YouTube is one of the most engaging platforms which has more than two billion users around the world and more than thirty million users visiting the platform daily, which without a doubt makes this one of the most lucrative platforms and markets for small businesses to promote and grow their opportunities and customer base. YouTube was launched in the year of 2005 and ever since has always been growing. YouTube was bought by Google in the year of 2016 and comes right after Google for domestic and global web traffic. Videos are visually and auditorily engaging and offer a way to allow your target audience to engage with the content you post. One of the most important points that a lot of people fail to do is to optimize their YouTube channel well because this also helps in allowing your audience to know who you are and about the content that you produce. 

Now, one of the biggest challenges when it comes to YouTube for people to promote their small business is that they are often afraid to start with because they assume to think that a lot of equipment is required for shooting but it is usually an individual in front of the camera and would be talking about what she/he knows about the topic of the message they want to put out. There is no need for expensive equipment at all. 


So, what are the twelve tips for using YouTube for your small business?

Tip One- Research about the content in your niche.

Lending your own twist to the content you create is great, it makes you stand out but doing something overly ridiculous on the Internet for exposure, especially when it comes to the promotion of your business would not be advised. Usually, the videos that are posted on YouTube are useful and informative, funny and quirky. Researching the type of YouTube videos in your niche that have the highest rates of engagement and are doing well, will help you gain an insight on what is working for them and implement it in your videos as well. A lot of YouTubers also buy YouTube views, not to forget to even buy YouTube subscribers, so make sure that you are thorough with your work. 

Tip Two- Be consistent with your content production.

One of the most common traits that every popular YouTube channel share with each other is that they have consistent content production, and the content that they regularly post are always quality content and not posted just for the sake of posting. Using videos as a form of marketing tool for your business is one of the best ways to gain exposure but does require effort and hard work put into it. From webinars to interviews to explaining in the YouTube videos that you plan to post, you could anything that would reel in your audience. While you may be tempted to buy YouTube subscribers or even buy YouTube views, remember that it would only lessen the budget you have for your business and a lot of times would not even work in your favor. 


Tip Three- Use keywords.

Now, if you are familiar with digital marketing, you know for a fact how important are keywords for the content you post on the various digital media platforms, and YouTube is no different. The use of keywords from the description of the video to the title of the video, to even the thumbnails, they are important and would help in gaining views organically rather than being tempted to buy YouTube subscribers and buy YouTube views.

Tip Four- Add in various ways of contacting you.

So, you have optimized your YouTube channel and the videos, but have you thought of how you would want your viewers to contact you or even respond to your content before you have posted the video? From asking them to leave constructive feedback on your videos to asking your viewers to follow you on your social media profiles, and even turning on the post notifications, it is necessary for you to do all of that in order to increase the engagement of your YouTube videos.

Tip Five- Customize your YouTube channel to the message you would like to send out to your potential consumers.

When a customer clicks on to your YouTube channel page and checks out your channel, you will definitely not what them to be put off by the way your videos are made or even the thumbnails of the video. Make sure that it is aesthetic enough to attract people towards your content because that way, at least half of your work is done. Curating YouTube playlists for your consumers to find what they want, will always be helpful and work in your favor. 

Tip Six- Interaction is the key.

Being interactive with your consumers and creating engaging content will help you not to buy YouTube subscribers and buy YouTube views. The more interactive your audience is with your content, the more your rate of engagement increases, and this allows your content to be suggested to other potential consumers who consume the similar type of content just as you post. 

Tip Seven- Research on the tags that you are about to use.

Before uploading your YouTube videos, you need to select a category for your video, and choose, enter the keywords and tag. You have about fifteen categories to choose from and can add up to twelve and more tags to your video. This helps in your content being promoted to the consumers who search for this kind of content and will prevent you from spending too much money in buying YouTube subscribers and to buy YouTube views. 

Tip Eight- Make sure that the titles of your YouTube videos are thoughtful and attractive.

Now, you do not want your YouTube video titles to be boring and non descriptive, but you also do not want them to be long and tedious to read. Make sure that they are short and catchy, and to the point that will compel the consumer to click on your YouTube video. 

Tip Nine- Descriptions are meant to tell your audience what the video is going to be about.

Never leave the description of your YouTube video empty but give a short summary of what the audience will expect and gain from the video, and if you have mentioned links to other videos, add the links in the description box as well. 

Tip Ten- Collaborate with other YouTubers.

Collaborate with the other YouTubers in your niche because that gives you access to their audience as well, and also increases your exposure. You do not have to buy YouTube subscribers or even buy YouTube views when you feel as though your normal average views are dipping and will also be a fun experience for your audience. 

Tip Eleven- Do not just stick to YouTube for your videos, find different platforms.

This point is pretty much self-explanatory, and find various platforms to post your YouTube videos to attract various consumers towards your content and will also save you the money which you would use to buy YouTube subscribers and buy YouTube views. 

Tip Twelve- Let your customers do the talking.

A lot of small businesses needs to gain the trust of their customers by either testimonial or by their feedbacks given for their products and services. This is one of the best ways to gain trust and build on your credibility as a brand. 

These are the twelve tips on YouTube that would promote your small business and help you to broaden your loyal consumer base and allow your small business to blow up provided that you use the right marketing techniques mentioned here and follow them consistently.