At first glance, social media might seem harmless. People get updates through this platform. Games and other entertainment options are also available. Over time, it seems like it becomes addictive. Once you open any platform, you can’t stop yourself from scrolling. Your child might be among those who might get addicted to social media. These are some steps to ensure that it won’t happen. 

Ways to Protect Your Child from Social Media Addiction

Spend more time with your child

One of the reasons why your child spends more time on social media is that there’s nothing else to do at home. You’re too busy elsewhere. You can’t even spend time playing with your child. No matter how busy you are with work, you need to spend enough time with your child; otherwise, they will grow old quickly, and you won’t notice it at all. 

Explain the dangers of social media

You have to take the time to explain to your child what social media is and the damages it can do. You can also talk about how life on social media is different from real life. Your child might start to have a life revolving around social media, which is separate from reality. You need to take it seriously, like any other conversation you might have with your child; otherwise, the problem will continue because your child won’t see anything wrong with it.

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Provide educational toys

Another reason why your child spends more time online is that there’s no other form of entertainment available. It’s in children’s nature to play. It’s your responsibility to ensure that your child plays with the right toys. If not, you can expect more time spent on social media. Considering that the platform has everything that entertains a child, it’s easy to get addicted.

Set clear rules

You need to be clear with the regulations in regard to the use of social media. You allow your child to use it for a while, but it has to stop at some point. You can also set a policy where you don’t allow the use of phones in the bedroom during nap time. Create punishments for the violation of these rules. 

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Emphasize the value of education 

If social media takes too much time, and your child’s education starts to get affected, something needs to change. You have to talk about the importance of spending time to study and learning the lessons in class. It’s not enough to rely on what the teacher says at school. Learning needs to continue at home. 

You can emphasize these values to prevent your child from overusing the platform. You have to be as diplomatic as you can in your approach, though; otherwise, the reverse could happen. Your child might decide to spend even more time using social media. 

You can also discuss the impact of using phones in general. Talk about how it can hurt their eyes and makes them vulnerable to radiation. The good thing is, with the help of EMF protection they can stay safe while using their phone.