Over the last few decades, the lengthy and drawn-out fight against the Cannabis plant by government agencies has finally seen some much-needed relaxation. This is true for both people’s attitude toward this incredible plant, as well as through the power of legislative laws and the constitution. The relaxation of these laws, along with the legalization in many states across the United States, and countries like South Africa, have given people the opportunity to take full advantage of the extensive medical benefits that the Cannabis plant has to offer.

Anyone that has, or does struggle with anxiety knows that relief is welcome at almost any cost. The hot flushes, heart palpitations, sweats, nausea, and panic attacks are all too much to deal with sometimes. cbd oil for anxiety is a natural, non-mind altering treatment for anxiety that provides welcome relief from the symptoms of anxiety, and leaves users in a content space within, free from the suffering of the conditions attributed to anxiety.  

Treating Anxiety with CBD Oil

Unlike conventional and regular cannabis oils, CBD oil contains no THC, the component in the Marijuana plant that gets you “high”, or gives you the euphoric feeling when you smoke it. Thanks to this reason, CBD oil can be ingested without the threat of not being able to function at work. Regular Cannabis oils do contain THC, and users experience the euphoric high that the THC delivers. Cannabis oils are used those suffering from acute and chronic pains conditions, as well as those battling with cancer.



CBD oil, seeing as it does come from the hemp plant, has the propensity to have a rather bitter and unpleasant taste, and is an undesirable trait for users. Fortunately, CBD oil manufacturers are fully aware of this, and as such, have added flavorings to make the oils more attractive and palatable for users. Some oils even being touted as tasting like a mild vanilla coffee creamer.

cbd oil tastes


Once you feel those butterflies looming in your stomach and that anxiety making its way into your day, chances are it is only going to get worse. By simply placing 15 drops of CBD Oil for anxiety under your tongue, and keeping it there for 90 seconds, your anxiety will simply melt away, with absolutely none of the cerebral effects associated with Marijuana. It’s hard to tell exactly how long relief takes once the oil is ingested, as it depends on each individual’s situation.

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CBD oil has no side-effects what so ever and has nothing but good things to offer those who suffer from anxiety. The effects of the oil can last anywhere between 5 to 8 hours, providing anxiety relief all evening, with a good night’s sleep to boot.

It is amazing to think that something can be so effective in the treatment of anxiety, yet, have no side-effects to speak of. This is clearly a step removed from the norms of conventional medicines and in the right direction of a more natural and healthy approach to treating ailments and illnesses in a better, more people-friendly manner.