Information is power; many people have failed to understand this concept. That’s why Google became the most preferred search engine which provided relevant results from day one. It has been adding many products like Google images, Google this and that. 

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But the one that hit the mark is Google AdWords, which cashed them more money than any other IPO on the Wallstreet. Not even amazon could complete with the success of the Google AdWords program.


This brings the conclusion that paid ads are a great way to guide immense traffic to your business to increase profits, but it can become pretty expensive quickly if not handled carefully, might even be worthless. 

Needless to say. Let’s understand the significance of paid ads and contemplate, whether it is required for your business. 

What is Paid Advertising? How Can Google Ads Help Your Business?

Paid advertising is different from earned advertising; it is any kind of advertising where you have to pay. The marketer uses paid ads to own that particular space in exchange to use that space. 


The actual price paid for the ad space is settled through an auction-like process that happens between the marketers and space owners. These paid ads are usually unveiled at the top or bottom of the web pages. 

How can Google ads play a major part in growing your business?

Google ads can play a vital part to target specific audiences with certain languages, browsers, mobiles, and devices. Let’s look at some of the things that can be done using Google AdWords-

1. Create Awareness of the Brand

Keyword selection is the significant thing to consider when you’re thinking of broadening the profit of your business through paid ads. Digital marketing will help regardless of what the customers are searching for in the name of your company. 

It helps in making your brand stand forward when the related things are sought after. For example- If you’re running a grocery store, you can set up AdWords to be displayed in keywords like “grocery,” “milk.” 

2.  Target the Niche

Set a number of keywords in your campaign that can target the right audience. The most company only targets the highest search volume keywords, but the right thing to do is going for ‘long-tail keywords’ which makes up the most search-driven traffic.

3. Word of mouth is powerful

If I really like a product that I consumed or traveled on a bus, I would like to share my experience with family and friends.  Hence, a happy customer talks about you; the friends and family might google your company as a first thing.

Now, it’s all in your hands to make sure it shows up on Google. AdWords ensure that people can find your business within seconds. 

4. AdWords is Measurable

Unlike traditional marketing techniques, we can effectively measure SEO campaigns in digital marketing; the PPC metrics will help you measure what works and what doesn’t. You can narrow down your audience, and have access to non-reach sites like YouTube, Gmail, and other related sites. 

5.  AdWords are faster than SEO

SEO takes time to reflect its result; it can take months even. But the advantage AdWords has over SEO is you will get immediate results as soon as it’s live. It helps you in discovering how effective the keywords work.

6.  Less Advertising Cost

You can put a leash on your expenses on advertising costs because Google AdWords has the advantage of setting a maximum cost per day. This helps your running business to budget the campaign accordingly. 

Also, Moz revealed that 80% of searches contain AdWords and are covering as much space on the results page. What does it mean? AdWords are getting used deftly by more and more advertisers.


How Can Digital Marketing Strategy Help in Paid Ads Reach the Right Audience with the Right Message? How Does it Assist in Getting Measurable Results?

According to digital marketing experts, if you shift your strategy with perfect audience targeting, it can increase the agency’s organic traffic by up to 744% in just 12 months. This proves that the target audience is extremely crucial to take the business forward.

Digital marketing efforts from SEO, PPC, social media, content marketing will drain your budget if it doesn’t deliver the right message to the right audience. Forbes report revealed that 43% of companies had spent half the budget in hopes of reaching out to the specific targets.

And 84% of the companies this investment might bring great outcomes in the future. But contrary to that the researchers have found that “Consumers are actively avoiding ads.” Many users have responded to have been using ad blockers or probably install one in the next few months. 

The top three reasons for people hating digital advertising: 

  • Ads are annoying – Over 60% agree with this.
  • Ads have the tendency to disrupt what I’m doing – Over 50% agree with this
  • Worried about the security concerns it might pose – Over 35% are sliding for this reason.

So what is the digital marketing strategy to solve this?  

  1. Try following native advertising on social media platforms, which gives you an opportunity to add value and offer something relevant to the audience. Digital ads like Email newsletters, sponsored Facebook posts, sponsored LinkedIn posts, twitter posts, online display advertisements make you feel not disruptive and provides useful content.
  2. Pushing the audience to purchase is never a good idea instead, add value to your full-fledged content.  You can convert your ads to leads by using paid channels in promoting the content.

  3. Target the tailored audience with pad posts on Facebook, offering reliable content, and driving organic traffic. Twitter and LinkedIn can also be used as a strategic marketing weapon to turn visitors into high-quality leads.

5 Things to Know About Google Ads So That You Can Avoid Wasting Money on Paid Ads. 

Budgeting your expenses, so that Google will spend within the limit is good, but are you sure it is utilized properly? Let’s get to know what doesn’t ticks so that the paid ads generate leads!

1. Don’t Neglect Negative Keyword lists

Google AdWords offers a negative keyword is like a PPC type on search engine platforms. Now, the word negative keyword might bring negative emotions to your mind, but it helps you selectively filter out who sees your ads and who doesn’t.  

Negative keywords ensured that the ad doesn’t reflect for a word you want. It prevents the ad from showing on irrelevant searches. It saves huge money wasted on unimportant clicks and gifts opportunities to get relevant conversions from being displayed on searches. 

Search terms like “free consultation” can affect you when you don’t exactly offer free service, the user who clicks leaves the website once they discover it’s not free.

But when you filter the Google AdWords to block the keyword “free,” then your product won’t appear on free searches. Now, you can generate leads by actually reaching the target audience.

2. Don’t Bid Heavily on Popular Terms

Everybody would love to get their hands-on top terms for competing with rivals, which can expose you to more than 100,000+ people each month. But most of the time, it can be a high mountain task that exceeds your rope. 

The search volume for a popular keyword can cost more than your coffee budget if you have one. Suppose, for example- a keyword has a volume of 8.2k, and the results for the keyword are 221M; a single click can cost you almost $11. 

Looking at the percentage of normal conversion rates, which is around 2-5%, it will take a lot of clicks for even a person to disclose their contact information. Hence, let’s conclude it is an expensive keyword. The competitors for these kinds of keywords are vultures in the market that are worth millions of dollars.

So, instead of going for the icing on the cake, reach out to keywords which provide an explosion for your buck. Related SEO tools that target a specific audience will not be paying too much and have less competition. This keyword can maximize your budget soon.

3. Experimenting Too Often

Did you know that you can misuse the budget for Google even by experimenting and testing frequently? I’m sure you might have seen posts like how “it increased my conversion rate by 200%” and more. But this scenario only works in rare cases. 

You can test the ads if you have at least 1000 impressions on the ads per month with more than 250 conversions per month. 

I’m not saying it’s a bad idea to try out testing, but unless you can afford to spend $500 to $1000 per month with no returns.

4. Poor Budget Management 

Usually, the search network in Google ads is fantastic. Whether the business might be about selling products directly or capturing leads for travel agencies, you will have enormous keywords at your disposal. 

The major issue you will face in budget management is making it too thin. Start focusing on one campaign at a time instead of multiple campaigns. 

5. Too much automation is not good

Working on Google Ads can be tiring; that’s why most of the process will end up being automated emails, automated adjustments, and workflows. Although using automation can be stress-free and takes less time, it could ruin your budget for the future.


Can We Embrace the Digital Marketing Strategy with Concepts and Creatives? How is it Done?

Most consumers won’t be aware of the kind of creatives you’ll be employing for the digital marketing strategy in creating awareness for your brand. Every concept will move between channels, screens to the utmost and will be delivered in an engaging and fun manner. 

So, it is at great peril you can inspire a customer even to get a glance of attention for the ads. 

The data-driven creative is the new trend in digital marketing as they have all it takes to get the topmost design to pull in subscribers. 

To get a full-fledged experience benefit from the creatives to try Pastilla, a full-service data-driven creative & marketing agency delivering great brand experiences to change-makers. Their elevated ideas create genuine leads with the customers.

Google Analytics is a must if you’re considering buying online ads. It helps you track everything making your work a lot easier. Although, you have to take time to create customized URLs for every ad to see the performance of the advertising. 


Does SEO Advertising Solve the Problem? How to Ensure its Ranked Well on Google? 

More than 1 trillion searches happen every day, and 75% of them happen over Google, half of the businesses use google for their searches. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a significant part of the success of any business.

Can SEO advertising solve the problem of paid aids reaching the right audience?

SEO advertising is unique and can get you on top of searches rapidly. The organic spots for traffic will help you compete with large companies. The vital part of SEO advertising is it helps in optimizing the visibility of organic searches. 

It joins hands with Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, the faster way to get tremendous traffic in a short time. 

The travel company Camino, which offers tailored walking and cycling holidays needed marketing efforts desperately. Here, they started implementing the SEO ads, which stands apart from all the other online digital marketing solutions.

The company had all the right solutions like using AdWords targeting and retargeting, branding throughout all the channels, UX and CRO, testimonials, lead generation tracking. 

This made the website rank higher as it targeted long-tail keywords, now it gets thousands of visits in a month. By 6 months, Google traffic has increased by over 100%, and each year; travel company gets increases till it’s currently running with 180%-200%.

Now, let me share with you the best website that can help you get amazing results that have loyal customers like SAP, Microsoft- you must contact pastilla, which uses creativity to elevate brand awareness and constructs genuine connections with customers.

Pastilla also offers a FREE 360 digital review! The offer is limited to business owners that have google analytics, have been advertising for at least one year can make use of the information.


How to Implement Film and Animation in Your Digital Marketing Strategy? Is it a Good Idea?

Animation has no limits or boundaries. Communicating and promoting your business through animation, portraying creativity by imagery can convey a lot to the audience than text ads.  

Film and animation can gauge the customer’s attention quickly with authentic designs and styles that compliment your brand. Get your message across to the right people with impressive visual effects to enhance the ads. Make sure that you’re well aware of the content before signing off on visual effects

Take the steps like-

  1. Whether the project satisfies your script and content?
  2. How will the animation look?
  3. Style of animation perfect or not?


Is Using Affiliate Marketing a Better Alternative to Get Your Message Across the Right People?

Affiliate marketing can help optimize your landing page so that you can sell people the product and gain commission. Optimizing the page will help you get a higher conversion rate, even the A/B testing won’t bring you much success. 

A landing page is the first thing that attracts the customers when they enter your page because you can customize the content for incoming users and visitors, it can also prompt the user to download free eBooks and tracking the visits regularly.

Let’s see how affiliate marketing can be successful in using paid ads-

  1. Within one purchase through affiliate links, you can figure out the value of each customer and then exactly for how many months a user stays subscribed and what price he/she pays each month.

2. CPC can give you the exact value of each customer.

E.g., If CPC is $2.32, then the conversion rate would be 12%, then you can evaluate the value of the customer as $40. 

2.32/.12= 19

This lets you bid more on the ad and never be stray across the value of the customer.

3. Watching the numbers per conversion rate gives you an actual advantage of spending on paid ads through the advantage of affiliate marketing. 

If you know Your ROI and the value per customer, it will be easier to determine how much you can spend on ads to get realistic profits and generate leads. 

But before offering the product for affiliate marketing sale, make sure that product has a built-in sales team, up-sells feature for earning a commission, high ticket products, subscription products, multi-tier sales. 

Possessing any of this in your product can give you maximum returns. 


How to Identify the Perfect Target Audience? Would it be possible to Determine Your Audience’s Needs?

One thing you have to realize is that you can’t reach every type of audience on the earth. But in reality, pleasing everyone is out of the question, that’s why getting the perfect audience is incredibly important for the development of your service or sales forward. 

The keys to identifying the perfect audience have been broken down here, go through it.

  1. Define the problem and find out if your product has the capability to solve the problem. It helps in breaking down the group of people or companies that you can target strategically.

2. Identify whether your advertising efforts have to target only a specific sector and whether the sector is relevant? Different sectors have different expectations, needs, and priorities, hence work on finding out if it is for a specific sector of people and optimize the ad.

3. Geographical location is important because some advertisements work better regarding the location as well. If it’s outbound sales, then the US is the winner.

4. The size of the company is also essential to decide whether the ads have to target small, medium, or large businesses.


What Do People Think About Paid Ads? According to People’s Review and Internet Research.

whats is digital marketing strategy

how google ads help

digital marketing


The Bottom Line

Paid advertising can make your business profitable and doesn’t take long to learn it’s intricate ropes. Be selective with the paid ads and target the right keywords to bring in more conversion rates. 

The key to success is identifying websites that target the right audience with the right message. If you are selling healthy cereals that are exceptionally healthy, then make a profitable investment by placing banner advertisements for healthy foodies in the public forum.  

Setup all things well, and you’ll be making lots of money pretty soon! If you combine all these steps and funnel with the tracking tools, you’ll become an expert to sell to the new visitors. Ultimately, never expect this to be over within a week or two. Give time and get polish your planning for greater results.



1. How much is an ad Worth?

The small businesses that use Google AdWords spend between $9,000 to $10,000 each month for the normal online advertising campaigns. It comes close to $100,000 to $120,000 per year.

2.  What is a good average cost per click?

The ROI will determine a good Cost Per Click (CPM). A 5:1 ratio of revenue ad cost will be the perfect one for most businesses. 

3. Does Google charge for SEO?

Yes, Google does charge for SEO as an average SEO expert will charge around $80 to $130 per hour although you might take advantage of the performance-based SEO that is quite free of cost to start. 

4. Is Google AdWords an SEM?

Search Engine Marketing is a process where paid ads are the means to get more traffic on the website. And Google AdWords is like an advertising agency service started by Google for those businesses that want to portray ads on Google. 

5.  Which is the highest paying brand for advertising?

Comcast Corp is the highest paying brand for advertising, which spends around $5.75 billion. Procter and Gamble, At&T, and Amazon are the next highest spenders for Google Ads.

If this article has helped you in any way, do let us know in the comment section below.