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All You Need To Know About Concierge Services in 2020, (Some Real facts)

Is planning and arranging too tiresome for you? In this age of technological revolution, people are becoming busy running around to do daily work. Why? Because of less time. This is why people look for someone who can do their errands and work on their schedules easily.

concierge service


So, to fill this gap enters concierge services. How do you feel if I tell you that there is someone to do every task on behalf of you  for things like “planning of holiday,” “booking appointments,” or “flight reservation.”

In this article, let’s look at what is concierge service and how it works easily. 

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What is Concierge? How Does It Work?

A concierge is regarded as a person or company specializing in managing the client’s small tasks and chores. It will be charged monthly, hourly, or at a fixed cost. If you want to know how it originated, you must know that the term “Concierge” is a French term derived in the 17th century.

 what is concierge service


Although the remaining have changed over many years, the base remains the same. A concierge service involves booking flights, vacation planning, lifestyle management, household management, appointments with professionals, and assistance for transportation.

The Concierge service also includes providing lifestyle management to CEO, celebrities, rich people, and high-level managers. The Concierge personals outsource the service to their clients through connections. 

Ultimately, the main aim of a concierge personal is to save time, resources, efforts, and energy of the clients in exchange for money. 


What are the Duties of a Concierge? How Does it Impact Personally?

The duties of a concierge service include following in various situations, although it may vary.

concierge services


  1. Duly making reservations at favorite restaurants and hotels.
  2. Buying or booking tickets for the client
  3. If a customer needs information on specific places like a nightclub, hotel, or a person, a concierge must collect information and provide it.
  4. Helping to find the lost items of the client.
  5. Efficiently creating travel arrangements.
  6. Making appointments with a trainer, doctor, or specialist.
  7. Sometimes, a concierge must work in the office temporarily.
  8. Delivery management of mails, luggage for clients.
  9. Performing some unusual tasks for clients.

How Does Concierge work? How Did it Evolve Over the Years?

For more than half a century, the concierge services have been seen in many industries such as business, travel, education, lifestyle, and much more. Now, if I say so rightly, the service has extended its branches into various other industries full of duties and responsibilities. 

In the past, the duty was just limited to lighting candles and making reservations, but now it involves complex tasks such as hiring, research, and many more. The level of tasks differs, but the services include concierge performing tasks that a high-level executive and managers of banks would do. 

So How does it work?

Some of you might think only the rich and affluent people could afford the concierge services. But you could be more wrong. Although it comes under the luxury industry, technology has changed the various responsibilities to be perceived.

what is concierge service

This is also ideal for those people who want to spend their time off by enjoying. This works by giving the extra laborious activities to a concierge. Instead of planning and acting in the lobby or a queue to get things done, the service helps them manage tasks easily.

The working of a concierge service depends on different business models. Every concierge service is different. For instance, some concierge services only deal with employer-employee relationships and some other deals with customer services exclusively.

What are the Types of Concierge Services? Explained in Details.

Various concierge services suit the customer needs; let’s take a look at some of them briefly.

concierge service


1. Lifestyle concierge

Lifestyle Concierge is a personalized service that takes important parts like personal, family, and professional lifestyle. The service covers the required matters allowing the customers to enjoy more. 

The various tasks include

  • Errand-running
  • Event planning
  • Transportation arrangements
  • Personalize shopping and dining

2. Medical concierge

Medical concierge service is specially designed for a winning business model. It is ideal for senior citizens,  child care, and injured people. Through the service, a doctor can handle many patients, and patients can get treated well with routine care.

The various tasks include

  • Fill insurance form
  • Handle billing expense
  • Scheduling and rescheduling appointments
  • Answering calls
  • Maintaining patients records

3. Business concierge

This is one of the expensive concierge services you can hope for due to a lot of demands. The concierge is usually of vast knowledge and skill for handling business chores efficiently. The service is used by IT companies’ great professionals and c-level executives.

Various tasks include-

  • Business transportation
  • Clients meeting
  • Tracking financial reports
  • Schedule and reschedule meetings
  • Industry research
  • Recommending new ideas for business

4. Travel Concierge

Travel concierge is on a rising trend gaining popularity from business people and traveler enthusiasts. This service is applicable if people plan to go abroad for business or leisure.

Various tasks include-

  • Agreements with local restaurants
  • Booking tickets for a local place to visit
  • Restaurant booking
  • Driving to the hotel
  • Healthcare

5. Learning Concierge

Learning concierge service is where specialists and experts come together and launch custom programs. It includes coaching about child development, self-improvements, post-school class, and much more for both parents and children.

Various tasks include-

  • Summer field trips
  • Parents coaching
  • Private tutoring


6. Wedding concierge

Wedding Concierge is the most important one for decades. Clients usually hire the service for a few hours or before a few days, getting huge pay. 

  • Wedding Plan
  • Food and soft drink serve
  • Transportation arrangement
  • In-charge of music, dance, and other activities
  • Health safety
  • Photography and videography

7. Chauffeur concierge

Chauffer concierge service is regarded as quite expensive ones. It provides the best experience in retaining guests or celebrities from hotels, events, buildings, or any other location.

  • Reservation of meal
  • Club reservation
  • VIP nightlife
  • Chauffeur-drive
  • Evening entertainments

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What are the Pros and Cons of Working as a Concierge?

Here are the pros and cons of concierge services that you must know before working as one.

concierge services


Pros of Concierge Service

  • Suitable for those who love to work in a friendly and competitive environment
  • Advantageous for those who love to work indoors
  • If you have previous skills or experience, it is easier to get work in the field
  • Normal working hours

Cons of Concierge Services

  • Lowest paying jobs
  • Not suitable for people who solve problems creatively

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What are the Benefits of Using Concierge Services?

Several businesses are in need of support in urgent times. To approach these problems, concierge service is necessary; let’s look at these factors that make it so beneficial.

concierge service


  1. The time spent on planning and booking tickets for trips can be reduced.
  2. Depending on the concierge company or individual, clients may get special privileges.
  3. When people are going to new places, the concierge knows the places in the back of his/her hands.
  4. Some of the personalized services even involve taking care of families and covering lifestyle choices.

What is the Future of Concierge Services?

The future of concierge services as bright as it is expanding to mobile devices through widespread internet. A person residing in England can easily book a trip to Switzerland with an assistant residing in India.

The technology is the main reason for opening gates to a whole new industry for medium-level income clients. Nowadays, even Google Assistant and Alexa have introduced a conversational trend around the world from various services.

Also, compared to other business models, beginning a concierge business is much more plausible and agile. All you have to do is choose your niches such as business, wedding, travel, chauffeur, or many more. 

After registering the business and gaining a business license, you are ready to go by arranging the necessary asses.

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What do People Think About Concierge Service? According to People’s Opinion and Internet Research

Take a look at these screenshots to know more about concierge service- 

concierge services

concierge service

To Wind Up

With the technological revolution, people are looking for more ways to find someone to run their errands. To complete this favor, “Concierge  Service” has become a boon. With a sport of over 450 years, the service includes arranging transport to assisting guests.

With the advent, a person living in country X can contact his assistant living in country Z and book tickets for travelling to country Y.


1. What is another name for Concierge?

Another name for concierge is caretaker, attendant, steward, watchman, supervisor, superintendent, and many more.

2. What is a luxury concierge?

A luxury concierge involves tailor-made holidaymakers where the responsibility is to take care of every need of the clients with attention to detail.

3. What are the qualities of a successful concierge?

  •  Flexibility
  • Open mind
  • Problem-solving ability
  • Creativity
  • Organizational skills

4. Do you tip Concierge?

A concierge usually receives a tip ranging from $5 to $ 10 depending on the service providers and the concerning service.

5. What is the best concierge service?

  • Quintessentially
  • Velocity Black
  • One Concierge
  • John Paul Group
  • Pure Entertainment Group
  • Knightsbridge Circle
  • Sky Premium International

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