As the pandemic continues to shape professional and personal lives, it’s the moment to analyze how marketing trends have shifted over the last months to understand what is in the market for video advertising. Organizations worldwide need to find new ways to reach their clients and adapt their services to the new reality the public is experiencing. Some of the challenges they experience include finding effective ways to develop innovative video marketing strategies, produce engaging media, and reach new clients. Captivating video content has become vital not only for marketing purposes, but also for socializing, collaborating, sharing information, entertaining, and educating.

Video marketing tips for organizations in the age of the pandemic 

Video connects people with new brands during the lockdown, and data shows that video marketing won’t subside once the pandemic ends. A ClickZ study concluded that 80% of people had increased their digital content consumption since March 2020. Social distancing has forced them to spend more time in the online environment watching videos. The study also reveals that 55% of Internet users watch videos daily, and 72% of consumers prefer learning about new things by watching videos. The video was the most-watched format in 2020, and it will continue to drive the best results when used in marketing campaigns.


Cisco reported that by 2022, 82% of the total Internet traffic would come from online videos. During the pandemic, nothing works better at advertising a brand and creating direct engagement with the clients than video content.

Now that you know why video content is a crucial part of your marketing campaign let’s find out the kind of videos people want to watch.

Your brand’s message

You’re confined to your house, so you might’ve planned to produce the videos from your living room. But when you make a video to share your company’s message, think about what you want to communicate with your public and how you can do it with limited resources.


The piece of content consists of you telling your public about why you think your brand is relevant to the market at the present moment. It’s no need to make a fancy video; a head-to-shoulders shot is enough to captivate your audience’s attention. Tell them how the current times are affecting your business and how you think it impacts theirs.

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Behind the scenes

Humans are curious beings who want to know everything about the products they use. This video is essential for any company that wants to connect with its clients, and you should post it on your website from day one of your brand’s existence.

Your clients want to peek behind the curtain to see how you produce the items they use. If you’re running during the pandemic, show people what measures you adopted to make the products in safe conditions and protect your workers from the virus outbreak. Also, the behind-the-scenes videos work as reminders that your business is open. It’s reassuring for your public to see that your business is operating and ready to serve them.


During these challenging moments, you need to strengthen your relationship with your clients, and you can use testimonial videos to achieve this goal. Testimonial videos are more than recorded messages from your clients that sing you praises. Make a series of videos where you interview them to find out how the pandemic affected their life, and how your company can help them overcome this period. As part of the interviews, try to include what they do to stay safe during the pandemic and if they use your products or services to make their life better.

Demo videos

Demo videos are easy to plan, quick to produce, and effectively catch the public’s attention. You should have a demo video for each product or service you offer. Demo videos can work for anything, from tech devices to beauty products and software. During the pandemic, you can collaborate with influencers to unbox products you send them and film them while they test them. The demo needs to present the real benefits of the products, and not alter the reality because once your clients purchase them, they’ll immediately understand if you showed them correctly or you tried to deceive them. Royalty-free music download helps you keep the viewers engaged through the video and trigger certain emotions, you want to associate with your brand.


Humans are creative individuals, so why not use this gift to produce video content that resonates with your audience? Social distancing and quarantine killed the innovative ideas even in the most creative people, and you can use your video content to encourage your public to find them again. Collaborate with an expert who masters video animation to create marketing content that entertains your clients. Create videos that deliver powerful messages and promote your brand in a user-friendly way. Animations make complex concepts easy to understand, so if you have a hard-to-grasp product, use animations to promote it, and help people understand what benefits it provides.

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Brand video

The easiest way to advertise your business is to create brand content. All the ads from social media, YouTube, and TV are examples of brand content, companies produce to reach their target audiences. You can use brand videos to create awareness, drive leads, and reach new clients.

At present, awareness is key if you want to stand out on the market. Your clients need to hear about the benefits you can provide them if you want them to consider you as an option when they look for products or services you offer. The public must know about you, and brand videos can serve this purpose. Use high-quality videos to share your company’s mission and values and leave a mark on your target public. The next time they’re looking for a product, they know where to look because your videos impressed them.

The best way to connect with prospects is to make them understand you’re one of them. Personalize the messages you communicate with your videos’ help, and they’ll feel like you resonate with them, their issue and interests