depression can come in may forms like being worried, anxious, nervous, etc. all this can result in extreme tiredness.

#12 Glandular fever:

Glandular fever is a common viral fever which usually affects teenagers and young adults. It results in fever,soar throat and swollen glands. During its course fatigue is very certain.

Common conclusion:

Nevertheless, sometimes it is obvious the existence of fatigue due to the busy life that we are facing everyday. Taking care of children and home, working late nights and intake of fast foods will all lead to bringing down the energy levels resulting in tiredness. 

Yet extreme fatigue should not be ignored and diagnosed as early as possible.