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5 Reasons Why Twin Flame Love is Different {2020}

From the countless vampire fictions and werewolf fictions I ever read, I got to know the precious term “soulmate.” Although it’s fiction in all ways, I wanted to find my soulmate one or the other day. But recently, I suddenly happened upon the term “Twin Flame Love.”

twin flame

It was everywhere on social media, so it was hard to ignore. The basic idea behind the term is meeting your twin flame love will change our life. But my question is, what exactly does the term mean? How is it different from what you can have with a soul mate or life partner for that matter?


I’m sure many of you are intrigued to know what it is to have Twin Flame Love. So, if you are expecting a life-changing relationship, read the article to find out everything.

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What is Twin Flame Love Definition? 

Your twin flame is the one that reflects you about your weakness and the most significant strengths. Mainly, the twin flame love is awakened after the spiritual experience. When personal and spiritual growth collides in a relationship, it is said to be twin flame love.

What is Twin Flame Love? Where did the Concept Originate?

Have you ever felt a high-level spiritual connection with someone? The immense and inexplicable pull towards each other that brings sparks in your eyes, perhaps? We have already seen people gushing over “love,” and that is because their soul is so perfect! 

In simple terms, to understand twin flame meaning, it is your mirror; that is to say that at a certain point, it will seem that your soul slits into before settling in physical form. It is essentially called “the other half of your soul.” 

twin flames

Keep in mind that it is not your soulmate. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t even have to be someone you fall in love with. This magical high-level connection is not at all about romance but more about spiritual growth.

So here’s the secret, a twin flame can be a friend, a partner, a mentor, or even your student. I’m sure someone crossed your mind at the mention of any one of the categories because I remembered my mentor in a flash.

twin flame

It is not a one-way street to attain spiritual growth somewhat if you meet the destined person, it will forever change your life, and you will be the same to another person filling a much-needed gap. 

The unification of divine masculine and feminine within us creates an intuitive energy healing to our soul. This energy union makes you discover the higher version of yourself through twin souls, which is different from any relationship you ever had. 

Ultimately, a twin flame relationship arises when two perfect matches share their pain and difficulty. It brings out a lot of personal growth and transformation in the relationship if you ever experience one.

The Origin or History of Twin Flame

The word Twin Flame love or soul started circulating on social media in 2014. Aren’t you curious about what might be the reason behind it?

After the widespread media attention, many artists even started singing about them, and magazine articles were dedicated to them. So what’s the hype about Twin Flames.

Let’s dive in on each story linked to the creation of twin flames-

One of the most well-known origin stories stems from a Symposium written by the Greek philosopher Plato. The story goes something like how humans originated, and they had four arms, four legs, two faces, and sets of genitalia. 

Plato conceded this theory as Aristophanes, which are now called Twin Flames. Currently, there are 72000 twin flames.

Zeus, realizing the problem with humans, decided to split the original humans into two to become slaves as they provided labour and energy. The trauma of breaking into two made humans stave, and many of them started to die.

twin flames

When the gods watched their source of energy die, they thought up a solution. To make sure that humans could not overpower them with strength, Apollo started sewing the humans back together. 

This made the belly button the remaining part of their original form, and each human will only have one set of genitalia, which creates a desire to reunite with the other half. 

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How Will You Know If You’ve Found My Twin Flame?

twin souls

I’m sure at one point in time you have met someone, and it just felt like it was meant to be? Or maybe at least you dreamt of it? 

Anyway, if you happen to meet someone who gets you, consider yourself very lucky. It might have found your twin flame!

If your gut feeling is pointing that this person is right or specific signs, you might have found your twin flame.

Here are the signs to look out for-

  • You feel a surprising magnetic pull towards each other.
  • Suddenly you” l feel a strange sense of familiarity.
  • You feel safe in each other’s presence.
  • You strive to bring out the best qualities in each other and challenge each other.
  • You think an immense psychic connection
  • Although you haven’t met each other before, you feel like you already know them well.
  • You can consider the other person as a close friend, a spirit animal, or even a family.


What are the Three Differences Between a Twin Flame and a Life Partner?

twin souls

1. A Twin Life is not entirely about romantic love, while a life partner is based on it.

A life partner is someone whom you love wholeheartedly for what they are. This love is identified as something total and romantic. We express the love we have towards each other by expressing it.

A twin flame is not entirely about love but more about truth. It causes a personal awakening in each other, and they can see straight through each other. They match each other perfectly in all regards, and it is easier to work through internal issues.

2. A life partner is not supposed to cause you pain but probably will, while a twin flame is believed to cause you pain.

Sometimes, even people who seem inseparable may have their differences and through and through can cause each other immense hurt. It is inevitable when two people become close; conflicts are bound to arise. 

twin flame

The pain experienced with a life partner can help you grow, but the relationship is about working the differences between one another and living together. 

When it comes to twin flames, the very meaning leans towards personal growth, and to experience the good; you must go through great pain. This remarkable transformation hurts a lot as it is more like unearthing the dirt from within.

3. While you want to spend the rest of your life with your life partner, a twin flame is someone you have to get away from

As you already guessed, a life partner is someone you have by your side through thick and thin. You desire to spend your life with each other, although there might be some conflicts.

But a twin flame is supposed to cause you pain and incredible transformation. This ultimately makes you wish that you have never met.

4. You might have had visions about meeting them.

Are you seeing the same dream about meeting a mysterious person you never even met in real life? Then it means the vision might come true soon in the form of your twin flame. 

Although you may not have seen their face, you will feel an intense connection and signs from the universe that just maybe you have crossed paths with your soulmate.

5. The telepathic or psychic connection 

You might be surprised to find out that even if a twin flame relationship goes through rough obstacles, the sheer willpower of each other can keep the sparky relationship alive. 

The intense connection is so strong with twin flames that you can install a figure that there is something wrong with others. You can sense the energy coming out in your relationship if something terrible happens to the other person.

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Does Your Twin Flame Have to be a Love Interest?

twin flame love

One thing that has to be specific regarding twin flames is that it doesn’t need to be a romantic interest. Because as the person is your other half, dating someone who is our soul clone can be extremely challenging. It might be your close friends, mentor, student, or anyone for that matter.

A twin flame can emerge into your life with an intense energy that tends to have an on-again-off-again style. The strong connection sometimes becomes too much to handle and might end abruptly. 

If you meet this person, it denotes a significant period in your life during going through an intense change. The great transformation may end when you start a new job, leaving toxic friendships, or dealing with a painful loss. 

Your twin flame will show you how to heal yourself and plays an integral part in shaping your spiritual journeys. You do the same for them, helping the other to understand themselves much better. 

Is It True That You Cannot Break The Twin Flame Connection No Matter What?

Yes, it’s true; sometimes, you get fed up with the energy it takes to maintain the connection with your twin flame. But no matter how difficult you try, you cannot break away from the relationship. The bond is unbreakable, and pretty soon, you will realize that there is no way out. 

twin flame meaning

A healing process will start as soon as you both get locked in, which I promise can be like a huge roller coaster ride for a while. The love for each other keeps on growing as you’ve never felt the force before.

As a person who has gone through the process, I can tell you that you will undergo an intense healing process. The past may hurt, but your twin flame will be the one to bring improvements in your life. 

The people who look at your point out that the other half is not the person you are meant to be with, but they fail to figure out that you are never worse than yourself. 

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What is People’s Opinion on Twin Flame Meaning? According to Internet Research and People’s Opinion

Take a look at these screenshots and come to your conclusion- 

twin flame love

twin flame meaning


The Bottom Line

Your twin flame brings out the light and can shield you away from the darkness. You will be genuinely bonded together as if in magic. People feel much better when they are around their twin flame. If you spend time apart, it will feel unbearable to be away from each other.

Moreover, your twin flame helps you expand your understanding, and despite their annoying habits, you will grow to love them even more.

If you have found this article helpful, do let us know in the comment section below!

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