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Complete V Shred Reviews (2023) All You Need to Know

Ribbed body in 90 days? Yes, you heard that right! A health and fitness-based company known as V Shred has claimed that they can help a person lose body fat and gain more muscle in just 90 days through their programs. 

Vince Sant is the mastermind behind this company. Sant himself is a fitness freak who worked as a fitness model and then turned his passion into a business.

The fitness company has been featured in some of the top-rated magazines and has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. The owner posts videos on Instagram and gains a lot of views for his fitness regime. 


But is the company really worth the hype it has created? Let’s dive into some deep research and study them to give an unbiased opinion.

Is Vshread for me?

If you are motivated enough to keep yourself on track then go for it. If you are someone who needs constant pushing and spoon-feeding then this might not be the best option for you! They offer various programs for ultimate goals based on the gender and body type of the person. Here they are:

For Her For Him
  1. Skinny fat
  2. Fat
  3. Just skinny
  1. Bulking
  2. Skinny Fat
  3. The last layer of fat loss
  4. Just fat

The company also has a built-in library with enormous and custom-made exercises for each body type. Once started with any of their plans, they will send weekly diet and workout sessions which are again custom-made. 

Also, you get supplement guidance with a private group on Facebook where you can ask unlimited numbers of questions to the trainer and get motivated after learning about the other person’s success stories.

Various plans offer


Fat loss extreme plan: This plan is for those who want to lose around 10-40 kgs of their body weight. As it is an 8-week plan, it includes vigorous exercises like HIIT. Also, it is a plan for Beginners.

The process is a breakdown of 4 phases. As one moves up to another level, the intensity increases. The basic principle is to lose body fat through vigorous exercises.

This plan is divided into two sections. One for females and other for the males.

Ripped in 90: Also known as the 90-day challenge. It is a phase-wise plan to lose body fat and attain a lean body. It is an advanced-level program that needs a lot of dedication and effort.

They will help you out with the supplements list and with an additional payment, you can unlock a diet plan that is customized only for you.

Custom diet and training plan: This is a beginner’s program that focuses on personalized diet plans and fat loss to attain a perfectly toned body.

It is a 12-week program that helps you with the supplement tips that you might need and professionals will guide you throughout the plan. To keep you motivated, you can look up the transformation stories of different warriors.

Body bulk program: Want to gain muscles and lose fat simultaneously? This program might be the best available option for you. 

You are required to follow the exercises as well as the diet plan that they send you along with the supplements to gain the desired result. 

This program is ideal for those who can not afford to spend a lot of time looking after themselves. It’s a low-maintenance program with guaranteed benefits.

The Pros

  • VShred helps its customers with a lot of ground information about every body type and how to start with your fitness journey. 
  • A good briefing on how to have a satisfactory and fulfilling meal without consuming too many calories.
  • Access to various motivational videos which can help you stay on track mentally. Success stories of others which might motivate you to go on with your fitness regime and turn the expectations into a reality.
  • Makes you ready to go and start even without VShred or any other program once you are stable with your regime. They make you self-reliable and independent and make you understand your lifestyle better.
  • They have those sets of exercises which can be easily done at home. Each exercise comes with a specific set of instructions which are easy to follow.
  • A professional trainer is always available to deal with all the queries that you might have. Unlimited access to contact with the trainer via emails over diet plans and the substitutes that you might want.
  • The customer care service is really good. Some of the customers even claimed that their query was solved within an hour. The executives are friendly and any cancellation is dealt with nicely.
  • They have a designated Facebook group which is private and exclusive only for the members. You can share your story or read other’s stories which will help you stay motivated.


The Cons

After going through all the pros, we now take note of the cons. Here, they are:

  • There is a lot of uncertainty regarding where to start from. The foundation information is abundant and the customers get it all at once which makes them feel overwhelmed.
  • The terms and conditions are not so well written so one needs to go through them before signing up.
  • The information given is incomplete and inconsistent at times.
  • The exercise videos do not warn about the possible injury that may be caused due to that specific exercise. The right way to do it and the muscles that should be involved are not clearly mentioned.
  • Does not take into account anything that is non-USA. For instance, if your culture does not advise eating beef/pork then they might not have a substitute for it. The meal recommendations are not flexible on a global scale.
  • You need to enjoy what you do. Be it work or exercise. VShred is not flexible with multiple exercise options. If you enjoy rumba more than any calorie-burning exercise, Vshred won’t allow it to be included in your routine.
  • There is no one-on-one trainer facility available.

The Supplements They Provide

VShred works with their sister company SculptNation and provides the supplements through it. 

They have a huge range of supplements and nutrition substitutes for day-to-day life. 

It is noticeable that each of their programs is accompanied by some or the other supplements which might be just a monetary move.

The supplement section has 2 sections, each of which is designated for females and males respectively. 

They have a wide range of products from fate burners to digestive enzymes.

  1. Fat Burner: It burns the body’s fats.fat-burner
  2. Weight Loss: Helps you with weight loss.weight-loss
  3. Anti-ageing supplements:weight-loss
  4. Probiotics:Probiotics
  5. Digestive health:digestive-enzyme
  6. Workout Boosters:workout-booster
  7. Performance Enhancers:performance-Enhancers

Is it Biologically Safe?

According to an article by Harvard, taking too many supplements may backfire at some point in time. The science behind it is easy to understand.

Our body is already gifted with all the necessary hormones. The daily proper food intake is sufficient to meet all the nutritional requirements of the body. The enzymes too are produced in sufficient amounts by the body. 

Overdosing the body with these extra supplements may cause some problems in the body. One should avoid the use of supplements without any medical supervision.

A person can suffer from vomiting, headache, constipation, etc due to an overdose of supplements.

Does it turn us into Gym Rats?

All the exercises suggested and posted on the site of VShred are meant to be performed in the comfort of your home. 

It is the best feature of VShred you can work at your leisure. The schedule is flexible with your lifestyle. 

However, it is not meant for someone who loves to work under the influence of others. You are on your own with virtual supervision.

Is the Information Provided by them Legit?

After a lot of extensive research, we found some genuine features of VShred. According to a YouTuber Josh Brett, VShred and its methodology is hated by the leading fitness coaches. Some even allege that VShred’s supplements are not safe for consumption.

They have been rated an F by the Better Business Bureau. This is more than enough to understand that VShred is not worth the hype. The marketing team spins stories that are shared by Sant and are sold to the audience. It calls for a RED FLAG!


There is a plethora of such negative feedback about Vshred. People have alleged that they share and spread misinformation and mislead the people. 


The Customer Reviews

A lot of people have alleged that Sant copies his content from other fitness-based YouTubers. They call him a scammer, misleading and whatnot. 


The answer to whether VShred works or not is a matter of experience and personal choice.

According to the site TRUST PILOT, a customer of VShred has alleged that the company is refusing a refund after the customer’s doctor has asked them to stop taking the supplements. Even though they advertise and sell products with the claim that they have a 100% money-back policy they continue to harass their customers.


Another customer has also been suffering from the refundable policy.


A user says that they have been confused by the complex diet plan. 


Our take on this is that VShred should cut down on the unnecessary supplements that they shove on their customers. Their marketing policy is aggressive and clueless. Always remember to read the terms and conditions before payment.

Other Options Available in the Market

There are multiple applications and companies that revolve around fitness and physical well-being. Some of our top picks are:

  1. AbbyLanger Nutrition: It is a company that focuses on diet. The company has been set up by a certified dietician Abby Langer who is based in Canada.AbbyLanger-Nutrition
  2. Emily Skye Fit: Being featured in Forbes magazine, Emily Skye is a fitness trainer and helps her customers with exercises and a toned body.Emily Skye Fit
  3. Rachael Attard: Rachael Attard’s company “Femme Nativa” is a dedicated fitness brand that means feminine energy. They have taken a vow to help the females with their body.Rachael-Attard


Fitness is an absolute necessity of life. One should take proper care of the body. Exercise is equally important. 

While signing up for the fitness routines, one should always be mindful of the terms and conditions. Taking too many supplements is not good for the body. 

Getting too much affected by social media and perfect bodies is a hoax.


  • Do I need to join a gym for VShreds?

No, you can exercise at home.

  • Is VShreds free or paid?

VShreds fitness plans are paid. One needs to pay for the respective program.

  • Do I need to call to sign up?

You can sign up for a plan via their official website.

  • Are the supplements free?

You need to pay for the supplements.

  • Can I get a refund if the program doesn’t work?

Refund is subject to terms and conditions. Remember to go through it before signing up.

  • Can I eat anything while going on with the program?

No. You will be suggested a diet plan which you are expected to follow along with the exercises.

  • Can I demand a substitute for exercise?

You can contact the trainer via email and request a substitute exercise.


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