CPU overclocking software

All You Need To Know About CPU Overclocking Software Before Using Them.

Overclock software can play the role of the best friend of the computer when it comes to increasing the performance of GPU, CPU, and RAM. When a computer runs slow or starts lagging, those free overclocking software are going to be your savior.


CPU overclocking software


It’s not hard to figure out that overclocking has been mainstream as the mighty Intel, remover of multipliers, and locker of clocks release overclocking software.

Still. there are several individuals who have heard the term “overclock software but don’t know exactly what it is! This article is written up for them. Read it and let us know in the comment section how it helped you.


What are Cpu and Gpu overclocking? Is overclocking Software legit?

Let me make it simple for you. The trick of running your computer faster and harder than the engineers designed it to run is called “overclocking.” When you take the processor of your computer or any other computer components and run at a specification rate, faster than it was designed by the manufacturers.


cpu overclocking software

CPU overclocking

When you buy your CPU, it is supposed to run at a specific highest speed. If you operate your CPU at that pace and cool it properly, you might not face any problem with it. Still, you should not limit your CPU to that particular speed when it is possible to increase it.

You can set a multiplier or faster clock rate to improve the BIOS of your computer to increase the speed of the CPU. There are several robust CPU overclocking software available in the market to fasten your CPU.


overclock software


You will see here an instance of 3 AMD processors.

overclock gpu software


Check out the precedents of the XP2500+ processor’s overclocking. See what would be the rated clock pace because of the change of the multiplier or bus speed. 

overclocking cpu software

GPU overclocking

When you let your GPU go through an overclock GPU software, it boosts up the swiftness of the workplace of a graphical processor that increases the performance of your computer. Each GPU runs at a specific celerity. It is called the base clock.


cpu overclocking software


But you can surpass the swiftness that was designed by the manufactures with the usage of different cards.

Now, is overclock software legit?

Yes, there is no doubt about the genuineness and legitimacy of the overclocking software. It speeds up your machine. Still, there are some drawbacks of all overclock GPU software and CPU overclocking software. These can damage the hardware of your computer.

Why do people overclock their software? What are the benefits of overclocking software?

overclock software


The primary reason for overclocking software is getting a faster CPU. Nowadays, it is not a critical procedure anymore. You can get more operations per second by using overclocking CPU software.


overclock software


You can make your Microsoft office perform better after you overclock the computers. Your desktop will be faster and more responsive after doing this. Alongside this, your machine will be more powerful as an outcome.

A mechanical hard drive can bottle-neck your computer. Along with it, the deficit of solid stage storage can resist your computer from performing better. If you can counter the issues flawlessly, then the overclocking software will get you an experience of amazing computer execution without carrying any extra expense.


5 best overclocking software for your CPU, GPU, and RAM in 2020

You may avail ample sufficiency of overclocking software without spending a penny. Still, the list of top 5 overclocking CPU software and GPU overclock software might help you out to pick up the right one for your computer. So, let’s proceed.


overclock GPU software



The preponderance part of savvy folks goes for EVGA precision X. This CPU overclocking software is particularly popular among the game lovers. A user can use up to 10 profiles while using this overclocking CPU software.


overclocking cpu software


The only downside that you will face with this overclocking software is it does not support all graphic cards except Nvidia Graphic Cards.



This ravishing overclock software lets the users control their graphic cards completely. It will provide you a  perfect overview of the hardware. It is the best go-to overclock software for the first-timers.


overclock gpu software


This free of cost overclock software lets you experience the best performance of the hardware. Afterburner provides you the accuracy control of core memory. It examines the graphic card’s thermal performance and stability.

The best thing about using this overclocking software is, it supports every kind of graphic card.



Do you want to experience the smoothest overclocking ever on your intel processor and hardware? Then pick up the INTEL XTU for your computer that supports the next generation’s intel core processor.



You can monitor the systems effortlessly and maximize the capability of the intel core processor when you use INTEL XTU. It assists you to analyze the temperature of your machine and watch over the alterations. You can change the memory, processor, voltage, and graphics anytime you want.


4. CPU Tweaker

This CPU overclocking software is specifically designed for pro-people. You should go through a handful of youtube tutorial videos before you kickstart your overclocking CPU software as it is worth learning.


cpu overclocking software

It is one of the most efficient overclocking CPU software that you should go with only when you know very clearly what you exactly want to do.

One thing you should never forget is that you can make the most out of CPU Tweaker only when you use a processor that embeds several memory controllers such as iNTEL CORE i3, i5, i7, AMD Phenom, etc. Otherwise, you can choose MemSet that is absolutely powerful, advanced, and user friendly.

A gentle reminder: CPU Tweaker is not that much user friendly. Extracting the best out of it is not a piece of cake for the regular users. You should not make this software coupled to your processor until you become a pro.

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5. SetFSB

This unique overclock software fixes the FRONT SIDE BUS of the computer. FSB builds the connection between the main memory and the CPU.


overclock software


It boosts up the performance of your system far beyond its original limit when you make the perfect settings.

SEtFSB increases the celerity of FSB and boosts up the performance of your system.

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How do you overclock your CPU? Complete guide

overclocking CPU software


Each CPU is unique. All motherboards have different BIOS settings. So, a common guideline on overclocking won’t work for all systems.

Still, I am trying to outline the primary deeds, anyway.


Provide your computer proper cooling

The manufacturer has given your computer a fan and a heat sink. These control the thermal energy that is created at the regular speed of the CPU. So, if you speed your CPU up, it will produce more thermal energy.

You will require some extra cooling activities. You should consider going through an aftermarket heat sinking. It will dissipate more thermal energy. 

You may avail of a more efficient CPU fan to cause a better cooling. It will blow the heated air away. Arrange enough free space in the case of your machine to let the hot air blow out.

Make sure that your system has a suitable airflow. Otherwise, a powerful CPU fan or a heat sink won’t get you an overclock unless the heated air blows out of your computer.

Water Cooling

A savvy overclocker always prefers a water cooling procedure more than air cooling as this method is much more effective. Although it is a little bit more expensive, still it is worth it. You can pump the water coolant through tubes inside your computer case.

It will absorb the excess heat. Afterward, you should pump out to let the radiators erupt the hot air out of your computer case.

Overclocking the BIOS

You may reach out to the BIOS of your system to increase the clock rate or voltage of your central processing unit. At first, you have to enhance it to be followed by booting the computer. Now check whether your system is stable now or not.


overclocking cpu software


After ensuring the stability, you need to run Prime95 or some other benchmark for stimulating oppressive usage. Now, observe the temperature of your system to ensure the BIOS cooling is going right.


What are the Pros and cons of overclocking software? Is it safe or not?

overclock software


You should know these pros and cons of overclocking software when you are planning to overclock your computer.


  • It will enhance the performance standard of your central processing unit.
  • Gamers should overclock the GPU and CPU to get better gaming experience.
  • Overclocking your CPU will improve the graphics and reduce the response time.
  • It will be easier to run complicated software afterward.


  • Sending excessive volts may overheat the components. It will shorten the lifespan of those components.
  • Overclocking your CPU might end up inviting bugs.
  • Your computer may crash as a result of excessive heating.
  • It may damage your computer.
  • The lifespan of your central processing unit will be decreased, for sure.
  • The warranty of your system, that was provided by the manufactures will lose it’s validation after overclocking.

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What do experts think about this? According to internet research and experts reviews

Here are the best reviews from people on CPU overclocking software, take a look at the screenshots!


overclock gpu software



cpu overclocking software


The Bottom Line

Overclocking a computer is a tricky method that contains a handful of trial and error. First, you should examine your machine thoroughly using a taxing application to know whether your computer is a table for boosting up or not. Always remember, applying an overclocking software upon an unstable system may damage the components.

Consider all the drawbacks of overclocking before you start. And, you should not push things very far until you are a pro on overclocking. 



1. What is the downside of overclocking?

The warranty on your computer will be invalid after the overclocking. It may damage the components, affect the CPU, and crash the computer.

2. Is overclocking a CPU safe?

It is safe when you overclock your CPU correctly. Otherwise, it may cause damage.

3. Does overclocking reduce CPU lifespan?

Yes. overclocking decreases the lifespan of the components of your computer. It may affect your central processing unit. Still, this is very nominal.

Whatsoever, your CPU will be obsolete one day, no matter if you overclock it or not.

4. Will overclocking GPUs increase FPS?

Yes. when you overclock your GPU using an overclock GPU software, it enhances the base clock and frequency. Therefore, the FPS gets increased.

5. How long will an overclocked CPU last?

It entirely depends upon the coolant you use. If you go with an efficient cooler to overclock your CPU, it may last for 4 to 5 years.


If you have found this article helpful, do let us know in the comment section below !!

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