The Covid-19 situation is unlike anything anyone alive has ever seen before. Almost every aspect of our lives has been turned upside down as most of us are forced into our homes.

At the same time, businesses all across the globe are also feeling the negative effects of not being able to carry out their operations normally. While there are many businesses that continue to prosper, thanks to their business and clients both being based off the web, there are many that can do nothing but wait for the storm to pass.

If you relate to that, this article is perfect for you. 


Turn Downtime Productive: Why This Is The Best Time To Train Your Employees

If you are standing strong with your employees through this difficult time, and waiting for the time when things will get back to normal, we have just the idea to turn this waiting time into productive time- employee training.

While it might seem counterintuitive to spend more money on your employees during this time, employee training can drive long term benefits for your business. In fact, it may even help your business make a quicker recovery from the losses it is facing right now. Moreover, training employees online requires minimal investment.

Still not convinced? The following reasons to train your employees during downtime may change your mind:

Developing a Training Program Is Easy And Cheap

The notion that employee training is a difficult and investment-intensive process is one of the most common reasons that prevent businesses from upskilling their existing workforce. While this notion was true a few years ago, these days, eLearning tools have made employee training a much more accessible undertaking.


For instance, when you make an elearning authoring tools comparison, you will find tools that make creating an online course an effortless process, and thanks to the abundance of competition in the eLearning industry, most of these tools are priced very reasonably.

With the right tools, you can quickly put together a training curriculum and deploy it for your workforce and they can start taking the courses almost immediately. 

There are also ways to surpass the development of course material. Either you can opt for off-the-shelf courses, or outsource the course development to a professional instructional design company.

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Dedicate Time Solely To Training

Unlike a couple of months ago, if you want to train your employees now, it won’t affect your day to day productivity. As a result, you will be making the most of this time, for which you may already be paying your employees.

Moreover, without other responsibilities, you can expect your employees to finish training courses in shorter periods of time.

Tell Your Employees You Care

Your employees need to know that their employer cares about them, especially during such a difficult time. 

What better way to do so than to invest in helping them become even more employable? This way, your employees will realize that their employment is safe and will be motivated to stick with your company through these testing times.

Return To Work With A More Skilled Workforce

Finally, when you train your employees during the downtime, your business will be equipped with a more skilled workforce when it is time to get back to work. Moreover, your employees will be motivated to return the favor you did by helping them improve their skills and keeping them engaged during their home quarantine.

Having a grateful and better-skilled workforce is the best advantage you can give to your business when it is time to recover from the losses you are currently bearing.

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Employee training during downtime has virtually no negatives. It’s a very productive use of all the free time you and your employees have right now.

What is stopping you from investing in the future of your company and your employees? Tell us in the comment section.