Every student wishes to get the best education in order to attain their career and life objectives. Nonetheless, the more a school is a highly rated, the higher the cost of learning. Also, you will find that most students want to join the schools that are performing well and as such, it becomes hard to get a slot in a good school. A good number of students have left their education and turned to do blue collar in order to pay their bills and save some money to further their studies in the future. Amidst the challenges brought by the increased cost of learning and limited resources, students who want to study and obtain their degrees needless of paying too much can enroll for online classes.  These classes are not only affordable but also convenient for those students who are working or raising children since they can always be systematized to match the learner’s schedule.

Top 3 educational website for college students

In this article, we explore three websites providing free educational support to college students.

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 Academic Earth academicearth.org 

Once you’re logged in to Academic Earth, you will find a wide array of study options that range from contemporary to traditional studies. You will have access to online degree programs in engineering, business, economics, nursing, English and literature, etc. The platform has collaborated with accomplished universities such as MIT, Oxford, Stanford Uni and many others. The portal contains podcasts and videos in different subjects.

 Academic Earth

When you log in to this website, you’ll be amazed by the number of programs available in your area of interest. The site is highly user-friendly, and you’ll find great universities around the globe as well as a shareable electronic certificate. Once you’re admitted into your program of study, you can always use online paper writing help in order to ensure you get the best grades in your assignment. Using cheapest essay writing service will also ensure that you get ample time to study and interact with your lecturers.


Coursera is an established internet-based learning platform that was founded and launched in April 2016 by two Stanford University professors: Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng. The platform offers multiple courses and specializations leading degrees and professional certificates. Coursera has partnered with other educational agencies and universities to provide online programs in a variety of subjects including medicine, engineering, humanities, social sciences, computer science, data science, mathematics, and many others. As per June 2018, the platform was offering over 2,400 courses to more than thirty-three 33 million users.


Courses in Coursera take an estimated period of four and ten weeks. Every week will have one or two hours of purely video lectures. These programs offer quizzes, peer-graded homework, weekly exercises, and a final exam/project. Classes are also provided on-demand, implying that as a user you’ll take your time to complete the module/lesson with all resources availed at once. In 2017, the Coursera began offering master’s courses in Data Science, Business Administration, and Innovation & Entrepreneurship. Upon completion of your chosen program of study, you can get verified credentials at a fee. The company also offers financial aid to learners who deserve to be assisted.

 EdX (edx.org)

This website is the darling of so many students in the United States and beyond perhaps because it was established by MIT and Harvard University. Since its inception in 2012, edX has been a leading online learning destination providing high-quality programs from best universities globally.


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The three websites will give you the best educational experience. Just find your right program and dedicate yourself to getting the most out of your classes.