Email advertising & Marketing are best and valuable source to make your online organic reader list. This is an ideal approach to advance your website traffic and redirect people to your specific page or website. Numerous expert bloggers are now utilizing these email marketing services to grow their online business to next level.With email marketing services you can call those people again who shown interest on your website by subscribing your blog.So it helps bloggers to bring their traffic back on their new post for their business growth.

top email marketing services

There are various email marketing services already existed in the online market. These all email marketing services offers different features and different pricing model as per your need. Choosing top three among them are a difficult task. After conduction, some research and feedback from different bloggers and internet marketers we have chosen three best email marketing services for you as per you need.


As a bloggers point of view these email marketing services are best for promoting your newsletter and if you are an internet marketer then this services helps you to generate conversions through your campaign. Chosen services are best at all level from newsletter to promotion of campaign and recommended by many professionals.

Let’s Take A Look At These Top 3 Email Marketing Services.


  • Aweber

Aweber is a great email marketing service as well as best tool recommended by many blogging and internet marketing experts. Aweber is easy to use and supported by many platforms and easy to embed in platforms like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc. Aweber offers lots of tools for creating sign up form and helps you to manage your A/B testing to find out which form works best for you. You can start using Aweber email marketing service at $1 for one month and after that, you have to pay as per your need and subscribers.

  • MailChimp

MailChimp is another great email marketing service after Aweber. This email marketing service also used by many professional bloggers. You can start using this service as a free up to 2000 users and send up to 12000 emails per month. Beyond this usage, you have to pay to maintain price for using this services. MailChimp offers you features like custom HTML emails, easy to integrate form etc. MailChimp supports various platforms like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc. The navigation panel is easy to use and navigate. The premium account of MailChimp offers you many features and advantage in this email marketing service.

  • iContact

iContact is the great tool for email marketing. It is highly targeted for professionals and offers many robust features along with standard email marketing features. One of the disadvantages of the iContact is its user interface is the bit difficult to use and navigate and take some time to understand and get started. iContact offers many great features like RSS feed integration, social media integration, auto-responder etc. iContact offers are easy to install on social media platforms like twitter and Facebook pages. It does not support various blogging platforms but you can integrate into WordPress by simply adding a plugin into your WordPress blog. You can start using iContact for $15 and more as per your subscribers list increase.



These three email marketing services are great and recommended by many blogging and internet marketing professionals. These email marketing tools are best at their level. In all these top tools Aweber is a most recommended platform by the blogger for newsletter and camping promotion through their emails.