Top Metaverse Focused Entrepreneurship in 2022

There is a roaring and loud buzz around the Metaverse now. Mark Zuckerberg and other iconic technology figures such as Bill Gates are increasingly optimistic and excited about the prospects of the Metaverse.

Bill Gates has recently made a bold public prediction that most work meetings will move to the Metaverse within two to three years.

What could be a louder and clearer message than changing your company name to Meta? Mark Zuckerberg delivered the most concise and powerful message.

These iconic figures are very bullish on the Metaverse, also known as Web 3.0. Chances are if you are a talented and imaginative innovator, those legendary technology leaders may be interested in how your product may fit into their company roadmap.

If they think that your product, even if it is a small cog, if that cog will help their mission, you may hit the ENTREPRENEURIAL JACKPOT with a handsome offer to buy out your startup.

As you develop your product, you or members of your team may raise technical questions such as, what is an exe file function use case possibility or possibilities for a Metaverse-related product, or is it relevant and needed. Expect similar technical challenges and questions in the beginning.

Let’s delve into a possible Metaverse-related area which could be a gateway to your entrepreneurial journey.

First Step to Your Metaverse Startup

Before going into the suggested Metaverse related area, an entrepreneur in any area should never forget that they should not neglect cyber security across all of their endpoint devices, be it for personal or business. Both are important. Often, we access business-related data from personal endpoint devices.

The most prudent step as a startup founder is to first look for a reputable cyber security firm with a proven track record and at least a decade of solid industry experience.

The next step is to download a free trial evaluation version of a  comprehensive anti malware anti virus cyber security solution for business and personal use. During the trial period, evaluate some core product characteristics such as UI – User Interface and UX – User Experience.

Evaluating online help content is also an important piece of the opinion puzzle as you can get a better idea if your technical issues and general questions will be properly addressed.

Don’t worry about the time needed to evaluate those products. Suppose you invest around thirty minutes of focused evaluation per day on each product version for personal and business. In that case, you can gain a solid opinion backed by solid facts respectively in less than a week.

Once you are 100 percent sure about the products, the next prudent step is to purchase the full versions for a minimum of two years for uninterrupted protection so you can focus on your innovations and make your magic happen.

The Metaverse will take emotional expressions in chat to game changing unchartered waters. Although Emojis, animated gifs, and stickers add a lot of life to a chat, they are static and are still open to much interpretation in body language expression.

With technologies such as sensor-based wearables, and video AI analysis, users on messaging platforms and other interaction-related platforms will see peer emotional expression via their personalized 3D digital Avatar in a very life-like unprecedented fashion for chats without video calls.

Any niche around this area that provides artistic value or some other innovation or gap filled could be a viable product or add-on for a much bigger enterprise such as Meta.

This game-changing aspect of the Metaverse has opened up a plethora of incredible opportunities you DO NOT WANT TO MISS OUT ON.

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