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Top Funny, Clever, and Best WiFi Names in 2023

Done with all the hassle of setting up a WiFi? Looking for some top funny clever and best wifi-names?

You are at the right place! We have some really cool tricks and tips and a lot of ideas for naming your Wi-Fi connection. Let’s go!

Things to keep in mind while choosing a name for a WiFi connection:

# Don’t use anything that might reveal your personal information as the name is going to be public. Avoid using birthdays, your passcodes from anywhere, or names.

# Go for names that could be quirky and fun at the same time.

# Don’t make it too complicated. Go for a simple yet fun name.


A Funny twist to the WiFi name game?

Want something that would crack someone up as soon as they hear it? We got you!

Here are some fun names:

  • AreYouLostBabyGirl
  • ItsYouAgain
  • ReliableThanYourEx
  • PayTheRent
  • HowYouDoin
  • SayNoToSlytherin
  • MakingBothEndsMeet
  • FBISurvelliance
  • GirlsGoneWireless
  • AlwaysASwiftie
  • YouAreSuspicious
  • NotThatIncognitoTabAgain
  • LeaveMeAlone
  • SpiderLAN
  • GetLostMan
  • YouAgain
  • TooGoodToBeTrue
  • CallingYourHome
  • GoToSiri
  • SwitchingItOff
  • TryAgain
  • GetMeACoffeeFirst
  • WheresMyCoffee
  • CompleteYourHomework


Clever names for WiFi

  • 404NetworkUnavailable
  • ThePingDynasty
  • LANdofFreeWiFi
  • IWillByteYou
  • SpyKids
  • HeresYourPing
  • StopBeingExtra
  • PasswordHasBeenChanged
  • TryAgain
  • BetterLuckNextTime
  • IThoughtYouDied
  • SpiderLAN
  • CryAboutItLAN
  • AccessDenied
  • RestrictedArea
  • SignalSurfers


F.R.I.E.N.D.S Themed Names

Are you a F.R.I.E.N.D.S  fan? Who isn’t? The most iconic and historic show in the history of Sitcoms. Here are a few friends-themed names for your WiFi. 


  • CentralPerkWiFi
  • SmellyCat
  • HowYouDoin
  • MonicaIsCooking
  • JoeyDoesn’tShare
  • DrRossGeller
  • RossYouAreNotADoctor
  • JaniceOhMyGod
  • PivotPivotWiFi
  • BewareOfRoss
  • UnagiSure
  • Phoeboe’sMusicNetwork
  • AreYouDivorced
  • PsychicPhoebeWiFi
  • AreYouTwoDating
  • SarcasticLikeChandler
  • JoeyIsAnActor
  • RachelisExtra

Naruto Fan? Anime Name Suggestion

Looking for some cool Naruto-themed WiFi names? Or an Anime-themed name suggestion?


Here you go!

  • Baka
  • TheSharinganWiFi
  • WeaknessDisgustsMe
  • Itachi&Sasuke
  • HiddenLeafVillageWiFi
  • GenjutsuGoneWrong
  • IchaIchaParadise
  • RamenLover
  • ShinobiSignal
  • IAmHokage
  • MashleCreamPuffs
  • WhatsYourName
  • AreYouATitan
  • AnteikuWiFi
  • OnePunchIsAlliNeed
  • JiraiyaIsHere
  • PakunIsCute
  • DontSummonMe
  • StudioGhibliwelcomeYou

Something for the Corporate Sector?

Corporate calls for something more subtle and formal. Here are our top picks:


  • OfficeWiFi
  • WorplaceWiFi
  • ExecutiveAccessPoint
  • CorporateInternetHub
  • SecureOfficeNetwork
  • BussinessLoungeWiFi
  • MeetingRoomWiFi
  • CoporateCommonWiFi
  • ProductivityWiFi
  • BusinessCentral
  • CollaborationOfTeams
  • OfficeSolutions
  • CompanyWideWeb
  • OfficeIntranet
  • ContstructiveWorks


  • Connectopedia
  • WiFiestOfThemAll
  • DigitalRaven
  • TheRouterRules
  • IAmSpeed
  • FeelBonita
  • SpeedNirvana
  • WiFiTopedia
  • CyberParadise
  • MeetGreetData
  • StopTheIceCreamTruck
  • WannaGoShopping
  • ShotsTonight
  • SpeedCitadel
  • Routertouille
  • CyberRealm

Witty ideas

  • GoSleep
  • GoDrinkWater
  • HereAgainForFreeWiFi
  • MakeLoveNotWar
  • StopAbusingMyWifi
  • IGotaLANRover
  • BetterLuckNextTime
  • NoInternetForYou
  • WhyFightWhenYouCanWiFi
  • ThereAGHostInYourWardrobe
  • YouScareMe
  • AintGotNoChill

Sharing with your roommates? Here are some top picks

By any chance, do you own more than one wifi? Have multiple wifi and roommates?

  • IamAlpha & IamGamma
  • PickUpTheCall & YouHaveBeenBlocked
  • BroINeedYou & INeedYouTooBro
  • YouFreeTonight & AlwaysForYou
  • Slytherin & Gryffindor
  • Network1.0 & Network2.0

Also: Which kind of Connection is Best? Fiber, Copper or Wireless

Different kinds of connections are available in the market. Each comes with its own perks as well as disadvantages. 

Before starting out, you need to figure out various factors like your location, usage, and the speed you need.

  1. Fiber: Optical fibers are used for internet connections. They are fast and carry the information in the form of a light pulse. Even though it is the fastest option, it usually is limited in terms of availability.
  2. Cable: As the name explains, it is the connectivity of the router to the service provider through coaxial cables. In terms of speed, they come second to fibers. However, they are cheaper if compared to fibers and come with good speed.
  3. DSL: DSL or Digital Subscriber Line is a form of connection that uses copper to transmit the information. They are available almost everywhere and are cheaper but slow in terms of speed.
  4. Satellite: You must be familiar with those huge metal umbrella-shaped discs usually installed on the rooftop. Satellite internet apparatus is something similar to that. It transmits and receives signals. It usually is on the expensive side, the speed is slow and prone to obstructions.

How much could be too much?

Buffering screens can be really annoying sometimes. Want the best possible speed? Your usage actually decides the speed, if you are a gamer then, good internet speed is a must.

Something between 12Mbps to 25Mbps is ideal for general use.

The perfect download speed would be around 200Mbps to ensure lag-free and continuous downloads. But as the saying goes, the faster, the better!

Things to remember while setting up WiFi

While setting up WiFi there are a few things that you should take care of:

  1. Security: Always remember to set Strong passwords that include Uppercases, Lower cases, Numericals, Special cases, and Symbols. Keeping a simple password would be easy to guess and anyone can connect to your wifi.
  2. SSID: Set up a unique and simple name. You can add a little fun with all the above-mentioned names to make a mark.
  3. Router Placement: It is very crucial to set up the WiFi in a central location at your home or office. A central location would ensure equal distribution and coverage of the network. 
  4. Band Selection: There are options like 2.4GHz & 5GHz. Both have different characters. 2.4GHz has a lot of crowd but long range whereas 5GHz has less crowd but shorter range. Select the one that works well with your needs.
  5. Regular update of password: With the increase in technology, it’s easy to figure out passwords. In order to avoid it, remember to update your password at regular intervals.


Our Picks:

  • YourKidsAreAnnoying
  • StopTrespassing
  • HaveSomeDignity
  • PajamaParty
  • GetMeSomeChickenCurry
  • StayHydrated
  • Family
  • HomeSweetHome
  • WillYouBeMyWi-Fi
  • AlwaysTheHottest
  • CantConnectToThisDevice
  • Karen
  • ConnectionToHeaven
  • BigJoeMama
  • 4thOfJuly



Choosing Wi-Fi names can be a tacky and fun process.

However, remember to go for a name that doesn’t offend anyone. This is supposed to be fun, but it is safe to go for a less extreme name. 

Remember to mix and match. A fusion of different languages or different genres can also create some unique and unforgettable names.

Setting up the Wi-Fi is the only hassle, which can be tackled with the help of an expert.

Set up your name using our suggestions and you are ready to go.

Does a good Wi-Fi name really matter?

Who doesn’t want to make an impression? Having a cool and funny name for your WiFi SSID can do the trick. We can help you make a mark!

From giving a little peek at the owner’s personality to striking up a conversation, it’s always WIN-WIN for you. 😉😉😉



  • How do I change the name of my wifi?

On your browser, open the router’s IP address, and log in as administrator. Look for settings options and then go to Wi-Fi name or Wi-Fi SSID.

  • Is there a limit to wifi names?

No, there is no limit to WiFi names. You can change it as many times as you want to.

  • Does changing names affect the speed of my WiFi?

No, it won’t affect the speed.

  • Is it necessary to change the wifi name?

No. To make it more personalized and customized, you can change the name but it isn’t necessary to change the name.

  • Can you have two wifi names at the same time?

Your Wi-Fi can only have a single name at a time. Nevertheless, you can change it if you wish to.

  • What is the limit of Wi-Fi?

Usually, a lot of devices can be connected wirelessly but can connect up to 4-5 devices via wire.

  • Does connecting too many devices affect the speed?

Over-crowding may result in low-quality speed, slow browsing, and buffering.

  • How do I check the Wi-Fi speed?

You can always use online sites to check the speed of your Wi-Fi connection. The site will then tell you incoming, outgoing, and pings.

We really hope that you found some really cool and relevant ideas. Happy surfing!


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