The reasons for obtaining loans are different for everyone. Someone takes it for treatment, someone for training, someone does not have enough to buy a house or develop a business. A separate area is a travel crediting. On the one hand, this is entertainment, for which all areas of the economy do not recommend taking out a loan. On the other hand, a well-rested person has increased efficiency, better business results, and new ideas. Effective rest can become a new impetus for personal development, lead to positive changes in life and work. That is why travel is an important reason for a loan. Of course, if you approach the question correctly. You can always borrow money (vay tien for your personal purposes – and travel is not the worst purpose.

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How I got my travel loan


Travel plan

When I decided that I would take out a travel loan, I decided to draw up a travel plan. If you are going to take out a loan, then for that trip, which will not cost too much. There are two options for inexpensive travel:

  • Hot tours – appear at the last moment, are completely inexpensive, much cheaper than their usual cost. Here it is worth considering an important nuance – only those tours that were not redeemed at their usual price “burn”. Most often they do not redeem at the usual price, or not the best hotels, or with an unsuccessful flight. Good trips are usually fully booked in advance, and last-minute tours are ideal for unassuming travelers with little service requirements. But this is not something worth borrowing for. There is a high probability of disappointment – and the money still has to be paid.
  • Choose in advance and book a good hotel for an early booking promotion, a promotional flight, and a discounted transfer in advance – this is the most successful option for forming a trip at a low cost. So you can get a really high-quality vacation at a minimal cost. It is for this option that you should take a loan – there is a high probability of closing it even before the travel date and having a rest with a clear conscience.

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Travel budget

It is very important to formulate your travel budget correctly. To do this, it is worthwhile to orient in advance on the cost of the main components of travel – transport, accommodation, meals. Of course, it is worth focusing on the desired level, but not planning the VIP level. You should definitely add 10% to the received cost for unforeseen expenses because a lot can happen before the trip. And you definitely need to include insurance costs in your budget. And we are not talking about ordinary health insurance for tourists, but about financial risks insurance. Since we will be talking about credit money, it is not recommended to neglect insurance. I have issued a policy for the full cost of the trip.


It is very important that the loan amount does not exceed the ability to repay them. Before sending an application for its registration, it is worth calculating for yourself how long it will take to painlessly return the cost of the entire trip. It is important that the loan term is no more than a year, and that payments are no more than a third of monthly income and are no more than the amount by which you can reduce monthly expenses, not excluding monthly payments.

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Online loan request

After I decided where exactly I would rest, and how much it would cost me, the next stage came – getting the loan itself.

  • The first step is to select a company that provides online consumer loans. You can borrow money with low interest rates (vay tiền với lãi suất thấp) on the best sites. To do this, I had to study the reviews and conditions for granting loans. For my amount and the period of time for which I decided to take out a loan, had ideal conditions – low-interest rates, loyal conditions for interest payments;
  • The next stage is filling out the questionnaire. In order to get a loan, it is important to provide reliable information about yourself, to enter information on work and income. It is important to do this without mistakes – this increases the likelihood of getting a positive decision;
  • Then – the decisive stage, registration of the application. After choosing the amount and period of crediting and filling out a questionnaire with personal data, the decision is up to the financial company. What pleases me is that the decision is made within 15 minutes. In my case, it was positive, and after a few minutes, I received an SMS stating that the requested amount had been received on my card indicated in the questionnaire.

An important nuance – receiving money means that the contract concluded online has come into legal force and this amount will need to be returned within the agreed time frame in the agreed amount.

Discounts and bonuses

However, before you get money and pay for your trip, it is worth stopping a little and spending time looking for opportunities to save money. When buying a trip on credit, you can save in two ways:

  • Find a promotional offer from an online loan company. I submitted my request just on the day that announced interest rate discounts – this helped me lower my interest rate;
  • Find promotions and great deals from travel operator companies. For example, my airline offers good discounts on tickets bought on Sunday. Despite the fact that I received the loan on Thursday, I postponed the purchase of tickets until Sunday and again saved a lot.

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Repayment of a credit

The most important thing in any lending is to think over not only the conditions for obtaining it and how to spend it but also its return. The fact is that the trip ends quickly, but the need to pay money for it remains until the end of the loan term. At the same time, you should not take risks and take a loan for a minimum period – you may face a situation when after paying the monthly loan payment there will be no money left for other obligatory payments, for example, for housing and food. It is very important not to overestimate your strengths and to approach the definition of credit conditions reasonably.

Perhaps it is worth consulting with an employee of a financial institution in advance – he will tell you what percentage of income can be paid on a loan so that it does not affect the usual standard of living. The fact is that travel should bring pleasure and a boost of energy, not a headache, and thinking about how to pay for a loan.

My journey.

I was able to return the cost of my trip in six months, while four of them passed before the trip itself – I took the tour in advance, at very favorable prices and in a very good hotel. At the same time, I managed not to spend the entire amount – the fact that the entire trip was booked in advance made it possible to do without using the reserve, and with this amount, I paid the monthly amount after returning from the trip.

  • Another important point – if you take a loan for a trip, then order the tour itself only from trusted tour operators, only on trusted resources. It is very important here not to chase the cheapest offers that are available online – very often these are fraudulent sites where you can stay without money and without traveling. Therefore, it is very important to contact the company with which you have already worked or which good friends recommend to you. You may have to overpay a little for consulting a travel agent – but this, firstly, is a guarantee of a good trip, and secondly, a good travel agent will always tell you how you can save money in a particular place without losing the quality of travel. It is worth paying for a good service – in the future, this will be compensated by a high quality of rest. But this is exactly what a travel loan is taken for. By the way, if you find on the website the cost of the same tour, but twice cheaper than what a trusted tour operator offered you, this is definitely a scam, in fact, the profit of tour operators on each tour is much lower.

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Traveling can bring new meanings and new motives into our lives. If you understand that this will benefit you – do not hesitate, take a loan and go.