Every company, no matter how successful, could be doing more in order to improve upon their customer service.

This is because customer service is such an integral part of the success of a business. But what if you have no idea where to begin when it comes to improving your customer service?

While there are many different areas of customer service to take into account, improving your call center customer service is one area that can have the biggest impact.

This is because when it comes to solving a problem, many consumers prefer making a phone call over email, live chat, or an online knowledge base.

Top 3 Call Center Mistakes You Need to Avoid

So, when it comes to improving your call center customer service, where do you begin?

It begins with avoiding some crucial mistakes that many call centers make. Read on to learn about the top mistakes you need to avoid.

1. Placing Callers On Hold for a Long Time

If there’s one thing that drives customers up the wall, it’s placing them on hold for long periods of time.

The words “Would you mind if I place you on hold for a second” are a huge red flag to many customers. In fact, most consumers believe they shouldn’t have to be put on hold at all.

While zero hold time may not be possible, there are some things you can do to decrease the amount of time your customers have to wait on hold.

One small thing to do is to train your staff to keep the customer on the line for the entire call, so as long as the call doesn’t need to be transferred. Even if it makes sense to put the customer on hold while you spend a few minutes resolving an issue, this disconnect can seriously frustrate your customers.

Another way to decrease hold time is to outsource your customer service to a call center partner, such as Ameridial. By outsourcing to a call center partner, you’ll have access to more employees who can help bring wait times down.

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2. Telling Callers to Head to Your Website

Typically, when someone calls into a call center, they do so as a last resort. In other words, they’ve probably already spent a good amount of time trying to solve the problem on their own or checking out your website for a solution to the problem.

That’s why it can be especially frustrating as a customer to be directed back to a company’s website for faster service.

When someone calls your customer service line, they’re calling for a reason. By redirecting a customer back to your website, you’re wasting their time. Plus, there’s a chance that the customer might just prefer help over the phone. When you redirect them to your site, it’s basically saying that helping them over the phone is too much of a hassle for you.

In other words, just don’t do it.

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3. Asking for Redundant Information

If a caller has already told previous agents information about themselves or if they’ve entered it somewhere else, do not make them repeat it.

By making your customers repeat the same information over and over again, it shows that your call center system is inefficient. This can quickly lead to customers thinking that your company as a whole is inefficient. Plus, having to repeat yourself, again and again, is just plain annoying.

By avoiding these mistakes, your call center customer service should start to improve!