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Volo’s Guide to Monsters PDF – Latest Edition (Download For Free)

Volo’s Guide to Monsters book is a new 5th edition released from Dungeons and dragons. You have the information on a lot of different creatures, like beholders, goblinoids, hags, so you have to read them.


volo's guide to monsters pdf


It’s like the Monster’s manual, where you can get knowledge over the Monster’s behaviour, how they behave, and the psychology of the creatures with historical background.

So in this review, let’s see why you must download the Volo’s Guide to monsters pdf and how the content is regarding the monsters. Read along if you want to know how the new races can energize life into the campaigns for you as a player.


What is Volo’s Guide to Monsters pdf? Who is Volo? 

Volo’s Guide to monsters is a terrific 5th edition for Dungeons and Dragons, and of course, don’t ignore the cover for the book, which is a special hobby shop edition. It’s quite a  catchy cover bringing out uniqueness compared to the other covers monsters manual that has ended up with the glossy finish.

If you see the preface page, you can get information about Volo and what is his legendary importance. Volo is the short name for Volothamp Geddarm; he is an incredible storyteller and a legendary traveler.


volo's guide to monsters


His personality is portrayed with such a precision that he is the “go-to-guy” if you want to know anything about the realms. Although it’s accurate enough, it’s hindered by his too much curiosity for certain things.

Volo’s reputation in the Volo’s Guide to Monsters pdf is well kept. He is partly a wizard and a well-known traveling scholar. Some point in his life around 1385 DR Volo was confined within a strong spell and only came out after a century passed. During his imprisonment, Elminster explained the great events of Spellplague and the Second Sundering.

The book is kind of divided into three sections, like monster mythology and lore sections. They have in-depth explanations about the monsters like where do they originate, how their habitat is, and generally how they are as a monster.

One of the best parts I enjoyed in the role-playing D&D gamebook Volo’s Guide to Monsters pdf is the excellent section about Roleplaying a Kenku. Here, the critical point is that you should not be irritating or confusing to other players. It’s a group thing.

Your cooperation in the game is the most important aspect of the game; you can’t play your role, which could prove distracting to others or might even slow the game efficiency.


The publication history of Volo’s Guide to monsters

One of the 5th editions of the book of Dungeons and Dragons was released on November 16, 2016. Along with the monster manual 5e pdf, it contains a variety of new playable races, including the lore for monsters like hags, illithids, and beholders.


What is the Best Monstrous Player Race in Volo’s Guide to Monsters pdf?

Here are the 5 best races I love from the Volo’s Guide to Monsters-


1. Kenku

Kenku is a monstrous creature that was haunted by the past, where they lost their precious wings for the heinous crime. If you think you could play as Kenku, they will prove to be helpful allies, although they are marred by a sinister reputation.


volo's guide to monsters pdf


If you weigh the abilities, Kenku has a shorter lifespan than humans living up to 60. Their expert abilities are mimicking sounds and voices and excellent in committing forgery making it one of the important characters in Volo’s Guide to monsters pdf.


2. Aasimar

Aasimar is creatures that have descended from humans with power from Mount Celestia. They have been created to serve as Champions of the gods as their birth is signifying joyful and blessed events.


volo's guide to monsters


They are essentially good blessed with celestial powers and radiant soul. Aasimar has the ability to see through dim light within 60 feet and healing hands to regenerate other creatures. You will know everything about them after reading Volo’s guide to monsters pdf.

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3. Tabaxi

Tabaxi’s physique is catlike humanoids who have major interests in collecting ancient artefacts, tales, and stories. They are wanderers and travellers who are extremely inquisitive about the wonders of the world in Volo’s Guide to Monsters pdf.


monster manual 5e pdf


Your abilities might range from a cat’s keen senses, dark vision within 60 feet and flexible reflexes, and agility to double your speed. Get ready to be amazed and learn more facts about them in Volo’s Guide to monsters pdf.


4. Lizardfolk

Lizardfolk are entirely different from those of other warm-blooded creatures; their mindset is construed with distinct desires on the foundation of different principles. Their thought process is primitive in nature, and their survival instincts are up to the mark.


volo's guide to monsters pdf free


Their imminent features are holding breath up to 150 minutes and gaining proficiency in the art of animal handling. They have tough, scaly skin serving as protection against the enemies.

5. Triton

Triton race hail from the sea guarding the depths of the ocean where they have built settlements far from the looming eyes. They are friendly with huge sea horses, sea lions, and hippocampus.


volo's guide to monsters pdf


History of tritons reveals a lot of war against their enemies inspired by glorious duty and responsibility towards the plain of water. I like their skin colour, which is a shade of silver with tints of blue. Tritons are significant as they don’t allow the enemies to escape simply. Volo’s Guide to monsters pdf surely makes it simple for you to understand. 


Why Must you Download Volo’s Guide to Monsters pdf? What Information Does this pdf Contain?

You must download the Volo’s Guide to monsters pdf there are nearly 90 pages of information relating to the mysterious monster lore. The content of the books essentially focuses on the characteristics, History background of Beholders, Giants, Gnolls, Kobolds, Mind Flayers, Orcs, Goblinoids, and Yuan-ti.


volo's guide to monsters pdf free


Additional to the 5 races I’ve mentioned above, there are two more, including Firbolg and Goliath making it a totally seven playable race. These new characters come with detailed descriptions on how to role-play so that it is advantageous in the campaign for players.

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From Where Can You Download the Volo’s Guide to Monsters pdf Free?

If you are the person who is familiar with D&D 5e, then Volo’s guide to monsters pdf is the best setting to get knowledge over. The guide easily helps you in creating your adventure for playing with the races and sub-races.



Volo’s guide to monsters pdf is available on the internet for free. If you just manage to research thoroughly, you can easily find them.

The Book Name: Volo’s Guide to monsters pdf

Size of the PDF:  65.01 MB

Format available:  PDF

Language     : English

Number of pages: 216 pages

Who is the author of this book?

Wizards RPG team



How Many Chapters Are There in Volo’s Guide to Monsters Book? 

The book’s heart is Monster’s containing facts on how they live, how they think, how they build settlements, and how they might get close to you or perhaps injure you. There are 3 chapters in the Volo’s Guide to monsters pdf.


volo's guide to monsters pdf


Chapter 1– Delves into the Monster Lore where it gives information of the monsters from D&D and discovers their origins, behaviors, historical background, dispositions, and abilities.

Chapter 2- This chapter unveils the supplement race options from the Player’s handbook like Goblin, the Orc, Firblog, Tabaxi, Lizardfolk, and Goliath.

Chapter 3- The last chapter involves information on the Bestiary providing game statistics for all the hundred monsters available for the D&D campaign.

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What do People Think About This Book? According to Internet Research and People’s Review.

Aren’t you curious about what people think about Volo’s guide to monsters pdf free? Let’s see some of the reviews from quora and Reddit.


volo's guide to monsters


monster manual 5e pdf

The Bottom Line

Volo’s Guide to Monsters has additional monsters and extra details for the lair of the Monster. The power of the creatures definitely has the upper hand compared with other beasts. Although it fails to be a core book, it is very useful as a supplement.

The new monsters are utilitarian adding excitement. It has NPCs for the wizard and warlock subclasses. I particularly liked the Monsters lore section that gives a lot of inspiration running orcs and gnolls.

Overall, the elements in the book augment the monster manual and are probably the best supplement for GMs.



1. What race is Volo?

Volothamp Geddarm created Jeff Grubb; the shortened name is Volo. It is one of the famous fictional characters from the Forgotten Realms campaign.

2. Is Volo’s guide to monsters official?

Yes, Volo’s Guide to Monsters book is official as it is an accessory for the 5th edition of the D&D role-playing game. It was published in 2016.

3. Which is better, Volo’s Guide to Monsters or Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes?

Volo’s Guide to monsters in the voice of Volo and focuses on great details about monster groupings, their behaviors, lairs, and dispositions.

There is also the introduction of new playable races like Aasimar, Goliath, Tabaxi, lizardfolk, triton, Kenku, and Firbolg. So, of course, Volo is better in its own way. It totally depends on what you need the book for.

4. What is a Firbolg?

Firbolg are from the giant Kin race who usually don’t prefer contact with sentient races. They are reclusive in nature. Their tribes mostly live in the forest strongholds remotely by spending their days in harmony away from others.

5. How tall is a Tabaxi?

Tabaxi are 6 to 7 feet tall more than the humans and slender compared with them. 


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