What Degree or Kind of Education Do You Need to Work in Child Care

What Degree or Kind of Education Do You Need to Work in Child Care

You will be forgiven to think that the only viable degrees you can enroll for when intending to work with child care are those in the education field. Most people think so and limit their scope to Early Childhood Development (ECD) or any of the common education degrees available. But in reality, there’s more to what you can train for than these education degrees.

There are many skills kids need to learn at an early stage, and as an all-around teacher, you need to have expertise in teaching such skills. You need to learn how to teach kids to keep safe, live healthy and happy lives.

What Degree or Kind of Education Do You Need to Work in Child Care

All these skills are not included in the regular education degrees most people go for. Therefore, to become an all-round and effective trainer, you need to go for additional degrees if you already have a degree in education.

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Here’s a collection of some of the great and relevant degrees you need for a seamless time with children’s training.

Degree in Arts

A degree in Arts is a handy option for those that enjoy creating and performing arts for children. The arts field is wide, and those who have talents and are keen to maintain regular training can outdo anyone who went to school to study arts but without passion. Be that as it may, there are still numerous art degrees that you can opt for if you want to develop your artistic skills. Some of the relevant options to consider are a degree of fine arts, which entails the following specializations:

  • Art Design
  • Drawing and Painting
  • Architecture
  • Digital Media
  • Studio Media

You can also choose to advance to master’s level and do something like Masters of Fine Arts, which is considered the topmost degree in this field.

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A Degree in Athletic Training

Some schools are doing away with the equally important physical training classes, which leaves parents at the mercy of gym instructors and other trainers. This could be a befitting option to venture into if you are good at working with children. However, no parent will trust you with their kids if you lack certificates to show you are trained and certified to run a training facility.

To register such a business in most states, you will have to provide a certificate, degree, or masters showing you are equipped with the skills. You will also have to provide the right licenses for running the business.

Master’s Degree in Library Science

If you are thinking of working with children in the line of library service and guidance, then a master’s degree in library science will work perfectly for you. However, if you are content with lower-level positions such as library technicians, an entry-level certificate or an associate degree will do you good.

Working as a school librarian is more demanding, and you will have to go for an additional degree in education. This helps you to handle the children the same way teachers in class handle them.

Associate’s Degree in Medical Assistance

Children go to the doctors a lot, and it is thanks to their developing immune system. Whether you want to work with children’s schools as a medical caregiver or open a children’s clinic, you need to train for it.

While certificates and diplomas from medical assisting programs can work well, you need to advance your studies to secure a solid foundation. You can go for a two-year associate degree program or earn on-the-job training to seal the deal and put yourself in a ready, unshakable position of handling children’s medical needs.

A Degree in Nutrition

The cases of obesity are on the rise among children, and nutritionists need to start targeting their nutrition advice to children at an early age. When they grow up knowing what foods to eat and what to avoid, they will manage their weight independently.

To be a great nutritionist, you will need a degree in nutrition, public health nutrition, dietetics, and clinical nutrition. You must also complete a Dietetic Internship if you need to become a registered dietitian nutritionist.

Master’s Degree in Psychology

In homes where violence and physical abuse are the order of the day, children never rest from trauma, grief, and developmental disorders. As a child psychologist, you can impact the affected child’s life, and therefore you need to be on top of your game when in action.

A Master’s degree in psychology is enough but only for a few positions. Most of the field positions require that you have a doctoral degree in psychology or school psychology.

Master’s Degree in School Counselling

School counselors play an integral part in the lives of troubled school-going children. They help identify children who need help and are shy to speak out and guide them through the journey of regaining self-confidence and improved academic performance.

You will need a master’s degree in school counseling and a license from the state you intend to operate in for this position. In other states, you might have to produce a teaching degree to be considered.

Degree in Sports and Leisure Studies

Despite the busy schedules and engaging school work, children will still create time to play at the end of the day. Playing is very important for physical development and growth. You can step in and be the person to offer organized sports and training classes for them after school and during holidays to keep them engaged.

You will need to align your studies towards related fields, including a degree in sports and leisure studies, recreation therapy, recreation management, and sports management.

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Any of these degree courses go hand in hand with good personal skills that allow you to work well with children. You might have the necessary educational qualifications, but without the requisite interpersonal skills, you may end up failing in the career of your choice. Children work well with friendly, warm, and caring people. Train yourself to develop these personal skills for an even more successful career.

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