If you have ever wondered whether there is something more you can do for your cat’s health, and I am quite sure that you have, then you’ve also undoubtedly done some research on the products that these animals should actually consume in order to stay healthy. I am talking both about a certain food, as well as about certain supplements that are now available on the market and that can boost your pet’s wellbeing. One of the supplements that you must have come across during the research is called CBD.

It comes in various forms, but you are probably most interested in CBD treats, because those could be rather appealing to your animal. Yet, the question here isn’t whether your cat will like these. The question is whether it should consume it in the first place and, in order to answer it, we will have to take a closer look at what CBD treats actually are and how they work. I’ll try to explain all of it below, so keep reading.

Meet Cannabidiol

If you thought that you could learn about CBD treats without getting properly acquainted with a substance called Cannabidiol, then you were extremely and utterly wrong. After all, Cannabidiol is the main ingredient of these products, which is precisely why it deserves our attention right now. You can’t understand the treats unless you understand their main ingredient, so let us focus on helping you do just that right now.

The name of this substance probably rings a bell or two, doesn’t it? It just sounds so similar to one particular plant and you cannot help but wonder whether it has something to do with it. Well, let me clear that up to you. It sounds similar to cannabis because it actually does have something to do with cannabis. In simple words, Cannabidiol is derived from this plant.

As you probably know already, cannabis consists of numerous different compounds. Yet, the idea of giving any of those to animals might have sounded weird to some people, especially when it first popped up. The simple truth is, though, that there is absolutely no reason for this to sound weird at all, since Cannabidiol is, unlike the other main compound found in cannabis, i.e. THC, completely non-hallucinogenic.


The difference between these two is nicely explained here: 

CBD Treats & Safety

Now that you have met Cannabidiol, you probably want to shift your focus towards CBD treats for cats and learn more about these particular products. I think I can guess what your first question is when it comes to these supplements. Are they actually safe for your pets? Sure, you now know that the compound they are made of is not psychedelic, but that’s probably not enough for you to determine whether they are safe for your cat.

Well, it’s time to clear up any confusion regarding this. First things first, these treats are made from hemp, which certainly speaks in favor of their safety, as hemp contains almost no THC. On top of that, the products have been thoroughly researched and tested before they’ve been approved for animal consumption. In few words, safety isn’t a concern, so you can stop worrying about it altogether.

Know The ECS

Even though you now know that CBD treats are safe for animals, there is still one question that might be bothering you and preventing you from deciding if your cat should consume these products in the first place. That’s the question of why. Why would you give these products to your pet and what is it that can assure you that they are good for the animal? Sure, they are safe, but just because something is safe, it doesn’t automatically mean that it has any real value for your cat’s organism.

This is where the endocannabinoid system comes into play, known as ECS in short. When you understand that your feline has the ECS, just like you do, the question of whether these products can do something for your cat will answer itself. The ECS is in charge of various different processes that need to be regulated in your pet’s body and you can always read more about it to figure out precisely why its proper functioning is of utmost importance.

To put it simply, this system regulates sleep, mood, appetite, and many more things, and it also influences the overall immune system in your animal’s body. It does this by producing cannabinoids that your pet needs in order to be healthy and in a state of homeostasis, i.e. balance in the organism. How do CBD treats fit in here, though? Basically, these products help the ECS function properly and efficiently, which means that, if there’s a lack of cannabinoids in your cat’s body, CBD treats will work towards helping the ECS make up for it.

The Bottom Line

After getting informed about the ECS and CBD treats in general, you will now need to decide if your cat should actually consume these products. This certainly shouldn’t be a difficult decision, especially now that you know exactly how the products work inside your feline’s organism, as well as what they can help with. If you ask me, giving CBD treats to your pets is always a good idea, since they can serve both as a supplement and as medicine if necessary. Ultimately, though, the decision is all yours to make.