Omegle is one of the most popular video chats in the world. It is the very first one. Not surprisingly, many people want to try this communication format and start with it. Today we want to tell you how to meet girls on Omegle video chat in a proper way. Also, what other websites you can use if this resource is not suitable for you for any reason.

For starters, there are several technical aspects

Ways to Meet Girls on Omegle


The Omegle website is not difficult to use. However, there are a couple of things to look out for if you want to date a girl. We shall note right away that you can’t search for interlocutors by gender here, and the system will connect you with both ladies and men.

To make your search for interlocutors more effective, consider the following:

  1.  Be sure to choose the language of communication

    By specifying it, you are giving the system one of the most important search parameters. This way you will know for sure that Omegle will not connect you with a girl who speaks another language.

  2.  Indicate your interests

    There is a text field on the main page of the website where you can manually insert them. Think about the interests of the girl you would like to meet. Perhaps it is cinema, music, literature, sports, flirting, or something else. Try experimenting and changing interests – you will find many great interlocutors and chat bodies.

  3.  If you are still studying, use the student chat

    Omegle allows you to communicate with other students at your institution. To do this, just select “College student chat” and enter the official Email of your educational institution in the field that opens. After that, the system will only connect you with other students.

If you want to talk frankly, you can visit an unmoderated chat. But in this case, you should understand that the users are very different, and your communication experience here can be very controversial.

Useful tips on how to meet girls via video chat

Technically, communication in video chat and in-person is not much different. The main difference is that the interlocutor can at any time switch from you to another interlocutor. Accordingly, your task is to attract her attention as quickly as possible. To do this, follow our recommendations.

  1.  Come up with a unique welcome phrase

    It should become your introduction card. Simple”Hello!” has long become boring. Be more unique. You can even put on a mini-show or play a short welcome melody on an instrument. You will definitely draw attention to yourself in this way.

  2.  Use web chats in a good mood

    If you’re not in the mood, it’s best to postpone online conversations for later. Otherwise, neither you nor your interlocutor will find online dating enjoyable. If you see that the girl on the other side of the screen is not in a mood, try to cheer her up. Joke, tell interesting stories, try to get her to talk.

  3.  Don’t be too intrusive or overly talkative 

    In no case try to “pull the blanket over yourself” in conversation. Do not interrupt, be able to listen to the interlocutor, and only then express your opinion and contribute to the conversation. Many psychologists advise to listen more and talk less during a conversation with a girl.

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But, perhaps, the most important tip is to try the Omegle alternatives. The website is popular, but not perfect. It still lacks good moderation, limited functionality, and rather outdated design.

Websites, like Omegle, which are worth paying attention to

Since 2010, the number of anonymous video chats has grown rapidly. Today there are hundreds, if not thousands. Although there are not so many popular, functional, and convenient ones. Therefore, we want you to consider some of the most interesting options.

  1.  Chatrandom

    is one of the fastest-growing anonymous video chats. The website offers many additional settings and options. Here you can select the gender and geolocation of the users that the system will connect you with. This is very convenient if you only want to chat with girls from your region.

  2.  Bazoocam

    This, at one time, was one of the leaders among video chats in France, which later became popular in many other countries. Now the website is in the list of the ten best similar resources in the world. It also provides a search for users by gender and country of residence. This feature has been in operation since 2013 and is one of the key factors in Bazoocam’s popularity.

  3.  Shagle

    is a video chat, the history of which began back in 2010, but a special interest in it has manifested itself only in recent years. One of the main advantages of the website is its very thorough moderation. There are no fakes, bots, inadequate users, and other things that video chats as a phenomenon are repeatedly criticized for.

  4.  CooMeet

    is a popular video chat that allows you to communicate only with the opposite sex. It is enough to indicate that you want to talk with girls, and it will connect you exclusively with them. This saves you a lot of time and helps you find a soulmate faster. And even if you don’t have long-term plans, CooMeet is perfect for unobtrusive flirting without any obligation.

  5.  Tinychat

    is a very active anonymous video chat with about 25 thousand people online at any time, a significant part of whom are girls. So, if you want to chat with ladies, Tinychat is a great choice.

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All of these websites also have flaws and disadvantages. However, if you are looking for a more advanced Omegle alternative, consider these options first.

Don’t be afraid to discover something new, meet interesting people, communicate and meet in person. The Internet was not created to replace live communication. This is just a tool for finding new pleasant acquaintances, which sooner or later will go offline.