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What is Walabot DIY? A complete guide on the Walabot DIY app and Reviews Related to it.

In earlier days, finding studs and locating plumbing needed a blend of good luck, good ears, and some construction knowledge. Now the impossibility of see-through wall scanners being ever invented has become a reality.

walabot review

There are different kinds of wall scanners available in the market, now let’s see how the newest tools are designed where users can almost feel like they can see through the wall.

After reading this article, you’ll get to know What is Walabot DIY app? And Does it really help you scan the wall? Whether using it has any benefits? Here’s the complete Walabot review for you guys to make the purchase decision.


What is Walabot DIY? Does it Really Work?

walabot DIY reviews

The new stud finding scanners are a lot better than out-of-date battery-operated. Even the best ones in one of those in the market produce inaccurate results, not actually pinpointing the old pipes or defunct pipes.

A lot of times, there was a high potential in drilling holes into electric wire or pipe, which made it suitable for hanging pictures on the wall at best.

Now, what is Walabot DIY?

Walabot DIY is the all in one equipment capable of seeing through thick materials like concrete walls, lath, and plaster or drywall. It is powered by Vayyar’s proprietary radio-wave based sensors making it possible to 3D map of what’s inside the wall.

Walabot DIY uses radiofrequency to see through the walls to identify and locate studs, pipes, wires, and movement of rodents and pests. After setting up the device, you’ll get a blip on the screen whenever you move it from the surface if it finds an object underneath.

It is a replacement for traditional wall scanners, which cannot see through lath and plaster. Believe me, it’s not magic but purely science.

Watch this video to test how it works.

Is it Really Beneficial For You? 

The Walabot helps you in identifying wires, pipes, and everything that moves behind the walls. You can effectively look utilize for-

  • Find Leaking pipes
  • Structural damages
  • Destroyed pipelines
  • Find rodents and other mythical creatures unbeknownst to you that can live behind walls.

So yes, it’s extremely beneficial indeed.

How Does it work? Can it really scan the wall or not?

After getting your hands on Walabot DIY, as a first step, just download the Android app for it and create your own account. Now connect the Walabot DIY to your mobile phone, and you’re all set to calibrate.

walabot reviews

Don’t fret hearing the word calibrate because it’s very simple to calibrate the gadget, and if you have used the analog stud finder previously, then it’s even simpler.

The process is very simple, and the images you receive are very clear and precise after scanning the wall. If you want to refurbish your house or want to do DIY projects, this device comes in handy.

See the honest Walabot review in this video.

Is It Really Safe For Use? Or You Should Avoid Using It?

It is absolutely safe to use Walabot because it is approved by the FCC and CE and can be used without any impediment. The radio waves emitted out by the Walabot do not jeopardize your health in any way.

Also when used on the human body, it did pose any risk on my watch. But the downside you cannot use Walabot to see into the human body.


What are the Best Features that Walabot DIY have?

 As opposed to other imaging devices available presently, the Walabot DIY is about the size of a large mobile phone. To top it off, it’s extremely portable and tiny compared to others in the market.

  1. You can see up to 4 inches in concrete or drywall, and of course, the imaging is much clearer and precise.
  2. There are multiple sensing of raw data and pipes.
  3. You can get awesome 3D imaging instantly without having to pay an excessive amount for it.
  4. Adjustable sensitivity for optimal calibrations.
  5. You can take an easy snapshot for offline analysis.
  6. Just linking Walabot DIY to your smartphone through USB cable is enough instead of wiring.
  7. You can use the magnet and the Walabot DIY as one unit as the gadget is attached via a magnet on the case.
  8. No x-ray technology is used, making it safe and radiation-free.

Ultimately, it’s a wonderful tool that assists you in your renovation jobs or house improvements.


How you can setup Walabot DIY in no time? 

To set up Walabot DIY in no time,

Step 1

Unbox the Walabot DIY device, remove the plastic wrapping, you’ll get one Walabot DIY device. Two cables where one is for Micro-USB cable and one type- C cable. Just use the cable that is compatible with your device. 

Then there’s a plastic film that protects your device’s work surfaces. A Gel pad to keep your phone and Walabot together.

Step 2

Download the app, go to the Google Play Store, and install the app on your phone. Open the app and allow access to your photos /files so that the app can capture and save files.

Step 3

to get started, read the terms and services and select “I Agree.” Click yes to proceed with the setup and register your device. If not choose “NOT YET.” Because you’ll need to purchase the actual device to get started.

Step 4

connect Walabot DIY and your phone, attach the protective film and secure the gel pad on the raised part of Walabot DIY to stick your phone together. Now connect the cable and allow access to the USB device.

Step 5

select your wall type either choose drywall or concrete. Calibrate the device as the correct calibration is significant for reliable results. Make use of all three modes ( Pan Mode, Images Mode, Expert Mode)


How does the Walabot app work? Do you need any additional device to use it?

Walabot uses RF technology to detect the environment. The image is transmitted, received, and recorded through an array of a linearly polarized broadband antenna, and then the data is processed and sent through a USB cable to a host device.

In this case, the host device can be your computer or even a smartphone. No, we don’t need any other additional devices to use apart from the one which is already on the box, but we do need a host device, which is usually a computer or a mobile phone.


What are the Pros & Cons of the Walabot DIY app?

The walabot wall scanner is fast and is very easy to use. It’s affordable cost and, user-friendly features allow it to be a must-have for electricians, architects, plumbers, contractors who need advanced 3D wall imaging to complete their work.


  • Comes along with helpful guidelines.
  • Risk-free and affordable to use for everyone.
  • Suitable for android operating system only.
  • If at all you’re not satisfied with Walabot DIY, then you can definitely ask for a money refund.


  • The device is only available in online stores right now.
  • The results and imaging may vary and may not be reliable on incompatible walls.


Do I need to pay in order to use this app? The online stores from where you can download this app.

First of all, do not download the app if you have not purchased the Walabot DIY device because it requires the app needs the device to successfully operate. Before buying, make sure that your phone is Android and above also with a supportive USB port.

You don’t need to pay to use this app; it’s free.  It works together with the walabot DIY device. Google Play is the AppStore that provides this app.


How is The Support From The Company? Do They Provide a 24/7 Hour Service?

walabot DIY

The support from the company to the users is pretty good. You can contact them to assist you with the device, apart from that you can view FAQs to know more about the product. Yes, they do provide a 24/7 hour service.

Suppose, if you’re not satisfied with the product, you can always return it because the company offers 30- days return policy!


These are the top positive and negative walabot DIY reviews,

walabot review walabot reviews


walabot DIY

In a Nutshell

The Walabot DIY uses advanced RF technology with guidelines that make it the most valuable tool. It’s an ideal device to find the objects from drywall, sheetrock, or concrete. Many people are finding it beneficial to use.

Although many users found the device practically useless, Walabot DIY is good to make your drilling work easier. You basically have X-Ray vision to see through the walls. If at all you’re not satisfied, you can always go for the more advanced pack the company offers.



1. How Does Walabot DIY Work?

Walabot DIY is a device that uses (RFT) Radio Frequency technology to see into the drywall/concrete wall to identify studs, pipes, wires, and movement.

2. Is Walabot available for iPhone?

No, Walabot DIY is not compatible with iPhone or any Apple (IOS) products for that matter. 

3. Can Walabot see-through plywood?

Yes, walabot can see through right through plywoods, and any other objects, liquids, and materials.

4. What phones are compatible with Walabot?

Walabot DIY is compatible with Galaxy s5, s6, s7, s8, and s9.

5. What technology does Walabot use?

Walabot DIY uses a programmable 3D sensor that looks into objects using radio frequency technology that breaks through known barriers. It also uses an antenna array to illuminate the area in front of it.

According to us should you use this app or not?

Walabot DIY is a gift to people who are into renovations and those who like home decors. It can help you steer clear from rodents and pests living inside your walls.

So yes you can go ahead with this app. However, the Walabot DIY is restricted when it comes to its features and functionality.

Have you tried it already? Let us know your experience in the comment section below.

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