According to a survey in 2008 by McAfee, 11.6% of smartphone users had heard of users being affected by mobile malware and 2.1% of users had personally experienced an issue with such problems. Smartphone companies are introducing new and comprehensive devices every year. The amount of smartphones that we have today it has also increased the threat to our personal security.

There are various viruses that hit humans like the most common being common cold. Although there have been attempts to eradicate this disease which is stuck in our throat and troubles nose, only a few have actually benefited from it. And the same goes when we take our smartphones which apart from the family and friends are ironically the ones we need today as our so-called “companions”.

There goes a lot when we speak about the protection of Phones as they are equally attacked by malware and threats comparing to the personal computers which pose enormous amount of threat. Malware and threats are quite similar to the ones that are targeted towards the computer, this malware come in form of apps that we download intentionally or accidentally.


Virus Cleaner( Hi Security )- The Best antivirus app in Play Store

And this might lead to the installation of bugs that prevent a phone from functioning smoothly. These apps ask you to hand over your personal information or the financial details to enjoy some of their benefits of the application.

A mobile phone is prone to threat and this could sometime lead to personal identity information. And the information that most likely to be misused are driver’s license number, birth date, browser history and various other media files. The most likely information that concerns a user is leaking of banking details such as passwords saved on mobile devices including credit and debit card details.


The risk of loss of data is increasing exponentially and is opening doors for developers to create antivirus applications which help in avoiding these threats. The applications that they build can block those dangerous sites and prohibit from clicking the harmful links which often pop-up on the screen.

Here in this article, we will talk about an application called “Virus Cleaner” that promises to be the best Antivirus software for your smartphone. It also helps in cleaning the phone and which is used for removing the junk and cache files.

But for now let me tell you more about mobile security, the hazards and how to overcome it.  This article will guide with the installation process and also let you know some of the features that Virus Cleaner has to offer.

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Causes of Virus

There are various causes that affect a mobile phone become prone to threats, here are a few causes that harm your phone.

  • These viruses can either delete or modify the contact details and the events on the calendar from a phone.
  • It causes a phone to crash or delete and even lock up some of the applications that are pre-installed
  • These viruses can come in form of pornographic items, free downloads, and mobile games.

Tips to avoid virus

Although avoiding these viruses ain’t that easy but still, you can try out the following precautions to stay secure.

  • Keep the Bluetooth off when not needed
  • Accept the files only after knowing that the phone’s Bluetooth is on
  • Click ‘No’ if you find it to be an unknown file
  • Scan the apps which are able to rectify those with malicious content
  • Delete the infected applications
  • Try to avoid the installation of unknown applications

best anti-virus app

Virus Cleaner

Virus Cleaner is an out of box security software and is available in the ‘Tools’ category in the Google Play Store. Virus Cleaner is developed by Hi Security Lab-Hawk Mobile and offers free antivirus and security to your smartphone.

Virus Cleaner is featured in the Top 20 US ‘Tools App’ and is over 20 million Android users globally. Here are a few of its cutting-edge features.

To Download the app from Play Store, click here.


  • Phone Booster: this lets the phone run faster and also perform in a smooth manner.
  • File Scan: With the file scan, you can scan both the internal storage and the SD card files.
  • Super Cooler: It removes all of the phones junk and cache files adequately allowing a mobile phone from further glitches
  • Wifi Security: Virus Cleaner has an option to perform the speed test of the current WiFi connection and also protects the online safety
  • Safe Browsing: If you are looking for a software that protects your phone when switching between tabs in the browser, then Virus Cleaner provides 24/7 online safety protection
  • App Lock: You can now protect apps which are highly sensitive to getting misused with the Virus Cleaner app which also offers your phone with well-designed themes.
  • Call Blocking: You can block calls and numbers that are unwanted and annoying
  • CPU Cooler: It comes with a CPU Cooler that amends the processor’s usage and preventing it from overheating the apps to cool and bring the CPU temperature down
  • Notification access: With this interactive option, you can manage and organize notifications easily on your phone.
  • Quick Charging: This feature allows your phone to charge quickly when compared to the other applications which claim to provide security to a phone.

Virus Cleaner( Hi Security ) Virus Cleaner( Hi Security ) app

To give you a better idea of what are all the functions it offers, check some of it below mentioned in detail.

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  • Junk and Cache Cleaner

With the feature like Super Cleaner, you can clean the app cache, residual junk, ad junk and memory cache. Virus Cleaner enables one to remove junk that occupies the phone storage and memory.

Virus Cleaner lets you clean all the junk from any screen by just dragging the notification tray and tapping on the app icon. This not only lets free more space and hence improves the phone’s speed as well.

  • Smart App lock

The App lock is smart enough to prevent anyone from misusing the applications where your personal details are saved. There are multiple options to set a password to the application you want such as pattern, PIN or even using your fingerprint.

  • Safe browsing

You can save yourself from all those malicious URLs when browsing the internet as Virus Cleaner clears the internet junk to offer Real-time online protection. These malicious sites install trojans, ransomware and other threats.

  • Scanning the storage

Virus Cleaner allows a user to scan the apps and files from both the internal device and SD cards. It allows the user to move and copy files from and to internal and SD cards by removing threats from your phone.

  • Phone Speed Booster

Access your phone faster and in a smoother way with this feature from Virus Cleaner. This will allow your phone’s memory and eventually speed up your device.

You can also boost the performance of your phone with its one-tap acceleration booster to enhance the phone’s usage.

  • Call and Message Block

Virus Cleaner protects from all those unwanted calls and blocks spam. This feature is not available on Android 4.4 or later.

  • System Advisor

Virus Security from Hi Security alerts you about operating system threats that allow attackers to access your mobile phone and the stored on it.

  • Antiphishing Online Protection

It blocks those fraudulent websites who harm phones through their scams.

  • Auto Scanning Apps

It automatically scans applications before installing from the Play Store allowing you to see the risks involved in the apps.


Virus Cleaner( Hi Security ) best anti-virus for android

How to remove viruses with Virus Cleaner

There might be some viruses that are difficult to remove from a phone and have the potency to gain access to the system. And these are those viruses that even Virus Cleaner cannot remove.

Follow these simple steps to get ahead in removing viruses:

  • Open System Settings
  • Now head on to Security->Device Administrators
  • Select the Virus you want to delete
  • The last step is to tap on DEACTIVATE.

Voila! Now that virus is removed from your system.

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How to make App Lock work

There are certain devices that have issues with the App Lock feature and this is entirely because the defender service has stopped running or the settings have not set up correctly.

Set up the settings

  1. Open the app-> Head on to App Lock
  2. Then select Automatically Lock

If you are device is running Android version 5.0 and above then you can follow these settings.

  1. On your device go to Phone Settings
  2. Then get over Security-> Apps with usage access
  3. Now turn Hi security On

If the app lock is not working properly then you can try the method below.

  1. Start the Hi Security app again and enable “defend service” manually.
  2. Next step is to disable the less frequently used apps in the “Phone Settings Apps” to have access to more memory on your phone.

And if none of the methods mentioned above are working then go to Phone settings-> App auto-launch and there turn the Hi Security On.

best app lock app best call blocking app

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  • The App Lock doesn’t work on my Lollipop device, why is it?

Currently, the App Lock does not work on Lollipop updated devices due to some technical issues. And Hi Security is on to resolve this issue. Here are some of the devices which do not have access to the App Lock:

LG G3, LG Leon 4G LTE, LG Spirit LTE, HUAWEI Y560-L01, HUAWEI Y560-L02, HUAWEI Y560-U23, YU Yunique YU4711, QMObile LinQ L20.

  • After inputting the correct password I am still not able to unlock the app.

This may be caused by other application locking apps downloaded on your mobile phone. You can resolve this problem by uninstalling the other applications and this makes sure that Hi Security’s App Lock works efficiently.

  • Why can’t Hi Security clean Google Chrome’s browsing history?

Hi, Security needs to have access to Chrome in order to clean the browsing history. Follow these steps to clean Chrome history:

  1. Open Chrome-> Settings
  2. In the Advanced category, tap on Privacy
  3. Tap on Clear browsing data-> CLEAR DATA

So this was all about Virus Cleaner, the best antivirus application that is enough to help a user with threats and malware that affect the phone.

If there is any feature that we have not listed then feel free to write in the comments section.