v shred reviews

Complete V Shred Reviews (2021) All You Need to Know

If you are in the category of ordering supersized sugary beverages every time you’re out, it’s time to reconsider your diet plan. Some people think it’s healthy, but how many people do you think ask doctors to help them gain more weight? Not the overweight ones, at least. 

Losing weight is a difficult thing to do, and with our busy lives, we often forget the important thing that can sustain us longer. This is where programs like V Shred come in…

v shred reviews


Are you looking for a website that creates personalized workout plans for you? Then V shred is a great website designed to help you lose weight. People who dream of a “perfect body” are incredibly excited to try out the details.

Take a look at this article of complete V Shred Reviews to know more. Find out whether it is legit or just a scam!

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V Shred Reviews

V Shred is a popular fitness website that workouts personalized diet plans for customers. Their motto shows that the best weight loss results can be achieved if the right workout and diet are combined. 

What is V Shred? How is it Designed to Help Lose Weight?

If you are active in the mainstream media, chances are you have already come across V Shred. It showcases itself to the public as a health brand. V Shred sells supplements, meals and provides personal training to help the customers achieve their dream body.

v shred reviews

The brand focuses on offering supplements that help you lose weight and tips to stay in shape. These products are specially designed for women, men, and other people with various age groups.

Although the process is slow, our team has made all the arrangements to analyze the website, its claims, and reviews to find out whether it is legit or not. 


When Did V Shred Start? Is it Paid or Free?

is vshred legit

Vince Sant created V Shred; the full form of V Shred here is Vinsanity Shred. Located in Hollywood, California, it was opened in 2018 

does vshred work

VShred offers various programs, guides, books, and other products as follows.

1. V Shred Monthly Contest 

This is a 30-day challenge starting at $200. From this monthly contest, you get the chance to win $5000. The contest is arranged as a motivational encouragement for people to work towards their dream body.

2. V Shred University

From this program, you can expect a new diet plan every month for $1. This program allows you to have access to fitness experts. You’ll get training hacks and coaching calls from the community support as well. So if you have any questions related to the program, you can ask away.

3. V Shred Meal Plan and Training Plan for Him/Her

This personalized program contains a diet plan tailored to individuals’ needs. It costs $225 and is worth it for dieters. This program encourages the users to get the diet plan and nutrition in check from my point of view. The results will eventually follow as expected.

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4. V Shred Ripped in 90 Days

The “Ripped in 90 days” program is considered a simple and effective plan that provides all the tools to build muscles. The program also claims that the science behind the workout plan is excellent, and you cannot fail. 

Some features 

  • Guaranteed results after 90 days
  • Digital program
  • Available in mobile app

5. V Shred Fat Loss Extreme 

The program is for those people who try harder to stay fit. This program is available for $47, and it is not for those who want to lose 3 or 4 pounds at best. This is the best for those who want to lose more than 20 to 50 pounds.

It also shares underground fat burning secrets and provides step by step detailed blueprint for shedding those unwanted pounds.

6. Toned in 90 Days 

This program is designed for women while ripped in 90 days for men. The guide promises the next level of weight loss if you are currently frustrated by the results. 

The program claims the following:

  • Easy to follow instructions
  • You won’t be asked to give up on carbs
  • HIIT workouts will help burn more calories

7. V Shred Big Arms Program 

This particular program is designed for building massive arms only. According to the founder Vince, he was once a skinny guy too. After he found the secrets through these workouts, he became more shredded and bulky.

It is designed for six weeks to get bigger arms through “classroom style videos.” This plan is available for $19.99.

8. Six-Pack Shred

This program is designed to help those who want to get abs like Vince. It includes carb-cycling videos along with a HIIT guide and diet guide. The program comes with a plan of $19.99.

9. V Shred Booty Builder

This program is also designed for women who want an attractive butt. It is for those women who have a hard time getting the perfect butt they desire. If you think about booty workout, it is not just squats and crunches, but more to it.

The video clips how to work with the right muscles to get a dream come true, but you have always wanted to slay. This program is available for $34.95 as it is a booty toning program.


What are the Supplements Available in V Shred? List of the Supplements You Should Know

does vshred work

V Shred divides the supplements into those for men and others for women. Here are the categories in which the supplements are available.

  • SCULPTnation Burn
  • SCULPTnation Fish Oil
  • SCULPTnation Burn PM
  • SCULPTnation NeuroOctane
  • SCULPTnation TestBoost
  • SCULPTnation Turmeric
  • SCULPTnation HGHBoost
  • SCULPTnation PostWorkout
  • SCULPTnation PreWorkout

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What are the Irrevocable Claims Made By V Shred?

Vinsanity Shred promises the following:

  • Effective weight loss
  • Guaranteed results are given that you follow the directions
  • Muscle gain
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Chats with experts to help you achieve the weight loss goals
  • Secrets with every program help you go to the next level

How Does V Shred Work? 

When you decide to begin your journey through the V Shred fitness program, it will take you to an interactive quiz. As it is customized according to your personal needs, make sure to answer the series of questions.

  • Height
  • Age range
  • Weight
  • Activity level
  • What your fitness goal describes you

After this introduction, the site takes you to a specific video with a set of solutions to help you reach specific goals. The video provides excellent tips on what to avoid and what to work with. It also points out the most common mistakes people tend to make while getting fit.


What are the Benefits of V Shred? How Do the Results Fare According to the Claims Made by The Company

v shred reviews

If you visit the official website, there are many claims made by the company promising guaranteed results. Our team searched for the actual results the products of V Shred brings. The reviews are found in social media as the company has more than 2 million active followers. 

Although there are some happy customers with negative complaints, the complaints were mostly about customer service, which we found very common in similar businesses. Some were unhappy with the results too.


What is HIIT in V Shred?

HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training, which helps you shed fat faster and lets you stay fit. The workouts are considered very popular, but some V Shred customers indeed have negative reviews about the regimen. 

HIIT combines intense workouts with short periods of recovery time called “downtime.” But according to the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine, it is concluded that the results of HIIT workouts are time efficient. Although it does not match conventional exercise, it will do.

The results also suggested the combination of exercise for overall cardiovascular fitness. 


What are the Benefits of Carb Cycling? 

is vshred legit

Carb Cycles is another program suggested by Vshred which has some staggering benefits. It aims to cut out your carbs, and some days you can eat more. 

  • Prevents muscle wasting
  • Preserves muscle mass
  • Helps muscle recovery
  • It prevents a dip in your metabolic rate
  • It gives you more energy
  • You can eat favorite meals as a part of your plan
  • Boosts weight loss
  • Reduces body fat percentage


What are the Side Effects of Vinsanity Shred?

HIIT workouts have potential side effects. However, the regimen is designed to burn maximum calories in less time. Some of the side effects from V Shred you might face are joint pain, muscle pain, cramping, and back pain.

Moreover, the company also provides a list of warnings on performing HIIT. If you have any of the following, avoid performing it.

  • History of injuries
  • Don’t feel good about exercises
  • Pregnant or nursing


Does Vshred Work? How Do People Use the Program?

does vshred work

Many people have found the program useless and regretted their purchase. Some users complain there is no science behind the program as well. Although some don’t see results, it varies from person to person.

It is useful if you follow the instructions regularly. When it comes to using V Shred, people can use it on mobile via the app, videos, and programs. After you pay for the program, you can get various information.


What Do People Think About Using V Shred? According to Internet Research and People’s Review

Take a look at these screenshots to know more about what people think about using V Shred

v shred reviews

is vshred legit

The Bottom Line

The V Shred doesn’t effectively depend on one particular weight management regime. Although it addresses diet and working, there is not much on the extreme side. However, there are only a few solutions through supplements and programs. I hope our article has answered your question on “is V Shred legit?”


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