Here’s the definitive guide to assisting you in selecting some intelligent, funny, clever, and most original WiFi names available on the internet. Astonish your neighbors with some quirky, funny, and clever WiFi names. Do you like to entertain people with your creative WiFi names? 

To begin with, let’s see the finest ideas and methods to assist you in creating the best collection of WiFi usernames possible – 


Tips and tricks to come up with a funny WiFi name of your own – 

  • Attempt to come up with a name that is both distinctive and memorable to you. If you choose a couple of words, there’s a strong possibility you’ll forget it as the router’s owner, which isn’t ideal.
  • Our objective is to keep everything lighthearted. As a result, you may use an old joke or a witty phrase as your WiFi name.
  • A clever, well-thought-out WiFi joke is always a winner. Come up with words that smoothly integrate words like LAN, Bluetooth, broadband, and wireless internet.
  • You may update your WiFi username each day with a factoid or puzzle of the week if you’re incredibly geeky.
  • Make your WiFi name unique by using song lyrics or distinctive conversation.

List of WiFi names 

Wifi Puns – Funny Wifi names 

  • My forefathers are the owners of the LANd.
  • I believe our connection was shaky.
  • We decided to go window shopping.
  • The jet was getting ready to LANd at the airport.
  • They spread the net out and waited for the fish to get caught in it.
  • I moved to my network.
  • He has a large network of contacts.
  • He’s a byte more for me.
  • He put his hand on the firewall.
  • Nonononononono
  • Please don’t use me.
  • Hey!
  • Please do not make use of me.
  • Would you compensate for your internet access?
  • My Fi is Wi.
  • Thank you, Barack Obama.
  • Each day I’m streaming on your WiFi, my babies. 
  • To Brick, Your Phone, Go Here
  • Please contact me.
  • Error with the network 
  • Your phone is going to be hacked.
  • Please try once more.
  • I’m not sure what your issue is.
  • Next time, make sure your router is locked.
  • Viruses don’t care, and neither do I.

Funny wifi names


Cool Wifi names 

  • Connecting…
  • Burger WiFi 
  • LANa land 
  • Get your own WiFi 
  • I’ll hunt you 
  • Not here! 
  • Don’t even look here 
  • I’m watching you 
  • You, yes you! Go away
  • Now shoo!
  • Disconnected
  • Neighbors suck
  • I’m your godfather 
  • Error 404 
  • Mind your businesses 
  • LANye West
  • Lil’ LAN 
  • Not free kids! 

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Clever Wifi names  

  • Make me laugh for access
  • Trust your local area network (LAN).
  • Call me, my WiFi.
  • IPinchMyself.
  • Byte Oreo 
  • Log in to contribute.
  • LAN travel 
  • Hi Fi TO WiFi 
  • Lag Out Loud.
  • Were you looking for free WiFi, Siri?
  • WiFi for singles.
  • WiFi’s existence.
  • Pokemon connect
  • Wi-Fry Meat from Pennsylvania.
  • The connection is wireless.
  • 6,676765th Parallel Universe
  • Hi future bestie.
  • WiFi kills.

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Unique WiFi names  

  • You’ll die in 7 days if you connect.
  • jackpot.
  • Bad guys are approaching; cover your WiFi.
  • The Wormhole’s entrance.
  • The Mystical WiFi 
  • High-Definition The internet.
  • You must pay with your spirit.
  • xxSuspensexx.
  • Start Virus Updating?
  • I was unable to connect to the network.
  • Dumbledore’s WiFi.
  • WiFi is a joke.
  • Access is restricted.
  • I’m exactly where you leave me.
  • Because it’s been years since I’ve relocated.

wifi names

Best WiFi names

  • Highest level of security.
  • For access, leave the booze at the door.
  • HawkEye is a WiFi hotspot.
  • What is Ben’s passcode?
  • It’s your last chance.
  • A LAN war has erupted.
  • WiFi attacker
  • Not you again.
  • Advanced 5G WiFi.
  • What is a creature with 22 toes?
  • Army 
  • You left me on the LAN.
  • Hello, Humans. It’s a pleasure to meet you.
  • Musician with a lot of passion
  • LAN Spider Goblin

Random names for WiFi Networks 

  • Dragon Land with Monster WiFi
  • Dad, This will take you to the internet.
  • Winternet is on its way
  • WiFi for lost children
  • I’m hiding beneath your bed.
  • What has two sides and just one arm?

Stylish and nerdy WiFi names

  • Your name is your password.
  • This WiFi has God power. 
  • This WiFi is not suitable for children.
  • In a race against the clock.
  • The link has been broken.
  • To connect, travel to Belgium.
  • For WiFi, crack a joke.
  • Seriously, that ensemble?
  • You are intervening with god
  • To speak with God, dial 999.
  • Bandwidth is limited.

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Standard WiFi network names

  • Play PUBG elsewhere.
  • The unrestricted LAN.
  • The Internet is down here.
  • Connections are made here.
  • Connections that were not made.
  • None of your business.
  • No one knows my name
  • The WiFi network has gone haywire.
  • To Hogwarts, teleport.
  • Abra-ka-Dabra 
  • 3/4 Wireless Platform
  • The WiFi of the Dog Lady.
  • To connect, touch your nose with your toes.
  • In the LANworld, Susan.
  • Identity theft is not a joke. Kids.
  • Knock knock.
  • The Hook of Captain Jack Sparrow.
  • Take a step back and don’t look back.

Coronavirus WiFi names 

  • Corona WiFi 
  • Grab a corona, don’t catch corona 
  • Corona kills 
  • Wear a mask for access
  • Hope you are corona-free
  • Are you good?

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WiFi names to freak out neighbors around your home

  • Can you keep the noise down
  • I can see you, sneaky neighbour 
  • Get yourself some internet 
  • Get your WiFi 
  • It’s cloudy here

WiFi names which you should avoid keeping

  • Private details such as usernames, residential information, and birthdays should not be included.
  • Any portion of the router password should not be used as the name.
  • Make the SSID distinctive and unique, so you don’t forget it.
  • Replace the manufacturer’s name with your own. Don’t make your router available to would-be attackers. It just provides them additional information about the integrity of your network.

Best WiFi name generators

  1. has some cool, funny, and witty WiFi names suggestions that you can check out. All you have to do is click – “Click here to generate names.” It will randomly suggest names that you can choose from. 
  2. also suggests thousands of excellent and funny WiFi names for your wireless router. 

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What are the top 3 best routers? 

One of the top wireless routers can help you improve your network. An ISP-provided router may suffice, and one of the greatest WiFi adaptors may be sufficient to increase its range. 

To go through your online searches and activities, you’ll also need a fast and dependable network, and the finest wireless routers will always provide greater outcomes in terms of increasing accessibility.

TP-Link Talon AD7200 WiFi Router

Users can transmit huge amounts of data, pictures and even download content in seconds using the 60 GHz frequency when many users are connected to the internet – a 1.4 GHz dual-core CPU powers through demanding tasks. Multiple individuals may surf, watch, and game at the same time with no disruptions in the performance. You can read more about Tp-Link wifi over here

Google WiFi 

Understand the capacity of this router from its size; it can outperform many larger routers. The Google WiFi system can compete with the big players in the field of wireless performance. With a speed of 200 Mbps, it bags a rank in our list. You can read more about google wifi over here

D-Link DIR 890L 

It’s possibly one of the most aesthetically pleasing wireless routers we’ve seen. The DIR-890 seemed to have been created by hi tech designers. The router proved to be efficient, simple to set up, and powerful. When using this gadget for WiFi, it promises excellent speed and a more comprehensive range. You can read more about D-Link wifi over here.

What are the safety measures to take when you have installed WiFi in your home?

  • Examine the trustworthiness of a website.
  • Make a secure password.
  • Two-factor authentication should be used.
  • Avoid clicking on any dodgy web links.
  • Always keep your PC up to date.
  • Free WiFi and downloads should be avoided.
  • Check the facts you found on the internet twice.
  • VPN protects your internet connection.
  • Make use of antivirus software.

Pros of having good WiFi names.

  • You may not only give your network SSID a cool name, but you can also use the WiFi name to make some puns or jokes that will make anybody who runs into your network in their WiFi settings chuckle. 
  • For security concerns, you may also want to conceal the WiFi SSID.


Some handpicked cool WiFi names by us

  • Virus
  • Crash LANding
  • Stay hydrated
  • Keep calm, please! 
  • Get me some pancakes for access. 
  • Broom broom 
  • Hi! How are you doing?
  • Don’t try to connect. 
  • Disconnected. 


There you go! You’ve gathered a number of the best and funniest WiFi names right here. These were simply selecting most of the top WiFi names from which to choose based on your preferences. We’d like to know which one you choose as the name for your WiFi SSID. Which one is your personal favorite? Do you have further suggestions for cool WiFi names?


#1 What are the disadvantages of free WiFi 

  1. Free WiFi can be harmful, unlike Private WiFi, as the risk of your devices getting hacked is significant. 
  2. There is no security with free WiFi. 
  3. The speed is compromised in free WiFis, which can cause delay. 
  4. The free WiFi is usually not available or available for a limited period. 

#2 What should the name of the WiFi be?

Personal information such as names, addresses, and birthdays should not be included. The name needs to be distinctive and unique. Avoid using any sensitive information such as the name. 


#3 Can you get in trouble for inappropriate WiFi names? 

Even though there are no regulations on the names of WiFi, Putting any sensitive information about others can be pretty dangerous and is not advisable.


#4 What are some excellent WiFi names? 

  1. Police surveillance van 
  2. Use this one, mom 
  3. 404 Network Unavailable

#5 What should you not name your WiFi?

Avoid using personal information, sensitive information, and offensive information.


#6 Which WiFi name is best? 

Whether funny, witty, or quirky, all WiFi names work well as long as it resonates with your personality!


#7 Does WiFi name matter? 

No, it doesn’t as long as you don’t use personal or sensitive information.


#8 Should I rename WiFi?

If you want to be noticed, make sure that you remember the WiFi name you renamed.