Just imagine: It’s 7 pm. You just came back home from a late English, Anatomy or Accounting class with Starbucks cappuccino grande and just want to watch relax with the TV and drink your day away. Of course, your night would be 100% complete if you surf Facebook and Instagram for an hour or two to see what’s going on all over the globe. According to the recent studies, people tend to spend more than an hour a day just staring at a screen. If you analyze yourself, you’re going to see that you fit into that category. Things are getting worse when you realize you’ve got an essay writing assignment that should be submitted before 10.45 (these specific deadlines sound weird, don’t you think?). If you got stuck in a sort of a time trap, the top 7 websites offered below should be bookmarked here and now.

This is a great website. The source covers a huge assortment of academic learning options, providing college students with an opportunity to supplement your studies with extra knowledge and valuable skills.

Self Control

If you’re one of the busy students who find themselves surfing the web pointlessly for “just ten minutes” when you should be studying, this website is for you. This simple app will block the access to any website for a certain period of time. Once the timer has started, all the attention thieves will be blocked, and nothing you will do can unblock the pages – not even deleting Self Control! But that’s the best thing about the app – it makes you focus on your work, no matter how much you want to open your Facebook profile or Twitter.


If you’re a college or university student, you are more than likely to have a modest income. No need to worry, just use Studentrate. While it provides you with generous discounts for clothing websites, it also offers great discounts for things like textbooks and even travels. If you’ve been planning that spring break for ages, maybe with the help of Studentrate it’s going to work!


Do you tend to miss every other deadline? Tired of being sorry every time you see your professor? MyStudyLife will ensure you will meet the tightest deadlines. It allows students to keep track of exams, readings, schedules, tutoring meetings and will remind you when the due dates are just around the corner. If you’re searching for a personal assistant in a laptop, give your preference to this one.



The website allows you to access flashcards and get ready for the test or exam easily. To add more, college and university students make use of Koofers in order to get info about internship and job options and to get hired.

Smithsonian Education

If you check the “Students” section at Smithsonian Education, you will get a range of excellent education resources set by topic. There are four key categories covered at Smithsonian Education: Science, Art, History and Culture, Nature, Places, and People.


Is it getting closer to finals? If it’s time to survive most of the classes and you feel like the world is falling apart, Rogerhub will help you to calculate what percentage you need to pass the classes, based on the tutor’s grading technique. Besides, using this simple and user-friendly website will help you to calculate the grade you might receive if your lowest grade is dropped.


You forget to turn your phone off during classes, and that is not a big deal. But it’s inconveniencing you and people around because exactly when you’re about to answer your professor’s question, your mom decides to call you to say Hi. Studious will help you avoid interrupting college classes and getting on the tutor’s nerves.


This study tool is a perfect choice for visual learners. What makes GoConqr unique are online mind maps, segments of information that break down general subjects into smaller ones, flashcards, quizzes, study planner, note taking platform, and so on. GoConqr enables you to see how things are connected – a great option for understanding and memorization.

Whether you’re on the lookout for the best essay writing service to buy an essay from or a trusted source to help your student budget stretch further, the variety of options is undeniable. Make sure to choose the ones you like and use them wisely.

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