Boost your sales using Pro-export Ninja

Marketing is a strategy that every business needs to take its revenue to the next level. Over the years, many intuitive techniques have evolved that make marketing seamless. With the advent of digital marketing, enterprises are now benefited to reach audiences on an unprecedented scale. Digital marketing provides a framework for the most comprehensive outreach.

By working hand-in-hand with the diverse social media, digital marketing is further enhanced in its effectiveness. Mediums like Instagram, Facebook, and a host of others form a hub where like-minded folks hang out while sharing information. Social media creates a source of personal details of individuals who would otherwise not have disclosed them.

Instagram is a platform well established in social circles as a medium for sharing photos and videos. Instagram captures essential information of subscribers while allowing a brand to have followers or be liked. The ability to have followers or express likes forms the cornerstone of a product like Pro-export Ninja, which can ‘scrape’ user information. You can visit their official website to get a feel for yourself!

Pro-export Ninja – a tool profile

Pro-export Ninja is a tool commonly known as a scrapper. Using the tool, marketers can extract valuable information from Instagram accounts like bio, email, and phone numbers. Marketing professionals can set filter criteria on scraped data to identify potential customers. Such endeavors can fruitfully be utilized to increase sales while also building a customer base.

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Leveraging Pro-export Ninja to enhance sales

You can use Pro-export Ninja in a variety of ways, only limited by the creativity of your imagination. Pro-export Ninja provides a firm foundation for influential marketing. An insight into what other people follow or cherish likes proves handy to identify the target audience. Instead of recommending products to folks directly not related, marketers know their crowd.

We can broadly summarize the process of how influences work into three categories. In a nutshell, consider that you run a query for several brands that have more than a hundred thousand followers. With this information, you can connect with those brands for prospective advertisement opportunities.

Marketers can focus on influencers in a particular locality and work with them productively. Similarly, more advanced strategies include using Google advertising. By feeding essential customer data into Google AdWords, any site which supports AdSense would be able to promote a product. The product outreach on e-commerce websites is increased.

Boost your sales using Pro-export Ninja

You must note that you are not restricted to a consumer crowd who are directly connected with your product. Using Pro-export Ninja, you can build a target audience having interests almost similar to the source. Such a facility enables you to expand the number of patrons for the product. Furthermore, only the right set of people would be targeted and benefited.

Social media like Facebook are among other great marketing tools that can be leveraged with the data obtained from Pro-export Ninja. Using Facebook’s manager to enter relevant customer data, we can associate them with the right choices. Pro-export Ninja supports followers, following, and tagged export. In addition, likers, commenters, posts from hashtags, and locations feeds are provided.


Pro-export Ninja – an in-depth review

You begin the process of effective marketing by identifying your competitors. With a handy list of competitors, you can enter their usernames on the main page of the Pro-export Ninja portal. When you click on the export button, you can either avail of a Google Sheets file or a comma-separated value (CSV) file. These files can be filtered as per your utility.

Pro-export Ninja restricts Google Sheets output to only ten thousand records, and exceeding this; only the CSV file can be downloaded. Pro-export Ninja provides twenty free records and has set competitive prices for power users who need vast data. The prices start with a minimum of 19 U.S. dollars and extend way up to 499 U.S. dollars. The number of records for this range is 10,000 and 1,500,000 respectively.

Pro-export Ninja provides a user-friendly website that is easy to understand and proceed. The process of generating a ton of records only takes a few minutes while the user is benefited with organized data. You can initially get hands-on without paying anything and then consider a premium version.

Data in the form of spreadsheets is precious to professional marketers looking forward to generating charts and perform optimization. Pro-export Ninja also supports various modes of payment like credit or debit cards and PayPal. There is no need for subscriptions, and you can switch with other packages when there is a need.

With the public availability of the user’s data, you would be wondering about the legal aspects of the service. However, using Pro-export Ninja is legal, and there should be no worries on ethical issues. To favor this, it is not possible to manually gather a million followers, so Pro-export Ninja does this with a report.


The future of marketing lies in leveraging the Internet to reach a diverse set of people. Pro-export Ninja is a tool very much aligned with the interests of expert digital marketers. The electronic commerce industry would be rendered a step ahead with insightful customer data.